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  1. @thepixies thanks for sharing, I love that music piece too. For me, i also like “the night sky of Cuba” this bgm is played in ep 10 when KJH was at the garden lying down gazing at the stars reminiscing of Jinsoo’s Cuba moments. It was also played during ep 10 ending credits, epilogue and next ep preview. And just like you mentioned, that piece playing when KJH first confessed to JMJ that CSH is meaningful to him is also one of my faves and too bad it’s not part of the OST. I wonder where or how we could get hold of it. I will try Shazaming it but I highly doubt it will give me a title.
  2. @thistle Is it because it’s too heartbreaking for you? Or just don’t have the time? If it’s the former then I suggest you watch it from ep 10 or 11 up to the finale. In this way, the heart fluttering scenes will keep your heart warm and full enough to withstand the heartbreaking episodes 14 and 15. Hope you get to watch them soon because the finale is too beautiful to miss.
  3. @thepixies thanks for the info. im loving all of the background music.. wish though they included the bgm at the end of ep 14 when KJH was walking towards CSH office. Anybody knows that bgm?
  4. This is what PBG wrote ( credit to Hubby’s limited Korean) ”pretty (girl’s name Hye in?)! Thanks for brightening the set with your cute voice. It was fun working with you. Let’s meet again. God Bless!
  5. Awww love that pic...thanks @gumtaek I’ve been waiting for SHK and PBG pic together outside the drama. Hope production team will release a blue ray/dvd with tons of bts of them together. I just want to see more of our JinSoo coz I’m starting to miss them
  6. Watching the rerun on TVN right now. Can’t get enough of this drama
  7. A beautiful drama indeed! Thanks everyone for making this journey even more meaningful with all your amazing insights, analysis, whining, bursts of angers , encouragement, inspirations, recapping, gifts, videos, links, news and guesses of what the ending would be since episode 1 I initially watch Encounter/Boyfriend because of SHK and fell so hard for PBG in the end Love them both and hope to see them together in 1 screen in the future. Im not saying goodbye yet, can’t move on yet. Will be here for a while lurking and reading all your posts.
  8. KJH’s mom pleading to CSH to break up with KJH..haist...I was hoping she wouldn’t do that but I guess that’s asking for the impossible...a little bit annoying...actually, a lot annoying. Why can’t these mothers just be happy for their kids??? I don’t understand, really, why kdramaland depicts Korean mothers, whether rich or poor, as relationship wreckers. I wonder if this is really a norm in Korea coz I’m married to a Korean guy but his mom isn’t really like that.
  9. We’re almost at the end of the drama but how come KJH hasn’t said anything to CSH that he has her pair of heels?? Been wondering about this since ep 2
  10. Sad to say, I’m preparing myself for a sad ending After rerunning ep 1, I just got hit with a parallelism with the Cuba garden and Hongjaedong playground that KJH is going to die and CSH will buy the playground that will remind her of him @ahdrianna Im starting to think that those stills are CSH imaginations, reminiscing her moments with KJH. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.. I just hope im like sec Jang whose intuitions are always wrong.
  11. Can’t remember who actually mentioned but it’s One Leads to Another by Robbie Nevil. I thinks she’s a Spanish artist.
  12. About JWS, initially I gave him the benefit of the doubt, that he loves CSH and just doesn’t know how to express it. But after ep 10, that guy is just a sel***h bas***d (pardon my language). He could have given the video to CSH to help her out in the bad situation or even stop the bad situation from happening but instead he used it for his own gain. But too bad for him, it backfired because great things came out of it. By by the way, I lost my bet on the bed scene, I was really hoping for “it” to happen darn!
  13. @gumtaek I’m with you about this this ending. It’s the best ending for me. I live for those kisses but tonight’s episode just gave me all the feels. I was crying, worried but ultimately happy. PGB and SHK acting were PERFECT!
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