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  1. I trust the writer right now not to do so. RG can't just wake up and go, "mummy, you abandoned me but I forgive you". It's not easy like that. If he does forgive her, it has to be a very Good reason why he did that.
  2. I just finished watching HPL with subs but I got upset. Lee Sol (as we know her) and we are now aware that Sian & RG are brothers(I hope). For some reason, I got upset and jealous on behalf of RG. LS was all Gooey & motherly to Sian but she Left RG at the orphanage. I don't know what the reason is but "I am sorry" wouldn't make me forgive her. How will she pay the price for abandoning him? LS missed over 30years of his life. She has no clue who he is & how he grew up. Did she even bother to look for him? How is the reality going to be better when he realizes that his momma raised a superstar with so much love and just "threw" RG away? Sian got the life and love from her (don't get me wrong. I love Sian. He's a good kid and I'm excited for him to know he has a big brother) and RG had to make something of himself. LS left a deep wound in RG heart that has tormented him for years. A simple sorry won't do or wipe it away. Yes, he can forgive but to me, that's not enough (I really dunno what will justify her actions). The writer better give us a solid reason to why she left RG. Anyway, I am excited to see the bromance between Sian & RG.
  3. This! Also their laughs are definitely KJW & PMY not their characters. I really am trying not to ship but I can't help it. Also, that playful hit on KJW by PMY when DM found out he was latte, gotta hurt lol. I felt like twas me being hit.
  4. Got this Link and decided to share it here. Ryan Gold in Ep.10 Ryan Gold, the Ideal Type: Raising new golden standards for K-drama male leads There is so much about this character that is admirable but at the same time, feels almost impossible. The fact that this character has been this consistent is amazing: the way he handles most things with such calmness continues to impress (with the exception of 2 instances: when he yelled at Song Curator for telling the artist that his exhibition is cancelled and when he saw her standing in his room where he kept the paintings by Lee Sol). And also, needless to say, there will be spoilers ahead for those who have yet to watch ep.10. He discusses with Deok Mi in a manner where he rationalises and explains his personal thoughts without disregarding the fact that Deok Mi sees Eun Gi as a brother, someone who is like a twin because they grew up together. He assures her that he does not doubt what kind of relationship Deok Mi thinks they both share but he points out calmly that Eun Gi may not see her in the same light. It indicates that they both enter this relationship as an adult who have lived their lives and have people around them that may know them better as individuals but that there is no intention to rob anyone of such personal relationship with those people (ie. Choi Da In for Ryan and Eun Gi for Deok Mi). It is rare in Korean dramas because they often like to portray the impossibility of platonic relationship between a man and a woman but this goes beyond that in acknowledging that not only it is possible but it is sometimes inevitable that before a woman or man is a lover to someone, they are also a friend or a family member to another person. https://rorodawnchorus.tumblr.com/post/184769086735/ryan-gold-in-ep10/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  5. The build up to the kiss was so Good. I felt it. The Hunger between them. They held back for so long and gave in. The kiss might not be as seductive as the "blindfold" kiss but This kiss was an Indication of their Want, Their Need (to be together), Their Desire towards each other. i shed a tear when DM asked him why he hated the fake Relationship. Oh Honey, . I'm so happy that they have moved to the Next step of their new relationship. Well done show. Well done.
  6. Urgh...I can't believe this. All the fluff and then a broken heart. Writernim is so cruel. Geez.
  7. (Yonhap Interview) 'Encounter' launches actor Park Bo-gum well into his manhood Actor Park Bo-gum stormed into the public consciousness with his role as a quiet and gentle genius teenage Go player in the wildly successful local TV series "Reply 1988," which ran from late 2015 to early 2016. His next role, in the 2016 KBS period romance drama, "Love in the Moonlight," again cemented Park's image as a youthful, sweet-hearted actor on the border between the adolescence and manhood. With his latest role in the tvN romance series, "Encounter," Park took a clear, irreversible step into his manhood both as an actor and a person. "I wanted to present (the leading character) as a young man, rather than as a boy, as well as the process of the young man's rebirth as a genuine man," Park said during an interview with Yonhap News Agency on Monday. Co-starring Song Hye-kyo of the 2016 mega-hit "Descendants of the Sun", the new drama aired its final, 16th episode last week. The drama's male lead, Park's Jin-hyuk, an open-minded newcomer on the staff at a newly opened hotel chain, rescued the hotel owner, Cha Soo-hyun (played by Song), from her long-strained life as the daughter of a high-profile politician and the ex-daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. "I am always left with a sense of regret whenever I act in a project. (When I started acting in 'Encounter') I was under pressure and wanted to do well because this was my first contemporarily set drama," Park said. "As more episodes went on-air, I tried to portray (Jin-hyuk) as actively expressing his love (for Soo-hyun)." The 25-year-old shares Jin-hyuk's sensitivity to other people's feelings, but Park is more reserved when it comes to romance. "I resemble Jin-hyuk in that he puts other people's hearts ahead (of his own), but he is more direct and outgoing in terms of expressing (his love)," according to Park. "When I meet someone I love, I say 'I like you' often, but saying it as often as Jin-hyuk did is really difficult. I learned a lot from him." When it was announced in July last year, the casting of the latest TV show, drew both excitement and bemusement as it brought together two TV stars who were born 12 years apart as a couple. https://m-en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20190128009800315
  8. Trans From @bubblechoco (thank you) - I think he had decided to take on this project after receiving the script for the first 4 episodes - Bogum thinks Jinhyuk is very straightforward when it comes to love, and he said he would probably do the same but might not be able to do as far. - He talks about his acting controversy in earlier episodes, he accepts people comments as he knows he is still short of something. But he comments this is really the way that he yawns and said maybe he should have his mouth open wider next time. - Scenes that leave him the lasting impression: Yeonja's apologising to Jinhyuk / Soohyun's tangerine preserve scene. - Sighs his 20s is passing real quick and wants to get the most out of it, and when it's about time he will enlist without hesitation. - When asked about the crying acting, he said he it does feel sadder watching the preview with the OST that comes with it (E15 Preview has Baek Ahyeon's OST). - He said P.O. is a loveable cutie. - He praises Director Park Shinwoo for getting things into fine detail, especially the seaside scene in EP1, when Soohyun envisages people dancing and next to them there's a lady is dancing with a guy in white shirt. He comments maybe it's something that the audiences won't realise too. - He is now busy on his Fan-meeting Tour, and will start looking at new project in April. He wants something that is different from Kim Jinhyuk, and to try acting in different role. 
  9. Interview trans posted by @khxy in encounter thread (thank you). Park Bo Gum's interview excerpt " I don' feel the age gap between us" How do you feel about working with Song Hye Kyo? First of all, it's a magical feeling to be able to work with her. She took care of me well, because she acted well as Cha Soo Hyun, i was able to focus fully as Kim Jin Hyuk too.What can you learn from Song Hye Kyo? When i heard Song Hye Kyo's senior reciting her lines, i thought that i really need to work hard and learn as much as i can."Eventhough our age gap is quite huge but we can converse well. Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk's chemistry is great, that's why you can't feel the age gap" " Green grapes are light ,sweet and maybe a bit of underripe flavor. I was worried about how can i portray the this character well but i gradually understand the character when i was acting with Song Hye Kyo senior in Cuba." " I am surprised that my long hair will attract much attention.It's hard to manage but i think that hairstyle suits Kim Jin Hyuk at certain point so i decided to leave it ."  During the interview, Bo Gum asked the journalists " When you were watching our drama, did we really not have chemistry?" His frank question created an atmosphere during interview. He first received scripts for first 4 episodes, Kim Jin Hyuk's character is just like Don Quixote. He is not aggressive/ forceful but tenacious. Regarding ratings, he says " I mentioned before during press conference that i don't really pay much attention/care much about ratings( insist on getting a certain ratings). I just hope that the drama can bring warmth to many and a relaxing one. That's why i am grateful to see the results and i think to have this kind of ratings is really wonderful. Nowadays, we have a number of great dramas, i don't have any regret whatsoever. I am most grateful towards viewers and fans who diligently watch our drama from the start till the end."
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