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  1. I thought the show would be ending at episode 58? Not episode 50. Hopefully that is still true !
  2. So my fellow YouTube viewers, who else was crying when they finally understood all of the crap JiYe was spewing in that rain scene in ep19? I can’t believe the audacity of this kid, trying to play like he doesn’t love Yuran. And what was even the point? Duke Baili, General Tuoba and probably all of Xiatang know that Asule/Yuran/JiYe are “a thing” at this point. He should’ve just told her he liked her, especially because at that point death was pretty certain. Ugh.
  3. Isn't he one of the members of Chenyue? One of the people who are working for Lei Beichen. At the very least, Duke Baili recognized him as being from the Li country.
  4. This was a really lovely write-up!! But this particular part caught my attention because you are right that Tuoba's transition seemed to come from nowhere. I went back and rewatched some of General Tuoba's portions from the beginning and then Gong Yuyi's to better compare these two servants (? if you can really call them that?) of Duke Baili... Imo, they're both really shady lol. I didn't realize it as I was watching initially, but two particular conversations leapt out at me on rewatching. For Tuoba, it was his "friendly" advice to JiYe about how to advance in the world, which led to JiYe traveling to the Li capital for the assault. Those are not the words of a hero. They're the words of a climber, a man with ambition. Similarly with Gong Yuyi. She is willing to bind her niece in marriage (to a man who is, luckily for YuRan, nothing like Baili Yin) all for the purpose of restoring the Yu Clan. I actually really like that most of the characters introduced so far are all on this spectrum of being compromised by their circumstances and their goals. It feels very true to life, in this fantastical, larger-than-life, type drama. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of precisely why Tuoba is the way he is.
  5. Well even though I've only been away for 3 days, there's a new reaction emoji system and a zillion more pages to read! So excited!!!
  6. Perhaps you’re right. But I feel like she has not made a firm decision yet. She is still wavering between fully embracing life with JinHyuk vs life without JinHyuk. That’s why SooHyun cried so much in ep14, because she didn’t know what to do. Her heart is telling her one thing, while her head is saying something else.
  7. Your comment was beautiful and I’m sorry to cut it, even though I also didn’t know I would become so strongly affected by these characters. But what you said reminded me of what I said a lot of pages ago, when I still thought SooHyun was supposed to be the Little Prince. I’m not sure of that theory now, but if she is, then you’re quite right! She did know that taking JinHyuk’s hand would lead to joy and also sadness, just like the Little Prince knew that if he wanted to return home, he’d have to allow the snake to bite him. (Which is a terrible decision to have to make.) Similarly with SooHyun— she has alll this baggage. Her mother and her goals and manipulative nature is baggage. Her father is baggage. Her ex husband is baggage. TaeKyung is baggage. To a certain degree, SooHyun’s position as Donghwa CEO is baggage too. Everything that informed who she grew to be is baggage that weighs her down and prevents her from being “lightweight” enough to fly away home (meaning to JinHyuk). So now at the end of the story, SooHyun has a decision to make. Finally, after wandering in the desert does she want to let go of all her baggage, let the snake bite her and be free to return home (to the warm home she and JinHyuk could build together) or will she stay stranded and alone.
  8. I totally agree. I think the Chief Secretary is upset because the real king is so ill. He may even feel guilty that he can't be at LH's side all day to care for him and prevent him from injuring himself. But he also sees potential in our clown, so he's taking a chance and rolling the dice in the off-chance LH can't survive detox from the opium and whatever else he was taking, Chief Secretary is going to (finally!!) groom HS and use HS to increase the power of the king's position. Because really, the king's seems like the least powerful faction of the three that exist (Dowager faction, Left State faction, and the king's). I found myself very, very curious to know just why SoWoon was the queen chosen for LH. What sort of political power did her family have to offer to the previous king? Or was it a love match? She is obviously very smart, but where are the ministers that supported her family? Are they too scared to speak up or visit her now that her father has been exiled? Why aren't they even trying to support her?
  9. Earlier in the thread someone wrote that they were watching it mainly for the excellent execution of the story, and they were right. Boyfriend is really well done, more unpredictable than most dramas that I watch, and both of these factors (plus the actors!) have combined to make me fall in love with the drama! So I agree with the many, many people that I can’t tag right now because I’m on mobile LOL, that a drama cute as this with a soundtrack as cute as this could never have a sad ending. Seriously, this is a bop. It's taken over the number 1 spot from the Saltnpaper song as my favorite OST.
  10. So first our JinSoo couple had a fairy godfather, now in the final moment the fairy godMother is revealed to be Teacher Lee. let’s hope!!
  11. Thank you for writing all that out!! I couldn’t remember what the lamplighter’s storyline was!! However I don’t believe JinHyuk or the SooHyun is the lamp lighter though. I think this is whole Little Prince thing is a fakeout. The whole story has been about subverting expectations and becoming more than the characters ever thought they could be. Secretary Jang finding the good heart in a man without a fancy car or academic qualifications. SooHyun opening herself up to the world. SooHyun’s dad letting go of his political ambitions and happily deciding to dream a new dream. I think we are supposed to take away that blindly following orders like the lamp lighter does is one way of expressing love and respect, but there are other ways. Ways that might be better or lead to greater happiness
  12. I’ve decided to try predicting what’s going to happen next. Hold onto your hats: At the end of their date, JinHyuk is going to give SooHyun the camera case gift. SooHyun will accept it. Then she’ll break up with him. After it sinks in, she drives him, but instead of driving home, she takes him to the local city hall and she reveals that they’re going to to get married right then and there! Then the last two episodes are SooHyun wrapping up the lawsuit and an extended montage of their honeymoon in Cuba. 100% this will happen.
  13. Agreed with everything but the last point I think a lot of mothers I’ve know would say a mother is always bravest when protecting their child’s life. JinHyuk’s mom wants him to live safely, peacefully. With no bad words spread about him, no jealous people asking for favors. And within that life, that safe life, she has had happiness and so she believes JinHyuk will have happiness too. If she has to hurt him now and make him unhappy now, so that he can be safe, his mother is willing to do it. Because in her own experience, happiness will come eventually.
  14. Yeah... these two eps have made me put on my “suspicious viewer” goggles again. Pretty much the only thing I trust a drama writer to do is break my little shipper heart. But that said! I do like that a theme of the drama is personal growth! I’m not impressed with anyone’s communication skills in this drama other than JinHyuk’s dad, DaeChan, and Teacher Lee. They say how they feel and are honest with themselves and other people. Everybody else needs to take Communciation 101. But the other characters are making steady improvements toward facing their demons and trying to conquer them. Although I'm sad about SooHyun’s decision, she deserves some applause for how far she’s come from the Ice Princess persona that we saw at the beginning. She’s shared her feelings with two people, and she would never have done that before. She can see herself as being part of the world now, thanks in part to JinHyuk, and that’s something to celebrate. Even WooSeok’s fake girlfriend got some closure for herself by telling SooHyun the truth! And that allowed SooHyun to close that door, finally. The remaining characters that are need of personal growth are JinHyuk’s mom and the only one who can help her is JinHyuk himself. I think he is refusing to acknowledge how much anger and fear his mom has about what’s happening. Just as he ignored all the signs that his childhood best friend wanted more than friendship. Luckily that didn’t blow up in his face, but this situation with his mother sure as heck has. Hopefully, him resolving the situation with his mom will be the focus on the next episode.
  15. Even within my own culture, (which is not Asian) there is the expectation that you are supposed to value your parents opinion very highly. Often tying to convince your parents to change their minds once they’ve made them up is like trying to force the wind to change direction. For our JinSoo couple, I really believe that the best decision would be to continue with their relationship without JinHyuk’s mother's approval. Regardless of what they do (stay together or break up) everyone knows of the connection between the Kim family and the Cha family now. The awkward interactions, cruel commentary, and people asking favors won’t stop even if JinHyuk and SooHyun separate. They’re linked now, so his mother may as well get out of the way and let her son be happy. That way there can be a least one benefit to come out of all of the hardship.
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