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  1. I’m no Korean expert but I think he literally said “We had our mouths controlled before, and even here you’re telling me to have tea?” I’m not sure what he meant by control here... As in eating/drinking or kissing? Or was he just playing with words between 참았 (endure) and 차마실 (having tea)? Cos they kinda sound similar in Korean. Forgive me if I was wrong.
  2. Omggg this kiss made me come out to post here. I just don’t know what to do. I was shaking and screaming on top of my lung while Live streaming it. My little bro was watching it too and I slapped him many times out of excitement. LOL Anyway I’m so happy and so grateful to the director, the writer and our JinSoo couple. Can’t wait to replay that scene for a thousand times. Hehehe And you guys are the best! Loved reading all your posts here. ♥️
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