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  1. Yes Im so happy, finally its payback time.. No mercy to those fake journalist money makers out of somebodys precious life.. I hope they go to jail for it.. Thank you for the good news.. SHK and her team turning the tables around as it should be.. Those latest pictures are so gorgeous
  2. SHK has now 9.8 million followers.. so many people wants to follow and support her.. i love it
  3. Thank you so much @ahdrianaa for the translation and good news. Finally the truth prevailed. Without Kyo having to clear her name. She is really a classy lady, unaffected. She knows her truth but decided to be quiet like she normally is. Im so excited for whats next for her. Good karma always happens to her..She deserved to be applauded for everything she went through for staying strong despite all of the hate. Wow. Now for the other one, your karma started already look how low your rating is. Despite the promotion and the big production. HDL already on 8.2 rating which your drama hasnt achieved yet. Im relieved and happy for SHK. Im excited for her. She deserved a crown for her upcoming birthday. I heard all of her friends just unfollow his ex private IG just now including Kim Min Suk. He stands by his noona.. Classy lady with her classy friends..
  4. wow whoever he is, he really is bitter for doing everything to pull SHK down. After announcing the divorced first so Knetz will think that he is not guilty because not everyone knows the korean law that really is his main agenda to get knetz to hate her that she did something wrong. Not knowing that is is a mutual divorced. I wonder if you can still sleep at night for doing this to her. Im so glad that SHK is a very strong and classy woman and would not go down to your level. Im so happy that you and SHK are no longer together. She saw how you really are, so immature. I sincerely believe SHK will get through all this. For everything you threw at her, she will continue to be classy, strong and knows herself.
  5. 100% agreed. They forget how she’s the one who started hallyu. AIMH was my first kdrama and its unforgettable she is unforgettable, all but one of her kdrama are high in rating. 23 years in showbusiness and still a dependable endorser. Knetz are very insecure people I think because she is not your typical korean who are like submissive and martyr. She is a very strong independent woman. You are empowering women. Way to go Queen SHK.
  6. SHK is trending again because Knetz are attacking her again. They got mad because she is living her life and moving on. But then what do they say when she looked unhappy, its the same thing. Double standard seriously. Im glad that SHK is a very strong woman and dont listen to Knetz.. Keep doing you SHK nim, We are cheering for you and pray for you..
  7. Omg i love this, thank you so much. They must have an incredible mind or script to think all of this...Hoping they still can sleep at night for ruining, tarnishing a beautiful person like SHK.I really feel bad for her. But so happy that most international fans are behind her and will always support her... Fighting SHK.. We love you and will wait for your return
  8. I miss her, hoping she gets offered a really great script pretty soon. Fighting SHK
  9. Love everything you said especially number 6. You cant put a good woman down. Song Hye kyo always pulls through because she knows her truth.I will always support her. She looks so beautiful as always i love her.
  10. Reading all those comments make me hate him more, they are all siding with him. I cant believe they’re culture sometimes. It is really a mysogynictic country. Its better for SHK to migrate and proved her worth. There are so many international fans that love her.
  11. Since the announcement i wasnt able to watch kdrama, then i tried to watched the OneSpring night yesterday and i thought i accepted it already, seeing a lovey dovey scene makes me sad.What happened to Hyekyo’s marriage, I felt sad all over again. AIMH was my first kdrama then the one with Choi Ji woo (2003-2004. Then I flew to US and stop watching kdrama. I was following a Filipino fandom in IG then all of a sudden she posted the guy exercising and it says kdrama DOTS.I looked it all up found out SHK was the female lead, that was around April 2016. I watched it in Viki at that time and with all the commercials in 3 days. then i let my husband watched it again with me.He finished it also in 3 days. Then i found out about soompi forum.I became their shipper but I am bias for SHK. When they announced that they being married, i was one of happiest. I said finally the last goddess and the prettiest are finally getting married too. I decided to go to Korea with my family even at that time there is a brewing threat from North Korea, I was crazy like that. First time in my life i followed a celebrity like that. I saw a kababayan and she invited me because she booked a room at Shilla Hotel so we can catched a glimpse of the wedding. So at the 16th floor with my husband and kids and 4 other fangirl like me, we were screaming with glee when they finally walked on the aisle.. I was so happy for SHK.. I keep following them, I was so happy when she agreed to doing a drama again after being married. I thought ah maybe they will both work together first then after they will plan to have a baby.. I loved Boyfriend/Encounter so much their chemistry and the story. I probably watched it more than 10x already or more. Then the announcement, It was my first time crying for a showbiz couple like that, I cant even sleep and eat for 2 days.What went wrong. I felt really sad for SHK esp what he did to her until the end, no consideration, He is the reason why she’s getting hammered again by the media and Knetz. I know being married is hard, you have to compromised to each other but if both are not happy anymore they need to let go.. but to announced it like that, like He didnt care what will happen to her like He didnt love her at least once, I hated him. I erased all of their pics and just keep SHK pics. I unfollowed all the shippers because i cant look at his picture. I thought i was ok, that i accepted it all already, her to fail 3x in a relationship, now being a divorcee, how harshed the people on her. Its because of him. I know how strong SHK is with all the things in the past she always shine.. And i really hope she will rise again far better than before and she will meet someone who will love her truly and will never leave her no matter what. Sorry for the long post.#StandforSHK
  12. true, if he really love SHK like he said many times in his interviews, saying like being a true man is showing how you can love your wife without unchanging, one of the many things he said how he loves SHK, but now it just shows its all just words, how he throw her away just like that not considering how hurt she will be, just to save his career,I hope karma gets him fast for all what he did to SHK...
  13. Wow he looks like he is the guilty one for threatening her... he is trying to save his career so he doesnt mind people are thinking that its SHK fault... I really thought that this man is so perfect and kind now his true colors are coming out... He is out to destroy SHK so he can save his career...
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