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  1. @rahma92: His fan service is truly unparalleled! When I get the chance, I will post here some Bogummy quotable quotes that he said to his fans. @U-Çan: When I started becoming a fan, I began collecting tesimonials...I have a Bogum Testimonial folder.
  2. @U-Çan, I'd be so happy to answer your query! And since I love giving testimonials about Bo Gum, there's no problem with me posting it in the thread. It's my first time to camp in an actor's Soompi thread. From late 2015 to early 2016, I was watching Reply 1988. Little did I know that I would stan Bogummy hard ( is it grammatical to put it this way?) I like his looks but that was not the primary reason I began to like him. It was a testimonial of a celebrity photographer who said that of all the celebrities he has worked with, Park Bo Gum was the first one to go up to him and asked to be introduced to him since it was his first time to meet and work with him. And I suppose to thank him for all the work done in his behalf. A small detail but it's very telling of Bogummy's character. Next was an article where Reply 1988 staff giving a glowing testimonial of Park Bo Gum lending a hand behind-the-scenes. And from then on Bogummy Testimonials kept on coming from actors he has work with, from the media-both Korean and Japanese media especially love him!-of the countries he has been to for his fan meetings, and from ordinary people. He has been dubbed as the National Man of Good Influence who is loved by halmonis, ajummas, noonas, teens and even kids! What capped it was my short encounter during the HiTouch. I didn't post it here but I shared it via DM with those who asked...this person is truly genuine, really sincere...his mind-blowing visuals is just a bonus. But am glad I really like how he looks! Beautiful inside and out! I can go on and on but I will stop here for now.
  3. This is for a Winix Event. Looking at the pic truly warms my heart! Our Bogummy will be a great Appa! @rahma92: So he is done with Seobok? Let's hope he is cast in a daebak drama project!
  4. Me, too! So happy to see Bogummy and Gong Yoo in one frame! PD is known to be a skillful playwright and director so I am not surprised with the duration of the filming. But like you, I am praying to the drama gods to give Bo Gum the drama that will meet his standards. He is turning 28 next year and that means military enlistment according to the revised law.
  5. That's what I meant when I wished for a same age female lead. I took note of his female leads in his last 2 dramas. Is this Video Star recent? He really likes Park Bo Gum.
  6. @rahma92: I think the fact that Encounter's Cha Soo Hyun was a divorcee didn't sink in well with the viewers aside from the age gap.
  7. Since we have been discussing about dream roles for Bogummy, I would like to share my "wish list": 1. I don't know why the desire to see Bo Gum play the role of an "autistic" man persists. Like the male protagonist in a Bollywood Movie, "My Name is Khan". 2. I want to see him in another romance but this time with a same age female lead. A school romance. it's his wish. I want to wear school uniforms. I want to do something like the movie 'Our Times.' Park Bo-gum 3. I don't know if Seobok is considered a super hero. If not, then I would like to see him take on a super hero role. It's his wish, too! Most superhero characters we see these days are from foreign countries. I would like to play a superhero that shows off Korean power. Park Bo-gum
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