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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

23 minutes ago, Chewy Hoe said:

I just recalled Shilla being the first with big hint and Laneige Taiwan whom congratulated them more recently. It would meant Kyo would have already told them about an impending wedding coming up which meant they already decided way back to spent the rest of their lives together....

omg goosebumps anyone 

p.s. And I am over the moon that their kisses in dots are so real~~

and yes the admin who posted said it so right the bragging rights are ours~~amen to that 


and Dyson's latest commercial with Kyo where she was asked about diamonds :tongue: 

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5 hours ago, ilikerice said:

Two of the top actors and actresses are getting married!! & speaking of the articles, now that I look back to it, they really never tried to hide their relationship.

Agreed! That is the biggest misconception. They didn't deny, just redirected the question. All the signs were there the whole time. I'm so beyond happy with this news. SHK is going to finally have her happily ever after with JK. 

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i'm gonna go crazy (KMY style).... it's been over 24hours and i still can't focus on anything else but their wedding. it's not even my wedding. and i don't think it'll feel like this when i get married :lol:


can't stress enough how much i salute dispatch and their friends for having the guts to keep the news to themselves. 

if not for MBC's Bali intrusion, i would've guessed they'll announce their marriage after BI premiere :tongue: 

shouldn't we feel lucky that they announced it before it happens and they even asked the fans' blessings. i was kinda expecting the news that they already are married, no dating and wedding announcement but straight to "we are married" :D

 *suddenly notices my colleague at work's playing wedding songs, oh how timely*

anyway. i feel for the two... how much they've struggled thinking about how their individual fans would react.. how considerate they are of us.. and i feel like it shouldn't be like that because they are humans. what they have is real. they should enjoy love as normal people would. but then again they are celebrities, they owed what they have now not only because of their hard work but because fans believed in them. so i understand where they are coming from. but i hope the fans would be very supportive of this new chapter in their lives. reading their letters only shows how much they are committed to be with each other. 

as for other people commenting they kept denying they were dating.... they only did once! new york i think hahahahhaahaha. they didn't deny they were dating when they were caught from the Bali trip. maybe Kyo really had a photo shoot and then Joongki surprises her (as he always do based on their acquaintances story), suddenly shows up to be with her. so UAA, you're point is valid :rolleyes:

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Annyeong @SeGafanlady unnie... Glad you are back in this thread and celebrate with us :blush:

This is actually more than 24 hours after the official announcement and I am still giddy. Should I book my ticket to Bali instead of Seoul in October? Just in case they moved the venue to The Island of Gods. Maybe they went for a pre-wedding photo shot AND venue survey there. Who knows... :wink:

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8 hours ago, saranghyekyo said:


Lee Kwang Soo just posted this! Hahahaha I feel you bro!


Lol Kwang Soo at it already! Go boy it's time for your sweet 'revenge' it's now or never! Kkkk...Gosh, I can imagine in my own head how SongSong keep being teased by him continuously until their faces as red as tomato (flashback: script reading time). Will we get a lucky chance to see a scene of this during their wedding day? :tongue:

Ps: are they trying to trending #staystrongkwangsoo? So hillarious lol...

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24 hours after the announcement...

My heart is still beating fast.... My lips keep on smiling......It's finally happening...... :bawling:.... Still in cloud nine....

We knew, We knew, someday this will happen. YET when the moment finally arrive, I am still supprised and giddy....Word cannot describe how I feel right now... but I know you all feel the same! 

SHK and SJK thank you for gracing us your gift to us. We sincerely hope your happiness, never expecting much. Again congratuations to My Favorite Ninja Couple. 


*quietly go back to my room and sob again*

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I'm crying in tears because finally SONGSONG Couple is now getting married !!!! I can't put into words how happy I am !!! We were  just expecting a dating news but they gave us more than what we expect !!! Cheers to us chingus !!! I wish I could attend their wedding lol. I know it's too much to ask but I want to see a pic of them together :) ff to OCTOBER 31 !!! I can't wait any longer....

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1 hour ago, Chewy Hoe said:

I just recalled Shilla being the first with big hint and Laneige Taiwan whom congratulated them more recently. It would meant Kyo would have already told them about an impending wedding coming up which meant they already decided way back to spent the rest of their lives together....

omg goosebumps anyone 

p.s. And I am over the moon that their kisses in dots are so real~~

and yes the admin who posted said it so right the bragging rights are ours~~amen to that 

Yes. Based on SJK's statement and the faux pas by Lanegie Taiwan on their FB early this year, it would appear that the engagement was formed! 

I do not understand news reports and comments about them denying that they were dating...Please back read all the detailed analysis by the shippers on this thread. Never once did they outright deny that they are not dating. Thanks to the very thorough and excellent skills of the contributors in this forum. 

P/S: I admit that I had my doubts when the W interview with my goddess came out because of what she said..but was steered toward the right course by those in this forum! And then came SJK's W interview which confirmed it all.... And now the rest is history! 

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A big congratulations to our SSCP and to all shippers here:)

Looking forward to the big day!

Anyone like me, re-reading the thread to recap the journey we had over the past year since Dots started? No one believed us but we saw something more than just co-star relationship and perserve till today. Really heartfelt happiness for the two of them! 

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6 hours ago, SSK1 said:

Hey girls..are you still on a high like I am? at 2 am still reading about our couple? 

The news etc reported that they are getting married "despite denying" , or that they "denied" the relationship. Make no mistake... They did NOT deny. Our couple never denied their great love, they just never said it expressedly. In fact they had told us repeatedly that they were togther, they love each other, they are in love with each other. Through their actions, through their praises of each other..Everyone with eyes can see if they only opened them. They did not insult their fans, because they did not lie to us. They just did not announce.    Specific Words- they were quiet. Actions- boy were they loud! 

The valentine pic of them both,they way she said in an interview she was not getting any younger (I cant recall where- should he apologise or confess I think the question was), the way he walked in front of her, touched her back , offered to  hold her trophy, and DONT FORGET the way she reached for his  hand naturally at baeksang- all those are NOT denial! That is --this is my woman, and I am her man! And the way she touched him, waited for him at award shows, acknowledged time and time again how to her, he is her man. and the only one she trusts to take care of her heart. No words but that's as loud as you can get it. 

They have been dating right in front of our very eyes, and we know it, and we are happy to watch and analyse, There was no hiding behind bushes, etc . Even when asked point blank by reporters/fans  they NEVER denied . Despite being in showbiz, they have never been fake or glitzy, or full of parties or surrounded by fake friends. Their circle of friends is small, and loyal and real. 

They have had a classy courtship, they are a classy couple, therefore- they made a  classy announcement.

There was no denial. 


By the way...

I am so in awe of Song Joong Ki right now for being such an Alpha male, and took charge and was not intimidated by her Hallyu goddess status , for rising up to meet her standards, and for virtually growling at any threat thrown at her. You really  manned up like @Bambiina said. i was going to smack you already for taking so long to propose , did you know that Joong ki! (Like he can hear me hehe)

They will have an elegant, gorgeous wedding, because that is just who they are, and I just know this thread will go on and on with love for both of them.



Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Love your summary about their relationship .. kekekkeke.. we virtually whacked him on the head remember? 


@boredahjumma - yesssss finally our wait is over


Yes indeed - congratulation US .. hehehe..

10 hours ago, BeautyBigboss said:

This is the best news ever for us who patiently wait!!! I've been shipping SSC from the very 1st day DOTS aired. This forum is my daily 

This is my 1st post and hope it will never be the last.

 I am so excited for their wedding and to see the little SJK and SHK very soon...

By the way, me and my friends will be there in Korea on their wedding day..even if we can't attend the wedding, it will be enough to be near them at least..haha..hoping we can have a get together chingus.




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The fact that we can now rewatch every episode of DOTS, presscon, fanmeet, interview, etc. for the past 2 years with the knowledge that they've been together all those times. No more speculations, just love. :wub:

Man, I need people to bring back their best on and off-screen moments. Let's reminisce their love story before the big day!

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