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  1. Hi all! It is been some time since i am excited about any k drama!!!! I super loved PMY and her works. However her last work, i dont feel that excited about the couple. I feel that it could be better. But for this, the chemistry with KJW rocks! Its super endearing, especially when she say, "oppa!"... i think all guys will melt in her presence! Super happy for KJW role here. I find it very tiring to watch him in his last work, The Priest... he hardly smile and always frowning... So now we are at this halfway mark of the drama... hope to see some 'real' developments instead of DM's steamy imagnination! Plus RG's and SA story development, i am worried that the love line will be rush through... nevertheless fingers crossed! Now... back to rewatch the latest BTS and also the slow motion of the DM's hot kiss scene!!!!!!
  2. After my golden life, I am really reluctant to join in the long family drama... whats more, 100eps!!!! But as fate calls, I am too fast for the dramas upload, so i tune into ep 1, and here I am! Waiting for every Sat/Sun!!!! terrible! Wow! The evil adoptive mother, the naive 'pretty' mother who talks without thinking, the OTP couple first meeting to falling in love, and all the funny side characters learning and growing up..... <sign> ..... no choice, I have to join all of you for the next few months of roller coaster! Fighting! No doubt, everything will turns out fine and our Do Ran will finally find true love and happiness!
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1234925wpp/september-movie-star-brand-reputation-rankings-revealed Cool!!!!!! So happy for CSW.... hope to see him in some new commercials too!!!!!
  4. I watched the 1st 4 eps and was annoyed by the high pitch sound, which seemingly is the sound of the red ghost trying to influence them... is this sound still present in the recent eps? I have sensitive ears, so i got to put the show on silent when that happens.... and suddenly the shows lost the momentum.... so there I am, I stop at ep 4. Overall, I like ghost.. .I like detective ... so this drama is on my list since day 1... plus Daniel, why not! The storyline is exciting enough for me to follow through.... hopefully, the next few eps, the sound problem will be gone, and I can return back to the drama!
  5. This one is really frightening!!!!! I can watch ghost and demons running around... but I totally cant bear exorcist theme in it! Totally freak me out! I can only watch this in Broad Day light! for me, this is 10 times more scary than Ghost Detective! And KDW, he must have a really strong mental in order not be affected by any 'dark forces' when he is acting in this drama... This is only ep 3, I cannot imagine the story all the way to ep 16! Not for the faint hearts!
  6. @wanda77 thanks for your info! I have watched all 3 of them! I like the one with the other actress at the hairdresser in Tazza the best! Ok! I will take back my word! I can imagine him in a melo or romcom now!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
  7. @annagriss8 melo??? romcom??? I really cant imagine him 'acting' in that at all! How to 'act' out the loving loving scenes? It would probably be very cringing! Nevertheless, it would be good for him to get one such project while he is still 'young'.... I know I am conflicting! I want to see, and yet I cant bear to see! BTW, had he kissed in any of the movies/drama before? The ones that I have watched, all don't have... .If there is, let me know, ok??? ;-) Military fiction, spy fiction, black comedy film/drama, I think he totally can grilled it! Really look forward to his next project!!!!!!
  8. @wanda77 definitely! We all want our bias to be healthy and contented!
  9. " For Cho Seung Woo, his acting isn’t a product of total immersion. He said, “No matter what role I’m playing, I don’t fall into it deeply. It doesn’t affect my everyday life. I don’t do method. ” Personally I find this amazing... there are a lot of method actors and their works are amazing... it really seem like they are the characters themselves... I feel that for this type of acting, it takes a troll on their mental health as they need time to 'discharge' from the project and to be back to their normal self. Sometimes they need to take off to 'find' themselves and to re-discover who they really are. They are also in the "grey zone" and questioning themselves. CSW acting method is really professional and it can go a long way. That is why his projects are never ending, one after another. Movie-Play-Drama-Play-Movie.....etc.... I dont think he ever take a long break for the past 15 years... He knows who he is, what he is looking for, what he likes... For him, acting is an act, a passion and favorite hobby. It is great to merge hobby and work together in your everyday life! I super envy him. I hope I would be able to work towards this direction for my everyday work/life! Another thing is his passion for Secret Forest... I secretly think it is the team that he enjoys being with! I serious shipped him with Donna Bae... I totally love the BTS... it looks really fun, plus Donna has a super cool personality with a sour face, so it is a big contrast when they are laughing and joking around BTS! (sorry! I am suckers for shipping. I just like happy endings!) I was like jumping up with joy when I saw Donna watching his Vlive and liking it yesterday!!!!! Dreams come true! I kept refreshing the IG/Twitter hoping to catch them at any get-together dinners.... till next year when SF-2 are aired, i will be refreshing my IG/Twitter everyday! BTW, is it the way my IG are set? Might be due to more than 99% of my online search are for updates on JSW news..... Thats why I kept seeing JSW 'promoting' the movie! Also the videos are edited in such a way that it seems like they are focusing a lot on him instead of JS? It seems like everyone wants a piece of him whenever they are out promoting the movie.... Finally! I was laughing when I saw the Great Battle's Bae Sung Woo talk about CSW. "CSW used to be very handsome in the past too, and now he's already 40 years old. He now has the aura of a top actor. he has a different kind of coolness."..... err.... I wonder if that's a compliment or not? But, think that CSW may need to look into his image again... cos he looks too relax for the past 2 years... I prefer a more sleeky CSW... personal preference! ;-P
  10. The last ep is a pleasant ending! Not the kind of fairy tale type where everyone lives happily ever after.... All the members still need to be on their toes with the new president on board... he does not look like the 'friendly' type, but who knows with his background as a doctor, there will be a difference in the approach of the mgt! Loves how Gu makes a comeback with his business proposal to the CEO! This man does not burn his bridge! He knows the power of the group and would stays afloat despite being 'kicked' out... Wow! Dont girls just love a savvy, smart , intelligent and sexy man in contemplation? heehehe! Frankly speaking, JSW will make a better on-screen match with his MSR noona... I find their interactions very 'sexy', as she seems to be making fun of him throughout the last 2 eps... and he seems to understand her well! Too bad she is married with kid (in the drama)... else she can become the 3rd wheel? Anyway, it is consolation prize that our Gu gets his 'girl', even when I don't feel any 'sparks' for the last few scenes, I am rooting, just for our poor President Gu (any girl will do!) Maybe the PDs can consider a more equal match for future dramas/scripts for JSW... And the transplant guy, is he just out of job with nothing no do? Cant they just give him a ending? I hate things hanging in the air! Who else, ? Oh,.. Ms Kang! I totally love her! Think she will follow Gu in his next job.... She is a keeper! and quite smart too! In a way, she helps to solve the case for the whole ep! BTW, I kept thinking that it is Gu who 'suggested' that she could make a 'mistake'. Think she took it forward and pass the information to the director and team in their confrontation with the Health Minister... Finally YJW, I am happy he gets his girl and keeps it! I hate it when he thinks too much, which is from ep 1 to 14! As what Gu mentioned at the 'farewell' party, some guys are clueless and still managed to get things done due to their passion... i chuckled at the last few scenes, when he YJW mentioned that he will follow the cause to set up an independent fund for the hospital and buy the foundation from the chairman.. this guy just know no limits! LDW did a satisfactory job, as his role is really quite moody, and he can only frown most of the scenes and think to himself! I love it during his interactions with the reporter girlfriend and from there onwards, his character starts to shine... perhaps the writer can put it earlier into the scripts so that he can shine earlier! That's all for my take for Life! Thank you for accompany me for the past few weeks! Think we will meet again soon in SF-2? Think all of us in this forum are suckers for the SF team! May we be united again soon!
  11. Just finished the english sub of Life ep 7 ! It is really enjoyable and 'weird' to see JSW smile so widely in dramaland... My intestines literally gave way when he did that! His character is so 3 dimensional! It is really fun to be in this role! I can imagine the adrenaline that he gets out by having such multi-layer role. I always feel strange that he dont smile that much in dramaland/movie/theatre.. he seems like a really groovy and fun guy from bts/fanmeets/others... why must he use soo much 'strength' and 'concentration' in his projects... Not forgetting it is mentally very exhausting! phew.... I do feel and hope that he can star in some romantic room com in the near future ... so that it is easier on my eyes..... based on his 'skills in acting', I believe it will be a new level of fangirling.. how I hate that his roles' are always subtle in expressing their feelings! Always makes my heart ache for him... Noona's heart is getting old and weak for such pains..... And it is about time as he is approaching 40s.... i dont think there will be much chance to see any close interactions if it is for a older and more mature role.... The Life forum seems slow for this drama... some of the other dramas that I participate in previously, are always doing live-streaming/texting during the live telecast for those ppl who cannot access to the live streaming networks.... Maybe this is not your typical mainstream drama? Anyway, got to get back to work! need to clear all so that I can scan for live streams tonight! Yipeee!!!
  12. @twistedv yes... i m totally hook on CSW now.. i am reading this thread starting from Page 1. I am now on page 70.... really enjoying every moment of all you guys inputs over the past 10 years.... will put CSW musical in my 3year bucket list for sure! I think i might pick up this language for sure this time so that i can understand what he say when i meet him! Love u all!@@!
  13. @twistedv yes... saw it on youtube... cool! Fangirling at my age!!!!! Totally cannot imagine! Will let u know when i am crazy enough to come to korea just for him!!!!
  14. Hi hi! I am a new fan of CSW!!!!! Just happen to turn into Secret Forest 2 weeks ago... and suddenly i am hooked! I finish the whole series in 2 days flat and rewatch again for the Simok/YeoJin interactions and 3rd time again! I am lucky that this time round Live is on air... but i cant wait for the suspense of waiting everyweek for 2 ep! Also FengShui will be on theatre soon! I thinl i catch him at the right time! Cant imagine the pioneers who had followed him since beginning of his career who had to painstaking wait for his projects! Kudos to all of you! Totally in love with the talents of this man! A man who can sing, act and also looks manly!!!! (Drooling away while typing....). Anyway great to be here.. please share any updates that you have on this man projects.. the only one that i will miss is musicals as i totally dont understand the language. But who knows.... he might be the factor that makes me goes to study! Love you all! Cheers!
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