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  1. I loved the ending of the modern version mini series where A’Du still behaving herself
  2. Just finished this drama & the the bonus mini episodes and have came to declare that “ Goodbye my princess “ as one of my all time favorite dramas What can I say more !! It’s an addictive drama will keep you hooked from the very start ! and no matter how many time you would try to drop it out, you find yourself can’t do that at all because you will be having occupied thoughts about it most of the time ! It is the masterpiece of 2019 to my Asian drama collection
  3. This drama is super super addictive! no matter how many times I have decided to drop it out because of its sadness, I found myself back to watch it again more & more ! Definitely my most favorite CDrama for 2019 I stopped watching by ep 27, then watched the legends Cdrama, finished many other Kdramas, started another ongoing Kdramas, but couldn’t get over this one at all! It’s such a masterpiece & believe will be one of my all time favorite Dramas..
  4. Really miss them sooooooo much ! what a light kdrama! it was the perfect one for my busy exhausting weekly schedule.. I used to enjoy watching it on my weekend. but nowadays don’t have it anymore TT
  5. so finally few days more to start this drama which is the most anticipated one to me
  6. I am loving the drama so much already ! this crazy and I know but can’t help at all! like finally finally my oppa is a lead of romcom drama
  7. Going to watch ep 28. Really don’t care about having sad ending if it is a decent one but I am afraid it’s not the case TT
  8. I have finished the drama & all I wanna say that I am all for Fuheng and Yingluo <3 I am truly convinced she has loved him the most till the end TT
  9. Just finished the drama and totally ship them together Really can’t love the emperor
  10. Wished if Yeh Suh Dad had a deep conversation with his daughter! since what happened l, his scenes were only with the mom ! I Know it is a heavy drama so the wrap up of things would be difficult but to me it’s kind of below my expectations.. Anyway I have to say it’s one of most recognizable works of Kdrama Land & salute to everyone who has helped in bringing us this masterpiece
  11. I think this drama will crown tvN again with the highest rating for a cable drama on the history after has been taken by jtbc Sky castle .. This is as how much I am anticipating this drama
  12. I am honestly fed up with all these Noona Donseng dramas but seriously Only Lee Jong Suk can let me enjoy them ! Like literally I can’t believe it myself! He is my only Korean actor whom has never disappointed me on his acting or his drama picks! He knows how to choose & definitely he is a good actor whom I am gonna miss so much upon his enlistment For Lee Na Young , It’s my first time to watch a series for her, before used to watch few episodes or scenes from her works because I got curious of her outstanding profile on the Korean entertainment industry other than the fact of her marriage to Won Bin ! She is surely a talented actress & I am glad she is back to the drama land I am all rooting to this Noona from no where I have liked the drama so far specially the atmosphere at work & the cast , so even if it’s expected kind of story but still it’s so enjoyable to me because I love this kind of team work
  13. The news of confirming Kim Jae Wook as a male lead and being opposite to Park Min Young has been the happiest news I have received today
  14. Just finished all the 19 episodes back to back over 2 days and cant tell you how much I have been involved emotionally into this drama ! It has been long time for me to be moved this much by any Asian drama for the story itself more than any other reasons! Though this drama surely is a perfection on every single element ! I am a doctor, so watching this drama has taken me back to many many moments of my life ! I used to Ranked first out of my school all the way from the primary till my high school, my parents are not college graduates but ever since I was kid they embraced me so never has felt any senes of being pressured to get high grades, never ever has been tutored in my life, but loved to volunteer a lot and teach others. I have loved to study for the love of the education itself, has been considered it fun to me, and despite getting good grades, was able to enjoy myself have fun and do everything I love. Later on when I joined medical school, things got a dramatic change ! Day by day I myself started to change without noticing that! Being living in a highly competitive environment has changed me to a person who started to care about my results, marks and grades ! I have been under a lot of stress , couldn’t find any enjoyment like I did before on studying ! I became socially isolated ! Even if I had time, I would prefer to be alone and dont hangout with friends or family ! Actually if I have time I was preferring more to do attachment / observership on hospitals and do extracurricular activities to enhance my C.V . I thought everything would be good by my graduation, but its not at all ! I joined the place and speciality I wanted to do, but things were stressful allover again ! I used to rank as best resident among my residency every year but honestly have not been happy because I have a feeling deep inside that I have lost myself! By last year, I realize that I need to be brave to find myself again despite anything or anyone ! I stepped back for awhile, thought about getting a break to recharge my soul. Everybody thought I am crazy to do so while I am having a successful career, but I am glad that I was brave enough to do what I wanted to do. Now I can see the results of such a decision, that I am loving myself again, loving what I am doing , and most importantly knowing what I want to do. So Sky Castle writer, thanks so much for writing such a solid story, it has been a heeling journey for me watching this series. Thanks so much. Definitely this drama gonna be among my best list of all the time, saying this and I am a Kdrama fan for 11 years.
  15. Guys any recommendation to similar drama ? specially eye candy bad main lead as Bin Bin ?
  16. I was hesitant to watch this drama because I knew beforehand about the ending, but gladly I did watch it for my love to Bin Bin and Raba, really despite the ending, don’t regret at all watching this series and gonna be among my all time favorite dramas. If I did not know that this drama based on historical facts, I would rate it 8/10 only because I wished the King trusted Li Er , but after knowing its truly that he didn’t trust anyone, did not appoint queen and he was the one who united China, So gonna rate it 9.5/10. The acting was brilliant by Bin Bin, the clothes and styles of The king and Li Er are incredible and probably the best ever I have yet to see! I watched countless Historical chinese & Korean dramas, but love this one so much because it’s unique & will be hardly to be forgotten! It’s almost a straightforward, not complicated plot yet magical & super addicting! I don’t know why but truly this drama has a magic that Keeps me under its spell & makes it hard for me to move on ! I spent sleepless nights watching this series over 3 days ! Bin Bin & Raba are the most gorgeous Asian couple of 2017 & hands down Love also the BGM & OSTs.. I would recommend watching this drama for any fans of the leads, historical dramas or Asian dramas. It was a wonderful journey.
  17. I see ! So this is probably not the reason ! It’s really strange even if it’s more for youngsters because there have been many successful dramas too targeting this generation! For me with all due respect to (the Something in the rain ) drama fans, this series is way better & deserving a better recognition!
  18. Guys help! Just finished the Japanese Version I literally wanna kill my self right now I have watched more than 200 dramas but this is the saddest ending ever !
  19. Just started watching this drama , about to finish ep 4 ! I am surprised that it’s not getting good rating nor active forum on soompi ! Though I like it but started to doubt of it would be boring on the coming episodes !
  20. Just finished marathoning this drama , I haven’t watched or read about the J-Version. This drama is one of my best for 2018, Really my hope on the sky for them to not be siblings & all my believe are on the conservative Korean society so they won’t be ending like the J-Version. But after watching ep 10 , just wanna know; was there a bed scene too on the J-Version ?!!!
  21. Done watching ep 10 raw . Sad Sad Sad Sad 100 million Sad ! I cant I am crying & Crying Something I didn’t expect it at all ! Gonna Say that loved SaRa vist & words of Support to both of them ! Indeed these kind of words from a tough person would mean a lot
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