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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

1 hour ago, snoopy18 said:

Yes. Based on SJK's statement and the faux pas by Lanegie Taiwan on their FB early this year, it would appear that the engagement was formed! 

I do not understand news reports and comments about them denying that they were dating...Please back read all the detailed analysis by the shippers on this thread. Never once did they outright deny that they are not dating. Thanks to the very thorough and excellent skills of the contributors in this forum. 

P/S: I admit that I had my doubts when the W interview with my goddess came out because of what she said..but was steered toward the right course by those in this forum! And then came SJK's W interview which confirmed it all.... And now the rest is history! 


LOL this is the second time you quote my post but anyway I wanted to say that it's cos you took whatever Kyo said at face value and didn't look beyond that she has a deeper meaning to it for she is one woman with a High EQ 

most fans tend to interpret on behalf but who can speak on her behalf except herself? 

Maybe you should learn to trust your goddess more and have faith in her. I know I have trust and faith in SJK and he delivered! 

For Song Hye Kyo decided to become bona fide Mrs Song eventually 

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42 minutes ago, angieknows said:

Thanks to @khxy and Ace for the link and translations!!!

And @khxy, I'm lending @hclover96 a hand, so, I'm invoking you! Please post, girl!


  Reveal hidden contents

송중기♥송혜교 애칭은 “쏭”·“교”…“달달 커플”

[마이데일리 = 곽명동 기자]‘세기의 커플’ 송중기(32)과 송혜교(36)는 사석에서 어떻게 부를까. 

‘태양의 후예’의 송송커플은 그동안 공식 석상에서 각각 ‘선배님’과 ‘송중기 씨’로 불렀다. 그러나 사석에서는 애칭으로 부른다. 

6일 송송커플과 친한 방송 관계자는 마이데일리에 “송중기 씨는 ‘교’, 송혜교 씨는 ‘쏭’으로 부른다”라고 전했다. 

이 관계자는 “가끔씩 서로 ‘자기야’라고 부르기도 한다”라고 귀띔했다. 

‘교’는 송혜교의 가족과 친한 지인들이 부르는 애칭이다. 송중기도 자연스럽게 ‘교’로 부르는 것으로 보인다. 

한편 송중기는 5일 팬카페를 통해 “제가 믿는 가치를 여러분도 응원해주셨으면 좋겠습니다"라며 "이 마음 변치 않고 멋진 배우로서, 한 가정의 든든한 가장으로서 살아가겠습니다. 저희 두 사람의 좋은 인연 많이 응원해 주세요”라고 당부했다. 

송혜교 역시 “오랜 시간 동안 중기 씨가 제게 보여준 믿음과 신뢰는 미래를 함께 해도 좋겠다는 생각을 하게 되었고 저에 대한 진정한 마음이 느껴져서 고마웠고 저 또한 그에 대한 확신이 생겼습니다”라고 전했다. 

송중기와 송혜교는 오는 10월 31일 결혼한다. 

[사진 = 마이데일리 DB]

(곽명동 기자 entheos@mydaily.co.kr)

- ⓒ마이데일리(www.mydaily.co.kr). 무단전재&재배포 금지 -



Article summary c/o Ace Chingu



IF RE-POSTING THE TRANSLATIONS ELSEWHERE, THEN PLEASE CREDIT @koreasongsongcouple or Ace Chingu and @khxy! Thanks!



So.... we were not imagining things when we thought we saw their lips form jagiya in some of their appearances ?  :blink::o:wub: *hyperventilating*

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15 minutes ago, Chewy Hoe said:


Hmm that's cos you took whatever Kyo said at face value and didn't look beyond that she has a deeper meaning to it for she is one woman with a High EQ 

most fans tend to interpret on behalf but what do anyone knows what's going down need in her heart? 

She became bona fide Mrs Song eventually 


i think when she was interviewed, which i believe they might have been engaged by then (or she's already thinking it's going to happen) since she was i believed asked about the Daesang award in January... i think she's still in "shock" that it's really happening... that maybe she has questions in her head on what it's going to be like.. the preparation.. how they are supposed to convey their decision to their respective families, to their fans, and so we heard her say it's not what she used to think it is.. it's a complex decision... which is wise of her to say because she's being realistic in a way. so i honestly didn't feel anything that would sadden me about her thoughts on marriage. plus when she said it's hard to date - she meant it obviously. and that she has limited people to meet it's because she's already committed. she was just teasing when she said she's only close to ah in and joongki because she feeds them hahahahahahaha i find it hilarious i bet she was laughing when she dropped those words. 

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what a beautiful letters from them. I always smile like crazy every time I read it again, and ofc for the first time I read it with the tears of joy. omo help meeee i think i am too young to have those feeling. but i'm so excited. whats wrong with me. i cant handle it.


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Our Bride to be soon Mrs.Song Joong Ki i am very happy for you my baby girl you found your prince and i am wishing you the happiness forever indeed with God protection thank you for giving your fans an early chistmas gift SongSong Forever will always be here to support both of you thank you again....

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1 hour ago, khxy said:

Credit to Ace chingu for the translation:


According to SJK’s old friend, since his 20s, SJK has been SHK’s long time fanboy. When they studied together at the academy, SJK used to tell him SHK is his ideal type. He added “SJK is the real winner.”



yes there's also news (around feb 2015) saying he was a fans of her while Full House era, he has her poster in his bedroom!

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11 hours ago, redwinecouple said:

(Apologies in advance this is very long) 

OMG I'm crying! Finally an official announcement that we've long been waiting for.
Haven't been active for months for I was just so chill sippin on my coffee waiting for this to happen. 
Despite all the rumors and doubts from shippers and non shippers alike. All the 'exposing' which is obviously ridiculous. I've been expecting this. Since the NY escape then confirmation and the sherlocking on their Itaewon date with Team Alpha, I knew right then they're real. 

It's not like I'll still get surprised. BUT. I. DID.

Because I've been waiting forever for this moment. And I never thought it'll be announced too soon, at such an unexpected time. And I'm still crying

Anyhoo, SS sure rocked the world, people from around the globe were shocked by the announcement and are still very much talking about them. One of Asia's biggest and most powerful blockbuster couple. Individually, they're the biggest superstars already and together they're explosive. 

Lol at Section TV who got trolled by SongSong. And you think you have the last laugh trying to "expose" them, prying on their private lives. Trying to ruin a perfect moment, trying to rob them off the chance for their personal announcement. But it backfired, and guess who's laughing (or crying) now? After all their illegal efforts, it all went down the drain. News of the year coming from our SongSong couple themselves. Nice try tho, MBC. 

No wonder our handsome guy's been working hard nonstop. Because he's been preparing for their future. It's such a blessing in disguise and I'm grateful to KES for casting them. And even more grateful to all the actors who rejected DOTS. It's really meant for him after all. It's as if the universe conspiredh

I still cant believe it still, who would've thought they're meant for each other? That that cute guy I saw with JIS will be SHK future husband. And that they'll end up together for the rest of their lives.
After all the coincidences and accidental meetings.. It is him.

He's been there all along.

And she's just right there waiting for you

Of all the heartbreaks and tears. after being 'alone' for so long.. beyond the great walls that she surrounded herself with. He was the brave and worthy one to break into that, and straight to her heart.

A beautiful person through and through. The most beautiful woman in Korea, every fanboy's ideal woman, it is he who won her heart. The one she opened and gave her heart to. 

The worthy one. 

Sincere. Gentle and loving.
I know he will always protect her. Love her. And care for her.

For our Kyo, after all these years.. I'm truly happy for her. And I'm glad you've finally found the right one for you. Still cant believe shes getting married cos everything feels like a dream.  It's been a long and bumpy way down and now she's about to take the last steps of being single to a happy married life. 

"Now I am not alone but two" (cue in tears)
I have no words for this. 

And that two is what makes both of you whole.

In a sea of fan girls wanting him, screaming for every woman's secret husband..
she's the one who stole your oppa. Lol  :D

It's easy to fall in love with her. Not only because she's beautiful but SJK sees the goodness in her heart. Selfless. A very giving person. 

"I heard life is not the "speed" but the "direction"
This really touched me.

She is the direction. The destination. 

Wise words from a wise man. Sweet, gentle and loving. 

Sincere. Fragile. Caring and Loving. Filled with all the love that she could give. 
Beyond the fame and fortune,  to him she is worth more than that.
She's what makes him complete

It's been a long and a beautiful ride. It tears me a little and melts my heart upon reading their letters. And him saying being a father and husband in one sentence.. I died!

Reading about how they fell in love is like reading a chapter from a fairytale. A real life fairytale, about the Princess and her Prince Charming. I still get goosebumps whenever I think about it.

Dispatch pictures is def the cherry on top!
From the start, people here knows what Dispatch's really been up to. 
Trying to call on dispatch everytime they are together, but not a single photo released. Them keeping mum is a giveaway. And that they'll only release after the official announcement has been a familiar topic here before. I'm glad they didn't take the chance (to announce it themselves) away from our couple. (despite MBC trying to sabotage it!!!) I believe they're on our couples side, prolly one of the biggest SSCP shippers too. How we've all waited for them to release those pics! Well, that's how you go undercover and investigate, they got all the receipts. Now take that Section TV!

It's been a great ride and a meaningful journey. Looking back on all the Sherlock-unlocking SongSong mysteries, the spazzing and all the in betweens. Good or bad. It's what makes this forum/ship memorable. And this a proof we're not delulu after all :D.It's nice to see familiar faces, the old ones who I sailed with since the start of the ride. I'm glad you guys are back, SS uniting us all. 

Good people. Most beautiful people. Korea and Asia's and other parts of the world's hallyu super power couple.
You both are blessed to have each other. 
Someone like Hye Kyo, only deserves someone like Joong Ki. 

Where they are is where they are meant to be. They're in the bestest place at this point in their lives right now. And I'm glad they're sharing it with us.

Big Boss and Beauty.


Congrats and all the best wishes!
May you live your lives beautifully together, forever.
Continue fulfilling each other's dreams
You have the world's blessing

And to us! Kudos everyone, we made it!
The ship has finally arrived. 





"It tears me a little and melts my heart upon reading their letters.And him saying being a father and husband in one sentence.. I died!"


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47 minutes ago, joongkyo1031 said:

News articles saying that Kyo hasn't confirmed her appearance at the VIP screening of BI but she had been personally invited by SJK prior to the wedding news (*lol... Obviously!) the articles basically say that they mostly expect to see her and they have started addressing her as his betrothed/fiancée. 


When is the VIP screening of BI? 


1 hour ago, Astarzzz said:

So! the BTS where the drunk YSJ calling KMY chajiya was for real!!! haha! 

How sweet to date while working ...swoooonz! 


Also, does anyone have videos of this? I know they were posted a while back but since I've only been lurking, I can't find it :(



CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SONG-SONG COUPLE!! I've been following them since the first teaser came out for DOTS. 

Been following SHK since her TWTWB days.. AHHH. I am beyond happy for them both. They look amazing together and their chemistry has always been off the charts.

Once again, congratulations! So much love for this couple! :wub: Can't wait for the wedding and more pictures!! 

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