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  1. lol if I see all BTS videos of them.. I’m still in awe of how they managed to pull such an intense and sad scene while they actually happy and all laugh and smile while doing it... such a wonderful atmosphere of shooting indeed.. so much fun and joking.. laugh and playing.. the red scarf with white Phoenix embroidered must have been given by the late king to the queen.. and that silk red scarf flew with the wind is a symbol of the letting go and Ha Seon got arrowed is the manifestation of his love to her.. which is larger than life and more than anything.. she must face the reality and welcome the new world.. change for the bigger picture.. for the nation.. I saw my fave oppa Lee Beom Soo played the Ming minister or ambassador.. lol it’s gonna be awesome! he is very much experienced so I can count on him.. time to rewatch with english sub.... have a great day chingu dheul...
  2. a Queen must do what a Queen does... and for her... the country.. the people.. the nation.. is above all. not to mention her father’s head is still intact thanks to Ha Seon.. as well as many heads has been saved.. countless... what is royal blood? a competent and a wise king is what the country needs to fight all those scuumbagzz corruptors and criminals.. this is the beginning of a prosperous nation.. where all people can live in peace and harmony... I am with this change... I’m with the people.. now that he also saved her heart from getting arrowed to death... I hope she is woke. and from the preview of one second hug.. my heart feels at ease.. little by little.. one step at a time.. for the nation and for her heart... all is right. can’t wait to watch RAW soon I am at work but can not concentrate lol
  3. @annie1234 I was once hoped so... but the black wood tablet (with no names on) in the temple means he passed away.... Sec Lee must be burried Lee Heon’s body in a secret place... RIP Jheona. and for ep 10... OMG it feels like me eating jelly beans but suddenly there is a bitter one... I’ve always known that Queen will finally find out that her husband is not her husband.. I wonder what took her so long actually.... KUDOS to Lee Se Young... her empty but filled with anger gazing when she walked to the king quarter... wow now that is acting on another level... the preview is so thrilling.. she will openly reject the king and of course in Joseon era, this means divorce but she will be demoted and granted to die with dignity -with sayak- ottoke... my heart breaks just to think about it.. this drama is killing me. I have no idea where the story will be heading too.. because tbh I was also shooketh (shock to the max) when Lee Heon was murdered.. that was not in the movie tho.. totally a story changing twist... so daring of the writer nim but from her laugh I can see she wants to make something daebak and memorable for a long time... possible getting many awards too.. this is her golden chance indeed...
  4. the feelings getting deeper no matter how much Ha Seon trying to hold it in... there is no way his love to Seo Woon can be swayed.. maybe only death can do that.. and I don’t get it. what is Sec Lee going to do for a successor? no royal child ever born yet because late King was obsessed with having only legitimate children.. I wonder how Sec Lee thinking about it because Ha Seon will be a king for life now.. our poor couple ottoke....
  5. I am so lost at words by the beauty of the couple... the cinematography.. the music.. every attire they are wearing.. the natural beauty faces... hwaitiiiing for the live recappers and oow yeahh I know the links will be rather difficult to watch online streaming today but still... good luck to all kind hearted soul live recappers!
  6. Lee Hun was born royal blood and noble.. while Ha Seon is a commoner. Lee Hun was spoiled and guarded... prepared to rule the nation.. while Ha Seon worked as a clown to earn living.. ok those heaven and earth different level platform is what made them their selves. to me... it is understandable why HS falls so easily for Seo Woon.. the circumstances lead them to experience such important and crucial yet thrilling moments together.. don’t forget HS saved Seo Woon’s father from beheading and I am still hoping oneday king HS will bring him back because the man was innocent. to continue ruling and running the nation, the dragon (king) and phoenix (queen) must and need to be in a perfect balance and harmony.. in this case, the late Lee Hun who wanted to demote and kill Seo Woon with sayak poison ( he also wanted to demote and kill queen mother + behead officer Jang ) was not qualified to be the king at all.. but in HS case, despite he is fake and a replacement.. he also deserve respect as a King.. also from Secretary Lee. HS maybe a fake but his love to Seo Woon is as true as it can be. Something that Seo Woon has never achieve.. experience and feel before.. she receives HS heart and soul... his everything. how will she reacts later when she finds out? we will look forward... well... if we want to judge the story plot based on truth and lies... this drama should never aired. this is a friction. writer will write what is in her mind and Director will bring it to the set and create this awesome drama. I wonder how will this story unfold... I won’t be condemning or using reality and human norms because we’re all know how korean dramas are.. sageuk or modern.. guess I’m the oldest unnie here...
  7. no episode 10 today but it’s okaaaay... I rewatched ep 9 three times and will do it again.. I’m loving the red thread that the writer add in the drama.. which is the love story of Queen Yoo with Ha Seon after the death of Lee Hun.. I honestly think.. how cold and bad was Lee Hun and Seo Woon marriage that she can’t barely recognize the man infront of her is not her husband.. she probably felt terrified everytime he was with her.. and I must say that to expect an ending with HS and SW together maybe not a good idea.. there is no way on heaven and earth they’re both can be together.. unless the writer will super fearlessly unleash her feminism and make Seo Woon dream of living as a commoner in that small house become the ending.. which is also highly unlikely... and the letter HS wrote.... ‘even if I die.. I’m happy that I know you’ ok is that foreshadowing or not? I really don’t know and have no clue whatsoever... which is very intriqing to me.. here is some daebak work from TCC fan... credit to the uploader...
  8. OMG just went to Viki to watch the raw and oooh noooo the preview killed me... in a way I am glad the next episode will be next week because I don’t think I can handle myself tomorrow... and... what a beautiful long peck.... so touching.. and of course.. the calm before the storm... looking forward for the fully subbed episode...
  9. these two are so cute together.. I can’t.. here they look really like a married couple of Korean royalty greets the nation Happy New Year.. what a beautiful pair!
  10. @rittoo Nope, minister Lee still carried out the murder, he will forever be guilty of that even though he wasn't the only responsible party. yes that’s true.. as King’s vassal Sec Lee is Hun’s people and he has to perform his command.. so sad that it is to kill the little prince... and Sec Lee had no idea that LH will become worst and worst all that happened afterwards... with Ha Seon.... made him taking the decision to choose to save the country.. I wonder how they would face the unification of Shin Chi Soo and Prince Jin Pyeong.. here is a new upload so cute.....
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