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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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45 minutes ago, SSK1 said:

Hey girls..are you still on a high like I am? at 2 am still reading about our couple? 

The news etc reported that they are getting married "despite denying" , or that they "denied" the relationship. Make no mistake... They did NOT deny. Our couple never denied their great love, they just never said it expressedly. In fact they had told us repeatedly that they were togther, they love each other, they are in love with each other. Through their actions, through their praises of each other..Everyone with eyes can see if they only opened them. They did not insult their fans, because they did not lie to us. They just did not announce.    Specific Words- they were quiet. Actions- boy were they loud! 

The valentine pic of them both,they way she said in an interview she was not getting any younger (I cant recall where- should he apologise or confess I think the question was), the way he walked in front of her, touched her back , offered to  hold her trophy, and DONT FORGET the way she reached for his  hand naturally at baeksang- all those are NOT denial! That is --this is my woman, and I am her man! And the way she touched him, waited for him at award shows, acknowledged time and time again how to her, he is her man. and the only one she trusts to take care of her heart. No words but that's as loud as you can get it. 

They have been dating right in front of our very eyes, and we know it, and we are happy to watch and analyse, There was no hiding behind bushes, etc . Even when asked point blank by reporters/fans  they NEVER denied . Despite being in showbiz, they have never been fake or glitzy, or full of parties or surrounded by fake friends. Their circle of friends is small, and loyal and real. 

They have had a classy courtship, they are a classy couple, therefore- they made a  classy announcement.

There was no denial. 


By the way...

I am so in awe of Song Joong Ki right now for being such an Alpha male, and took charge and was not intimidated by her Hallyu goddess status , for rising up to meet her standards, and for virtually growling at any threat thrown at her. You really  manned up like @Bambiina said. i was going to smack you already for taking so long to propose , did you know that Joong ki! (Like he can hear me hehe)

They will have an elegant, gorgeous wedding, because that is just who they are, and I just know this thread will go on and on with love for both of them.


Say it louder for the people at the back: THEY NEVER DENIED- THEY KEPT SOMETHING THAT WAS BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM PRIVATE. All the real fans saw and respected this from the get go (despite some moments of impatience which is normal because humans!) This also was never a "sudden" marriage- they have been getting to know each other/dating since 2015- everything from that point on was a step towards this happy place where we're all celebrating now :wub: I couldn't be prouder for the both of them. Gaaah I might start crying again :lol:

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

I am so happy with our song song couple! Its been months that i wasnt able to log in here since i told to myselc i will just wait patiently for their official announcement. And there it is!finally! 

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Hi everyone! May I please have my little toe on Cloud 9? I know it's crowded there... precious real estate... but just wanna share a little piece of heaven:wub:

Congratulations to SSCP and to all of us here!:wub:  I have been a silent reader since DOTS was airing last year. Stumbled upon this thread accidentally while googling SHK and SJK cos I was totally enamoured of this gorgeous couple!!! I still am... very much so! I stopped at page 1703 last night before going to bed and voila, woke up to this wonderful news!!! DOTS was my first ever K-drama... in fact, my first K-anything at all... was totally clueless about K-ent before DOTS. So my life is divided to 2 parts: life-before-DOTS and life-after-DOTS haha. Life-before-DOTS was spending more than 12 hours in office almost everyday. Finally had enough and while serving my notice of resignation, I discovered DOTS and learnt what "shipper" meant:D This thread is like my second home. After a long day, this is where I came back to everyday, faithfully, despite the occasional tumultuous weather here. We all love our dearest SSCP in our own ways. That's what's so great about this thread. I always tell my husband that it's a mini United Nations here:) We come from all over the world for a common purpose... to love SHK and SJK, as individuals and as a couple. Thanks to everyone who makes this thread possible:wub:

SSCP is :wub: :heart::wub:

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Still Overwhelm with happiness from today's New's...

and as I already posted earlier today how I am feeling the moment I saw the Wedding announcement of The Song's first thing in the morning...yes...Praise God...Thank you Lord for hearing our heart's desire...

Indeed It was an Answered Prayer's ( another wished granted) 

A gift for those who have waited so patiently...

another repost ( i have posted this photo last New year's Eve while watching The KBS Drama awards night and waiting for the announcement of KBS Daesang) with a wish that The Song's would both win as a Co-Daesang award...and as prayer for the New beginning of New Year 2017...

And yes with a faithful heart Dream do come true....(my dream for the songsongcouple)...


Today...as we close the 1st chapter of Songsongcouple wonderful journey...

Tomorrow is the beginning of a New Chapter, we are back from page 1 until we reach the final page of their Journey to forever...October 31..2017...the D.Day...

The journey of The song's continues....Happy Sailing Comrades....let's counts the day until the day of their happily ever after...

Ending my day with a smile on my face and a happy and peaceful heart...


glad to see all the pioneer's of this ship came back together to celebrate the good news...Virtual hugs everyone...

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7 hours ago, Imani Hatta said:

Been silent reader, since I found this tread last year. First time been a shipper, and watched all SHK drama and movie since AIMH (I was 12 years old when I watched Korean Drama). Nothing can show happiness when I read this news this morning in the office. Luckily my family and friends understand my craziness. :tongue: SHK gonna be the pretiest bride ever and I can imagine SJK's smiling eyes and face. Cannot wait to see their fist bump on their wedding day. :wink: SJK is every girls' dream and SHK is every man's dream. I wish for their happiness together until the end. 

First version of their wedding, before 31 October 2017. 


Big congrats to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki for your wedding.

I'm glad and happy to be their shipper. 



Wonderful MV fitting the news .. love it so much 


SHK used to be the actress whom most of her actress colleagues get admire and envy her for her beauty, talent, hallyu league ... 


And now she is only getting more and more reasons to let the whole world envy her for having such a Namja ... 


Honestly I would be lying to say its not because he is Song Joon Ki , the best known loyal celebrity in the entertainment industry and the smart talented handsome man... 


but above all  I do envy and admire her to have such a protection she deserve from That Namja !! 


I want such a Namja like Captain Yoo Shi Jin  in real life , who would have clear mind about his love life and protecting his partner despite and regardless any cost ! 

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This thread was started by TWTWB !! 


and his attraction started when He visited her on TWTWB set !!! 


Such a fate for the fans and their admired Century couple !! 


Goosebumps !! 

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How about the times we were always waiting to every 23rd of the month hoping we can have a bit of a taste specially during drought season.. those were the days and finally we come here..


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Best wishes to our beautiful, amazing #SongSongCouple - Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki.

I love these 2 brave, talented and beautiful individuals who insisted on having a private, loving relationship.  Straight to wedding announcement, ha!  That's how it's done if you don't want people (media, fans, antis, etc) meddling and commenting on your every move.  Other Kcouples, get your pen & paper and take notes from my favorite Songs.  They are masters in #NinjaMoves101 

To our captain, @twtwb thank you so much for creating this shipper thread back in January 2016.  We've all come a long way.

This is the thread that introduced me to Soompi Shipper forums.  And yes, SSCP is the first ship I decided to actively follow.  That's how potent and magnetic the Songs' chemistry is back then.  I was drawn like a moth to a flame. But I didn't get burned, yay!

Congratulations my fellow shippers, our ship has docked in our island paradise, Navagio beach in Greece.  Setup the tents, beach chairs, get the fires going and start passing around the champagne, soju and other drinks  along with plates of bulgogi, galbi and all sorts of meats and side dishes.  Put on some sunscreen and your favorite sunglasses.  We are going to celebrate for a long, long time!

We all know it's just a matter of time.  With all the family and love hints from recent interviews.  But like most of you, my hands were shaking this morning and I'm gasping for air when I saw the news.  Oh goodness!  I am soooo happy!  It's hard to explain.  How could I be so happy for 2 people that I've only seen in a drama?  It's madness.  Madness, I tell you!  

But it's all worth it!  Because... THEY ARE REAL!  As real as the sun that shines brightly in the morning and the stars that light up the dark skies at night.

Thank you Joongki and Hyekyo for giving us, the shippers, the ultimate gift of knowing we are not completely delulus.  We are actually sane and all we've seen, sensed, investigated and concluded are actually true.  Whew!  What a relief!  What a joy!

I'll be smiling a lot these days and there'll be an extra skip in my steps. *sigh*

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Ox - Rooster Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology ....Song Song 


The Ox and Rooster make one of the most compatible pairs in the Chinese zodiac. Their success in love is probably due to certain traits and priorities that they have in common. And yet too much similarity could bring in ennui and inertia which could pose its own problems in a long term relationship.

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@hclover96hclover96 yes please continue the timeline!! <3 i remember wanting to read it last Monday so I searched for your post only to find it deleted. Hahahaha i was sooo sad. :bawling::astonished: but now you can continue yaaaaaas i will save it for safekeeping. Hahahaha. 

@joongkyo1031joongkyo1031 welcome back, captain J! I was very hesitant to talk to you before because you were the sherlock of this thread and i am just a lowly mortal so you might ignore me buuuut i have to say it was sad when you left. I AM SUPER GLAD THAT YOU CAME BACK! <3 i hope we can meet each other this october! A SSCP fan gathering is necessary! XD


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