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  1. Not so sure about the lil kid either Lets continue watching and see how the story develop
  2. Hello everyone, just dropping by After watching Ep 10, anybody else think Oh Je is actually gay and attracted to Hwi Young?
  3. I am so sorry if I missed any of your analysis on CSH's mother. Did anybody pick up what is she going to do next? CSH's father was asking her for help. To do what? It sounded serious and related to his strategy after stepping down from the election. Help me out... Thanks...
  4. I think the last scene on Ep 14 Preview is a parting scene. Not between JWS and CSH but CSH and Dong Hwa Hotel. What if she was actually talking about parting with her beloved hotel? Not JWS. Not KJH. What if she is leaving the hotel under JWS care... I just love plot twist
  5. What an emotional roller coaster ride. The meeting between KJH mother and CSH was heart breaking in so many level. The problem is that I perfectly understand KJH mother's selfish love. She wanted to bubble wrap her son, which is very wrong. But this feeling is too familiar for me. I have a son on my own. Will I let my son make his own decision with minimum interference? At this point of time, I have no confident in 100% letting him walk his own path and make his own mistake. Having said that... KJH mother : 1. Decided to go behind her husband and son's back to break up the relationship. Heartbreak now is better than heartbreak later? What kind of logic is this? 2. Let the neighborhood gossip outweighed her own son's happiness 3. As some of you mentioned, she didn't even bother to know more about CSH 4. She threw marriage out right in front of CSH's face. What was she thinking? Both of them wearing the same ring that signify their commitment. She should know her son better. Would KJH give that kind of ring casually to some random girl... Argh this is so irritating... She made too many assumptions. The worst one was that her son will be happier without CSH. I saw many similar kind of mother in real life. I know this is just a drama, but sometimes it hit too close to home...
  6. Exactly, all is possible in the drama world. I am just praying this drama does not go overly dramatic on us... No terminal disease, no amnesia, no accident... Please...
  7. High Five I also think JWS will stand on his own and leave TaeGyeong. 4 years too late...
  8. Plot twist : JWS is actually protecting CSH AND KJH by joining the company. There is still unanswered question why loyal directors to CSH give the Co-CEO idea a pass. Does JWS plan to give the hotel back to CSH without a full blown court case? He bought Director Choi's stocks. The only director known to support his mother. He can do whatever he wants with them, including giving it back to CSH. My guess is that JWS gave up awhile ago, looking at the couple's sincerity and plotting a way to settle the war once and for all. JWS is actually holding all the important cards : video of the conspiracy to bring down CSH through the Cuba deal, Choi's stock. And the uncle, he's very suspicious. He didn't say a word on the Board Meeting. Just my 2 cents
  9. Hello everybody, Ahjumma checking in It's been a while since I posted on this forum. Can't wait for 'Encounter' to start
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