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  1. Heart Evangelista is a Model and Actress in the Philippines and she potray Han Ji Eun in Filipino adaptation of Full House...
  2. "Maternal beauty certified" Song Hye-kyo, 'from baby to adolescence' growth process... Enter 2021.06.21. 7:31 pm Reporter Kim Soo-hyun view original [Sports Chosun.com Reporter Kim Soo-hyun] The growth process of actress Song Hye-kyo, a pretty actress from the cotyledon, was revealed. On the 21st, Song Hye-kyo posted a picture on her Instagram story without any comments. The photos show Song Hye-kyo from her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, inclu
  3. Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook are close friends... Coffee Tea Gift Certification [Smart SNS] Enter 2021.06.21. 10:57 am By Kim Na-young Actress Song Hye-kyo reported her recent situation. On the 20th, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo along with the words, "Writer Kim Eun-sook~ CEO Yoon Ha-rim~ Thank you, thank you" through her Instagram story on the 20th. In the published photo, writer Eun-sook Kim and her drama production company, Hwa & Dam Pictures, sent a coffee truck. view original
  4. Song Hye-kyo, continuous support for coffee trucks on set... "Thank you, writer Kim Eun-sook" Enter 2021.06.20. 9:55pm Reporter Jun-seok Kim view original [Sports Chosun.com Reporter Kim Jun-seok] Actress Song Hye-kyo expressed her gratitude for Kim Eun-sook's coffee truck support. On the 20th, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo through her Instagram story along with the words, "Writer Kim Eun-sook ~ CEO Yoon Ha-rim, thank you." The published photo shows the
  5. Song Hye-kyo's tears shone even 20 years ago... Kim Bum-soo 'Haru' [Masterpiece MV] Enter 2021.06.19. 12:10 pm By Kim Ye-na view originav This is a corner exclusively for Xports News that introduces a music video of memories that was more like a movie than a movie. A 'masterpiece music video' that recalls the best hits of the time and reminisces about the fresh and fresh past of popular stars. <Editor's Note> [Export News Reporter Kim Ye-na] "Lo
  6. 9 Asian Luxury Watch and Jewellery Brand Ambassadors to Note, By Lulu TsaiJune 15, 2021 As the generational shift occurs, more international watch and jewellery houses are beginning to sign popular Asian celebrities as brand ambassadors to appeal to younger, Asian audiences. Luxury watches and jewellery have long been established as collectors’ items of choice for those with a discerning eye. However, as the upcoming generational shift occurs, brands increasingly need to appeal to younger audiences in order to ensure long-term survival. They need to change how thei
  7. Song Hye-kyo is Song Hye-kyo... Aura felt from the back Enter 2021.06.18. 7:55 am Revision 2021.06.18. 7:59 am By Kim Ye-eun view original [Export News Reporter Kim Ye-eun] Actress Song Hye-kyo's recent status has been released. Song Hye-kyo posted on her Instagram on the 17th, "Evening time.. a short walk" and a photo. In the published photo, Song Hye-kyo is taking a break during the filming schedule. In a comfortable T-shirt, despite showing a back view, he has an unusual aura.
  8. Song Hye-kyo, even the back of her walk is a goddess.. Overwhelmed by the innocent atmosphere Enter 2021.06.17. 8:20pm Reporter Jung Yuna view original [Sports Chosun.com Reporter Jeong Yu-na] Actress Song Hye-kyo revealed her daily life for a walk. Song Hye-kyo posted a picture on her Instagram on the 17th with the words "Evening time, a short walk". In the published photo, Song Hye-kyo is taking a walk in the evening while filming a drama. Song Hye-k
  9. Song Hye-kyo, the support for the drama is endless.. This time, even a gift of macarons! Enter 2021.06.17. 7:07 am Revision 2021.06.17. 7:08 am Reporter Im Lim-jeong view original [Herald POP = Reporter Im Eui-jeong] view original Song Hye-kyo revealed the macaron she received as a gift. On the morning of the 17th, actress Song Hye-kyo posted a picture of her current situation through her Insta
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