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  1. Park Bo Gum's interview excerpt " I don' feel the age gap between us" How do you feel about working with Song Hye Kyo? First of all, it's a magical feeling to be able to work with her. She took care of me well, because she acted well as Cha Soo Hyun, i was able to focus fully as Kim Jin Hyuk too.What can you learn from Song Hye Kyo? When i heard Song Hye Kyo's senior reciting her lines, i thought that i really need to work hard and learn as much as i can."Eventhough our age gap is quite huge but we can converse well. Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk's chemistry is great, that's why you can't feel the age gap" " Green grapes are light ,sweet and maybe a bit of underripe flavor. I was worried about how can i portray the this character well but i gradually understand the character when i was acting with Song Hye Kyo senior in Cuba." " I am surprised that my long hair will attract much attention.It's hard to manage but i think that hairstyle suits Kim Jin Hyuk at certain point so i decided to leave it ." During the interview, Bo Gum asked the journalists " When you were watching our drama, did we really not have chemistry?" His frank question created an atmosphere during interview. He first received scripts for first 4 episodes, Kim Jin Hyuk's character is just like Don Quixote. He is not aggressive/ forceful but tenacious. Regarding ratings, he says " I mentioned before during press conference that i don't really pay much attention/care much about ratings( insist on getting a certain ratings). I just hope that the drama can bring warmth to many and a relaxing one. That's why i am grateful to see the results and i think to have this kind of ratings is really wonderful. Nowadays, we have a number of great dramas, i don't have any regret whatsoever. I am most grateful towards viewers and fans who diligently watch our drama from the start till the end."
  2. Ep 16 preview rough translation <You can break up with me but i will continue to love> Cutting all ties with Taegyong causes all to break loose. Soo Hyun who has been holding on keeps pushing her own happiness away. Meanwhile Jin Hyuk is preparing last gift to Soo Hyun
  3. Lim Hyo Seon updated < Sometimes i think to myself, in a place where there is no you, my body would freeze and feel scared>
  4. Rough translation of ep 15 " Let me continue to live by depending on beautiful memories with Jin Hyuk...please " From the moment Senator Cha mentioned he would cut ties with Taegyong for Soo Hyun's sake, Jin Hyuk is determine to stay beside Soo Hyun and protect her. Soo Hyun worries that she would only bring harm to Jin Hyuk and his family, decides to break up with him. Unable to accept the sudden departure, he runs to Soo Hyun.
  5. In ep 14, Soo Hyun chanced upon a drawing with a headless bride titled ' The Wedding' At the bookstore, when 2 of them are sitting down reading books, the advertisement behind them writes < The next face of the protagonist will be you> < Supporting everyone's dreams> cr:weibo
  6. I don't know whether this will be useful for future plot, but here is the shares perecentage of Dong Hwa hotel. JWS: 37.29% SH:26.42% cr:weibo
  7. Each week, a lot of talented viewers/drama fans will review and write their thoughts on that week episodes. I happen to follow this fan who writes beautiful essay each week, let me share what she writes for ep 14. I don't translate well but i hope i do her essay half justice. The title for this week is <My life on the paper, blown away by the wind> In front of Jin Hyuk's mom who pleaded with her to leave her son, Soo Hyun is the killer of their ordinary happiness. She says she constantly dream that her past and memories are always holding on to her ankle, just like a gloomy water ghost who wants to drag her down. But then one day in her dream, she is the ghost and this time she is holding on to Jin Hyuk and his family. There is Jin Hyuk who is smiling encouragingly at her but in the blink of an eye, he seems to be that gloomy ghost who wants to pull her down together: <You hurt us>. She wakes up and trembles. She thinks that as long as she hold on tight, she will be able to reach the shore. Before this, someone told her: The ordinary tree on the shore is overwhelmed, if you let go willingly, you will drown but if you insist in holding on they will fall into the abyss with you. Those who have lost something know how painful it is that's why they cherish whatever they have now. Soo Hyun's ordinary life was shattered, because she understands, she can't bear for others to go through it. She smiles at Jin Hyuk but her heart is in despair. In the end, a person like me is not fit to wish for a sun. I am letting go so that you have a chance to live. Looking back, the starting and ending of her love is a difficult one. If she did not meet Jin Hyuk, with her looks, family background or capabilities, she will never know the meaning of inferior in her whole lifetime. In order to fulfill her parents, she sacrificed her marriage. Facing Jung Woo Suk, she calmly engaged in a 'business' that has zero benefit. So what if he is the only son of a chaebol? it doesn't matter if there is no love. But meeting Jin Hyuk awakened all her inferiority, her heart flutters and then shrinks back in fear. Her marriage that imprisoned her for 2 years is just like a scar that can never be healed, in fact , it is still aching as if constantly reminding her of her past. She says, meeting him at this age and after her divorce is unfair. If only i meet him when i was young... Or maybe if i knew early on that i could find love one day, even if i need to go round&round, i will be waiting. Too bad, fate is playing a joke. If i could, i would be a blank piece till i meet you at my best moment. Her distance is a futile one. Appreciating the paintings alone, but alas she was caught. At the moment when the light from Jin Hyuk's bicycle shone towards her, there was no way she could escape. < I am good at holding back> i thought i hid you well, at such a deep&cold place inside my heart. I thought if i don't bring you up, as the days passes by, you will be just like an ancient secret. Just that now, sleepless nights are getting longer and the white hair reveals my sadness. Jin Hyuk carefully adjusted the bicycle's headlight, standing beside her <Let's enter a some relationships alright?> he gripped Soo Hyun's arms, his eyes full of hope and his voice sounds like as though he was saying a prayer. What was Soo Hyun thinking at that moment? She says <I am so happy but then i am worried that his parents do not like me>. She has embraced so many difficulties in her life , she is not afraid of demons or ghosts, only afraid of minds that are hard to fathom. She accept it and thinks to herself to just treat it as a beautiful short- lived dream. I just need a little warmth. It's just that every moment spent with Jin Hyuk is too beautiful, she forgets when the clock strikes at midnight, the magic is going to disappear. When she sees Jin Hyuk taking wedding pictures, she is overcome with emotions. Having worn a wedding gown in the absence of love, and now standing in front of the person she loves who wish to spend forever with her, is it possible? do i deserve it? It is already a blessing to meet my love, if i wish and hope, will i lose everything just because of my greed? She hesitates when Jin Hyuk 'proposed' < i can cook well> but a skill that is normally praised by people is her shortcoming in her eyes. She rarely cooks, trying hard to forget because those reminds her of her past. When Jin Hyuk's mom comes, she is not afraid, just reminds herself calmly that < what's coming will come>. Cha Soo Hyun, you are too greedy, that's why Heaven is taking your gift back. If i don't promise to spend my life with him, is it possible to lengthen our time together? Kim Jin hyuk , such a wonderful man , is an extravagant for me. Once my dream is broken, it's time to wake up. But Soo Hyun ah, he is your first love too, this is also your first time. You will never meet a man like him anymore, no other man will ever love you like he does. Be selfish a little, just hold him tight ok? One lifetime, is really not that long The writer commented that in our eyes, Soo Hyun is not brave enough but in her own eyes, she is too cruel. She asked for a break up once but Jin Hyuk rejected the idea.Now Jin Hyuk's family is affected by their relationships too,and the other woman that Jin Hyuk loves tells her <We do not want to play this game,please let us go>. She wants to hold on too that's why the thought of breaking up/break up happens at the end of the show. Jin Myung's brawl with his friends tells her that her insistence is a wrong one. credit: syz weibo
  8. To those who blame Soo Hyun for bringing up/ thinking about breaking up,try to put yourself on her shoes. What else can she do? This is what happens in real life.I'm sure she wants to hold on to Jin Hyuk but then Jin Myung fighting with his friends because of her is the last straw. Living as Taegyong's daughter in law has left a deep scar in her which can never be healed. For a powerful,wealthy and a woman with status to bow her head and cry silently in front of a normal ahjumma, it is heartbreaking.She knows very well that her life resume is lacking (she even thinks that cooking well is her weakness because she learnt those while being Taegyong's daughter in law) ,it's like she is waiting for other shoe to drop because there's no way she can have a man like Jin Hyuk because he is too good to be true. I just want to give her a big bear hug and hope that in the end her tears are worth it. Like what they always say, there is always rainbow after the rain.
  9. Ep 14 written preview "No matter what happens,i will protect you" Eventhough Soo Hyun knows Jin Hyuk's family normal life is affected but Soo Hyun does not wish to let Jin Hyuk go, it causes her great pain. Soo Hyun's dad trusts in Jin Hyuk and after much consideration,he cut all ties with Taegyong. An unexpected guest comes to visit Soo Hyun.
  10. From DC, Soo Hyun was shooting alone at a bakery this afternoon. The blogger says all the ahjussi and chef rushed out barefoot to see SHK. Another sighting- Shk was seen shooting outside a hospital.
  11. Some interesting ig postings The girl in the pic is watching the ending of episode 6, her friend said she knows the girl will react this way that's why she already prepared to take picture of the 'moment' This ig owner took picture of her husband watching Encounter, her husband became upset after watching ep 7 trailer (Jh going to Sh's home). After seeing her hubby's reaction, ig owner became upset too, saying Csh must be having a some relationship with her husband instead of Kjh. At the comments' section, her friends advised her to give up watching the drama, leave her house for a while and to talk to her husband properly etc.
  12. I haven't watched episode 6, but judging from the comments, i reckon it is another fantastic episode. Let me share a bit about the article written few days ago https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0010518014&amp;oid=001 I do not have time to translate the whole article but the jist of this article is that 'Boyfriend' is not a Cinderella but a Don Quixote's story. One of the main reasons why there are a lot of negative noises surrounding this drama is because unlike Cinderella story, Don Quixote story is perceived as unrealistic and unfamiliar to many. In reality, Cinderella story can happen to anyone including you and me, that's why despite being repeated many times, it is still well sought after. The journalist encourages people to watch because it is a rare drama that teaches us the importance and to be grateful of the small and simple things in life. I love how every lines, conversations even art pieces serve as a purpose and bring about connections. One scene that leaves a deep impression on me is when both the leads were at the tea house. Jin Hyuk says' the tea you steep the 2nd time, tastes the best' For me, that is a subtle way of Jin Hyuk in telling Soo Hyun to let him in, let him be the 2nd man to enter her world.
  13. The painting is drawn by artist Kim Whanki in 1970, titled (Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again? ) He was inspired by a poem written by his friend Kim Kwang Sop Countless human beings on earth There is only me in that star's eyes Countless stars in the sky There is only that star in my eyes The night is getting darker The stars are drowned by its ray Such a deep emotion One you and one me Which year, which month , how to meet again?
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