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  1. @SarahLovesGh, the comments at Baidu are hilarious. Between reading the comments here at Soompi, weibo and baidu, I'm dying of laughter . Everywhere I go, I see gifs and pics of their kisses, but hey, I'm certainly not complaining, lol. It seems like those hot kisses are bringing out the perviness in all of us. Chinese fans actually found a name for the kiss where SJK bit SHK's lip at the end Black and white version. These 2 are absolutely gorgeous together Why is he always so happy in the bts stills? By the way, SJK's company has announced the dates and locations for his fan meetings. He will be very busy in May and June having fan meetings in 8 different cities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are also rumors that he'll guest on Happy Camp, a very popular Chinese variety show.
  2. I can't wait for the zoomed-in, slow-mo gifs of these kisses
  3. I think we'll finally get to hear more of SJK's thoughts on DotS and SHK. He has accepted an interview with Sports DongA. Here is his signature and his congratulatory message to Sports DongA's 8th year anniversary: cr to weibo
  4. @ilovesjk, I love reading your essays, please don't be shy writing them. Since most of us are Kyo fans here, it's always nice to have a long-time SJK fan to give us another perspective. As a NYer myself for most of my life, I can say that while Caucasians do make up most of the population in NYC, there are still plenty of Asians here, especially Chinese because our Chinatown is pretty big. We also have Koreatown in midtown where lots of Koreans go to eat and shop. So the chances of them being spotted is not that small. If the accounts of them being seen together are to be believed, SJK was not in any disguise. SJK's best friend, Lee Kwang Soo, is in Hong Kong now attending the Hong Kong International Film Festival. He was asked by reporters about the rumors about SJK and SHK. The translator immediately blocked this question. The reporters tried to ask the question again and the translator said "no comment". LKS did say he's in contact with SJK. While I know the questions will be screened beforehand for their press conference on April 5, I'm a bit worried that the media would try to pull a slick one and ask personal questions regarding these rumors. HK media can be pretty shameless and relentless when it comes to getting their news. Here's an old fan account from when they were filming DotS. A lady who's daughter is a fan of SJK said she saw SJK and SHK along with some cast and crew members taking a break from filming and came into the restaurant to eat. Even though she wasn't supposed to take pictures, she still managed to take a blurry one. The lady was raving about SHK's beauty. She said even though SHK was in simple make-up and attire, she was glowing and radiant. She also said SJK has a short haircut just like a soldier.
  5. hi @joongkyo, I can help answer that question. When the news first came out on weibo, I admit that some comments (comments are similar to what was posted at netizenbuzz) made me angry, but I'm happy to see that more and more Chinese fans are supporting this couple and have defended Kyo. There will always be some haters and salty comments no matter what because this drama is so popular these days, but there are definitely more supporters and fans of this couple. I think this message by a Chinese fan really touches me: "Have accompanied you through the most difficult times, have experienced bitterness and anguish, now sunlight has finally come, feeling lack of air for the longest time and suddenly feel reborn, really heartfelt happiness for you, all your hard work has finally been rewarded, I also no longer need to go to your SNS to help clarify because there are many people who fell in love with you again, I don't need to worry about no one coming to your defense." Seem like tons of fans are supporting Kyo I believe Kyo is a very strong woman and a fighter. She's been in showbiz for 20 years already and has had more than her fair share of anti-fans. I don't think she would let this rumor affect her private life nor professional one. As for whether they are really dating or not, of course we don't know for sure, but I'm quite happy with what we have so far. Even though their agencies denied that they are dating, they did confirmed that SJK and SHK met up in NY and had a meal together. I'm more than happy with that statement already and I really don't need them to confirm their relationship at this stage. All I can say is that this ship is definitely sailing
  6. As for the comments about the lack of chemistry between SJK and SHK off-screen, I have to completely disagree with that. So far the only videos that we have of their off-screen interaction are the Feb. 22 press conference and the short Entertainment Weekly interview. It's hard to judge whether they are close are not just by looking these videos. I don't go by what actors/actresses say at public events to make an assessment of their personal relationship. We have to remember that both SJK and SHK are professional actors and are probably pros at answering these types of questions from the media. I look at their expressions and body languages more to see if they are close or not behind the scenes. We also have to remember that both the Feb. 22 press con and the Entertainment Weekly interview were before the premiere of DotS. I don't think any of the cast members were expecting DotS to be such a monster hit. This drama is very important to everyone involved, but it's especially important to SJK and SHK. This is SJK's comeback drama and his first project after his military service. As most of us here are Kyo fans, I don't need to explain why this drama is important to Kyo. I totally understand why they both have to act aloof and reserved. They would not want any negative rumors to start before the drama airs. It's the fan accounts and fan cams that tell a different story to me. One fan mentioned how SJK kept on making little movements (like he can't stay still). That showed he was very nervous. As seen in this gif, they are quite comfortable with each other This gif shows how attuned they are to each other. After SJK drank water from the bottle, SHK drank right after. Although I still have to wonder why he would drink from the bottle when he has a full glass of water on the table right in front of him He actually did that a few times from the various fan cams I've seen. This pic from the second press conference clearly shows how comfortable they are with each other. As many of you have mentioned, let's keep a fun and positive vibe for SJK and SHK in this shippers' thread. We may not know if they are dating or not, but I personally feel that they have good feelings for each other I'm really looking forward to their HK promotions, especially since some Chinese shippers are planning to go to the event. We will get plenty of fan accounts and fan cams from them for sure
  7. I hope you all don't mind if I can clarify a few things. The video that was posted a few days ago of SJK at the airport was from a few years ago. As far as I know, he's still in Korea now. His company posted his schedule from March 14 to March 20 and he attended the SIA 2016 on 3/15, attended the DotS press con on 3/16, had CF filming on 3/17 and 3/18. I think he has an activity scheduled for 3/20. SJK is red hot now everywhere, especially in China. A lot of his old pics and videos have been circulating around all over weibo. That old video of him at the airport is one of those videos that has been circulating. As DotS and SJK become more and more popular, there seems to be more and more anti-fans. There is more and more down votes and negative reviews posted at iQiyi for DotS by fans of other dramas and actors. Yesterday, the hashtag "SJK and Ruby Lin" was the #1 real-time trending hot topic. It started when someone posted a picture of a fake SJK instagram account together with a pic of Ruby Lin's weibo post, making it seemed like they are in a secret relationship. It actually prompted Ruby to clarify the rumors. I feel so bad for her. She said she was so surprised by this rumor and she doesn't even know SJK. SJK fans know he does not have any SNS accounts. His company has issued a statement regarding that before. He was scolded by C-netz because of this fake rumor He probably doesn't even know about this ridiculous rumor. Here is the Chinese article about this rumor: http://ent.ifeng.com/a/20160319/42592518_0.shtml As DotS is still in the middle of airing, I suspect more and more of these fake rumors would pop out. I would love it if SHK and SJK are really dating in private, but I really don't want them to be bashed because of ridiculous and fake rumors. I think we got trolled by iQiyi. In the promotional clip, the caption did say that SJK previously didn't put too much effort in managing his body, but thinking about working with Kyo, he started working out when he was still in Military. The actual interview that came out didn't mention anything at all about that part. I think they cut a lot of the actual interview because the video they posted was only around 3 minutes long. I remembered that the translations for the video were done and posted at the DotS thread by tw12027 already
  8. @redwinecouple, you're very welcome. Yes, I was on board the O2 ship I am first and foremost a SHK fan so I practically ship her with most of her male co-stars. Maybe it's because she's so beautiful, she looks so good with her co-stars and have great chemistry also. I will support and cheer for anyone who can make her happy and loves her As for Song-Song, I'm not going to go overboard with the shipping. I love their chemistry and they look gorgeous together, but I think it's more because I love their characters so much. I ship YSJ and KMY like crazy, lol. Of course I'll be ecstatic if they are really dating now or further down the road. I do notice that 3 of Kyo's closest friends seemed to support this couple or maybe they are just supporting the drama Yoo Ah In posted their kiss poster on his Instagram and from the news I've translated from weibo, he is a big fan of the kiss scenes between SJK and SHK, lol. Her close friend and stylist, Hyun Kyoung, posted this on her Instragram (which is my favorite bts still of them because of the way he's looking at her when the camera is not even rolling): and her close unnie, Song Yoon Ah, posted this on her Instagram:
  9. @Tien Le, you're very welcome Some chingus here were asking for the video of SJK not looking too happy when Onew was asked what does he call SHK and Jin Goo jokingly said "Beauty" (or is it "Goddess"?). Here is the gif of it:
  10. @jl08, hi there, so glad you're joining me here @xyzebra, thanks so much for translating the C-netz comments. I've noticed there are many Chinese shippers for this couple. The comments are usually pretty positive, except for a few salty ones. Thanks everyone for all your posts. It is fun reading all your comments and spazzing together about our lovely OTP. I think SJK and SHK had a good impression of each other already a few years ago. They mentioned each other in 2013. Song Hye Kyo High Cut Interview: Then, which [male] actor do you have your eye on? Choosing just one male… I am not sure. Junior male [actors] are all just precious. Ah, I started watching Innocent Man (KBS2) because of Moon Chae Won sshi, but I really liked the character of Gang Maru (Song Joong Ki). His face is nice and clear and he looks pretty, but when he encounters a difficult situation, he becomes completely absorbed in it. It had been a while since I watched a melodrama and my heart was beating so hard. Source: High Cut, Volume 95, February 7 – 20, 2013 Translated by: Shanda @ Songhyegyo.net Song Joong Ki's fan meeting just before his enlistment in August 2013: At the fan meeting, Jo In Sung showed up for a surprise guest appearance. The host of the fan meeting mentioned that SJK visited JIS on the set of his drama with SHK (TWTWB) and brought a food cart with him. The host asked SJK "tell us, at that time why did you do that?" SJK jokingly said "want to see Song Hye Kyo sunbae". SJK and LKS visiting the set of TWTWB, with Kim Bum and a crew member. Too bad there wasn't a pic with JIS and SHK He actually visited the TWTWB filming set twice.
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