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  1. I dunno what to make of the ending, is like they didnt have enough time to give it a proper closure. JW didnt even appear in last 10 mins of this episode, all fillers of his wives. Tomorrow will be interesting see what Knetz feel about this. Anyone on Naver yet? Anything to share from there?
  2. I suddenly had this thought...what if ehen Su Jin overheard what Go Yura said in the toilet hence sent the message “i’m sorry” to Jw? I remembered Su Jin is also planning to be at the oolice station around the same time too.
  3. From the preview it seemed pretty evident that Professor Cha is the one behind this. What I don’t get is he was clearly shocked when he put on the lens. This is the part I don’t get. Anyone care to speculate? As for his friend Seon-ho, can we safely say he is no longer one of the suspects anymore? Su-Jin’s message of “I’m sorry” also....what does she mean? How is she a part of all this?
  4. I fee like he may have whispered what he want to do. If you remember YW ask him what he want to do and he said later...
  5. Thanks for starting this! Was waiting for someone to start due to the amazing chemistry we saw on TBI. How about Min Jin couple?
  6. Was contemplating if I should start on this since I’ve a few to choose from. I must say that the storyline of TBI captures me more so than the others. Maybe it is because I do see a happily ever after at the end of the tunnel for this :) it’s been a while since I looked forward to every start of new week cos there’s TBI. There’s still many episodes left. I wonder how will the story develop?
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