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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

Just had a thought: Joong-ki's best man is probably going to be Lee Kwang-soo. I know we won't be lucky enough to hear it, but can you guys imagine what his Best Man Speech is going to be like??? I'm laughing already just thinking about it! :D

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wow, its first time posting on soompi & its to congratulate all of you & our lovely song song on their happy news.

i have been a silent lurker since i watched DOTs last April'16 & wanted to write something but was too lazy. i have been  fan of song hye kyo since full house & AIMH, its my first time noticing SJK in DOTs.  but no one can hide true love & so i start shipping.

its a happy day,

congratz once again & wishing our song song a bright future !!


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1 hour ago, SeGafanlady said:

anneyong my loves.... thanks for calling me my chagi @boredahjumma and YES just like all of you.. I am also drenching in happiness to the point that I can't sleep.. what a historical day today.. a blessing from God to all of us as well as Kyo and Joongki.. 

from the bottom of my heart.. I wish to my Goddess who I love so much since she was in early twentieth until now... CONGRATULATION sweetheart.. I wish you all the happiness.. love and joy forever together with your soulmate.. no more doubts.. no more negative vibes.. no more speculations... only YOU and HIM in the world where nobody else can get inside it... your world of love.

to those who will be in Seoul in october.... see you all there.. let's scream together in Korean ' Joong Ki ssi neomu unjoh eun nampyeon inmidaaaa!  you are a very lucky husband!!!! kyaaaakkkk

The first thing I thought when reading the news was.."SongSong thread on soompi is so gonna explode!" And it is exploding!

And the person that came to mind was you, eonnie @SeGafanlady you've been HyeKyo's number one defender from day one..and seeing u here really made me smile more.

So happy for our Songs. I wish nothing but the ultimate happiness for both of them <3<3

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P.s: I still smiling like pabo looking back all photos and videos of this two beautiful couple. Who else is joining me? I don't think I can sleep tonight :blush:


Credit to Jessica Bernardo

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Hi everyone and to all my chinggus SS Shippers here!:) It's been a long time since i last posted here and unlurking just to say my piece on the explosive news that i got to know this morning - SJK and SHK TO GET MARRIED ON OCTOBER 31, 2017!!! I was happy and teary-eyed when i first heard it. I was here from the very beginning where the pages of this thread was only less than 30 pages, i would constantly visit this thread for updates and news and made the deal for me that something is going on with our SongSong couple is the NY date early last year which was later confirmed in early April. More happenings and more sightings were happening which make me believe that there is something special going on with our Fave SongSong couple. Also, added to video of Mr. Kang acting as bodyguard for Kyo in a wedding of the UAA staff, this made me realize that something serious is going on with SS Couple. They may not be able to confirm their relationship last year but i truly believe that they are in a relationship and with the happenings of last year from Baeksang Awards, to the Chengdu Fanmeet to the Sweden sighting, to National Culture & Arts Awards and to the KBS Awards night (which is a night to remember for every SongSong Shipper!!!). As i was recalling the happenings, i was only waiting for a marriage announcement from the both of them and they did not fail me!!! CONGRATULATIONS FIRST AND FOREMOST, TO SONG JOONG KI AND SONG HYE KYO FOR THEIR UPCOMING WEDDING!!! I WISH FOR BOTH OF THEM TO BE HAPPY INTHEIR MARRIED LIFE AND MAY THEY BLESS WITH MANY CUTE CHILDREN!:) Also, Congratulations to us all SONGSONG SHIPPERS! Our ship is truly sailing and i never doubt it even for a moment. Love you all!

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I made an account just to share this sweet information!!

This is too sweet not to share!

The wedding date, also Halloween, is the addition of their birth dates!!!

JoongKi's birthday:          0919

Hye Kyo unni's birthday: 1122

                                       =1031 (Oct 31st) :heart::heart:

Wanted to link the original instagram post but I couldn't insert the image. :(

credits to:



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On 7/14/2016 at 2:36 PM, giegie said:

Mabye it's just me, but.... honestly I prefer SJK and SHK never announce they're dating to the rest of the world publicly. SHK went that phase before and it didn't end well bcos she received so many hates from those guys' fans.

SJK and SHK could date in private (with the help from their inner circle and agencies) and announcement will come if it come to their wedding day



OMOO....  I wrote it almost one year ago, and today they finally announced their wedding date! Such a happy ending for our #SongSongCouple and shipper!! Congrats for all you!

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26 minutes ago, joongkyo1031 said:

edit- nvm it's an old picture from their earlier dinner

@angieknows:lol: booking tickets for Seoul ?

for everyone else who has welcomed me back, thank you. :wub:



What a wonderful day! See how our OTP has mended all rifts and brought back all the old and new contributors and defenders of this Ship!

Let us all look forward to D-Day! (And before that, BI movie premiere...I am stll crossing my fingers that my goddess would turn up hand in hand with SJK wearing their matching engagement rings! 

PS: to those who are posting re-posting threads of malicious comments and ridiculous news (I don't even want to repeat them), please go away! Nothing can take away this happy day!

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Could any of you wonderful chingus repost that clip where SHK was asked whether Captain YSJ should confess or apologize. Love her answer and SJK's adorable blushing and reaction.

@gigivillaceran Thank u so much for always keeping this thread up to date. I rarely posted here because I was intimidated of a certain poster YKW LOL. No kidding would love to see him/her again. Even though I haven't posted for a longtime, I always come back here and catch up on news on our beloved couple. Again thank u so much for keeping this thread alive and for keeping the faith. You have been such a loyal SSC shipper since the very start.

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