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  1. I am secretly hoping for a romance between the two leads, but since this is on OCN, their romance might just be along the lines of flirting with one another and that's it. It's like the drama "Mad Dog" where two main characters seemed like they were getting together, but at the same time, they weren't really. I just hope this story stays on track and doesn't start spanning random stories throughout the show.
  2. So I just finished watching the live stream of ep 2 raw, so I am not 100% sure about the plot yet. But there was one scene which revealed Nana's character's childhood, and there was a picture with her mother which looked extremely similar to the photo that JKY has of his 'supposed' family. SOOOO...........Does that mean that Nana and JKY are actually long-lost siblings????? If so, that is such a tragic storyline, everyone is rooting for a love line between them, but instead, we get a sibling connection. Also, I don't get if Nana is a target, a witness, or something else.... JKY placed her photo on the board alongside all the other pictures he received from the client... so does that mean that she is another picture connected to his family? If so, then it makes sense for them to be siblings.
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