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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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actually i think HS as in character is really awesome.. she not just a typical female lead.. she have guts and instinct to survive even if she in a different world that she live.. her love to all the prince is genuine that why they all love her even if they just know her...  by being her friend they all know how actually being somebody real friend without fear and hidden agenda.. 

when HS enter the palace she did stop and bow to WS.. here we can see that she acknowledge WS as her friend and somebody that she show respect to.. she knew that WS is harmless and a good person you can see when she riding with WS she completely trust him and when she got down she actually reach out for him.. when she want to go to the carriage she DID watch WS and smile because she UNDERSTAND him.. 

its a small thing that exchange between them that actually make them my OTP.. its not a open concern but subtle yet convincing between them.. their attraction is primal and sensual because they understand each other and when they together they just an open book.. its not your typical OTP their foundation of relationship is really strong and to fall in love later just show how much they will love each other..


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No matter how much I try not to, I still feel the whole concept of king Taejo marrying Hae Soo is so sick....and totally weird with the age difference....I understand its a historical drama...but did stuff like that actually happen in real life?? :vicx:

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I really enjoyed this episode but there was this persistent drum beat in my head throughout, "Where's WS? More WS, more!" It can't be helped. :sweatingbullets: I echo many of my fellow threadmates when I say I'm ready to move onto the main otp event now and for the love line to start in earnest. However much time they give to the otp, I know LJK will make me feel it and believe it. :D  Well, as I said, it was an enjoyable episode and I liked everything we got.

This episode WS reveals two things - he is definitely not in love with HS yet and for all his impulsiveness, he has a pragmatic streak. He truly has no one in his corner except those he chooses to support and even then, they may not reciprocate that support in kind. That's why I like when he does decide to act because he commits all the way.  I guess if you have that type of personality you better understand what you're getting into before you get into it. ^_^ When WS thinks it is just an arranged marriage, he questions interfering but once he hears the particulars... perhaps it is just me but I compare it to his Kang clan situation and wonder if he does the same? Politics demanded a son be sent for adoption to the Kang clan, just like politics demands HS be given in marriage to someone who will increase/pacify the political power of all the parties involved. And just like in his situation, it is a farce - not a marriage but a sale, not an adoption but a hostage taking - both situations complete with the horrors and dangers of being given into the keeping of people who don't give a damn whether you live or die in the aftermath of all the politicking. I mean, the King doesn't even know who he is marrying and is so blase about the matter even HS's defiance doesn't stoke his ire. Plus, he just as carelessly decides to make her a palace maid as he does to make her a slave, which tells you something about how her life post-nuptials would have been. Even if WS wants to tell himself or HS that he doesn't care, she keeps striking chords with him again and again. 

The confrontation between the King and Wook and WS is so telling. Firstly, the King makes a statement like "I'm the King, I don't have to justify (myself/my actions)!" and that plucks a string in both men that will be felt until the very end of the drama. For the same reasons, both men will eventually pursue the throne to have that kind of power over their fates and others. Someone upthread already mentioned how the (failed) approaches of WS and Wook in that scene were different. Wook met the King on his knees and I'm not disparaging him for that because Kings tend to be egotistical bastards and prostration has a good chance of working! But he met him on his knees and with gentle pleading designed not to inflame the King because of his family history. His family aligned themselves with a powerfully clan but based off of the behavior of his family from him to his sister and mother, they still had to come back quietly. With grace and a fair touch of humility, the name of the game being not to draw undue attention. Yes, the mother has deeper ambitions as does the daughter, who can barely maintain the facade, but everyone in that family seems well-versed in the art of sweet-talk for the efforts of survival and ambition. Still, even with all the sweet-talk in the world, appearing before the King like that for such a reason is beyond risky and an indication of his desperation.

A desperation shared by WS who also appeared unexpectedly. WS does not kneel; why? Because just like Wook, he is informed by his life experiences and those experiences tell him that kneeling or pleading, even in the abstract, won't get him what he wants (see: his mother). So, WS does what he does best - he tries to meet strength with strength while keeping in mind this is the King. He tries to appeal to the side of the King that might like to one up a powerful clan without having to sacrifice any power, which is clever. This scene also shows how clumsy both men are when it comes to operating in deep waters like this because the King, who is more than okay with being swayed out of the marriage, swiftly pokes holes in their approaches. HS saves herself - which is awesome - as she continuously counseled herself to do all day. Interestingly enough, she took WS's approach and met strength with strength (bravely gouging herself in front of the King to demonstrate her determination) while also cleverly playing on existing court dynamics, in this case the standards of acceptable beauty.

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Judging from the previews can i hazard that WS's scenes will be 3 times more than his appearance in ep 6?? Hopefully.. dont dupe me again... pls...

10 hours to go.



or should i say


i wonder if we will get another emoticon Wang So style?

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2 hours ago, luffypyon said:

 I hope we will get the sub for sbs version too. Just like what @IAmSoulReader said, it would be so much better that we will get a complete version with all scene + subs too.  Here the other scenes  in SBS version which aren't present in Dramafever version :

1. Haesoo and Baek-ah scene after Myunghee's funeral


2. Wang So and Wang Yo scene


3. Wang So and Baek-ah scene


4. King Taejo and Queen Yo scene


5. Wang So and Ji Mong scene




Thanks for letting us know all of the SBS Korea scenes that were not in the International version. I really hope that someone can give us english translations of these scenes so non Korean speakers can enjoy these scenes as well. I think that they are important, especially since so many of them relate to So's story arc. Are there video clips of these scenes available online? 

Edited by LyraYoo
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14 minutes ago, persimmon18 said:

Like many people I'm a SoSoo shipper (first time watching a drama with LJK, boy have I've been missing out). I understand how they're building up to the SoSoo romance and I love and hate it at the same time. It's more normal, to get to know the other person and fall for them, unlike with Wook, who noticed a "change" in HS and suddenly likes her. But I think So is feeling something for HS, it shows it his eyes. You can tell he is surprised with his own reactions to HS, but he has never truly known love.


I actually like the build-up of tension as a general matter.   The build-up and anticipation make it so much better when the OTP actually gets together.  I actually hate formulaic k-dramas that repeat trope after trope just because it is what the audience expects to see. Please give us audience some credit for artistic discernment and intelligence.  I just think if the editing wasn't so disconnected and choppy we could see the build-up in much more subtle but satisfying ways.  This is also where two (as opposed to just one) gifted actors could really bring out the building tension.


Oh and about LJK, girl, have you been missing out.  :P



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Top 5 Male And Female Stars People Want To Spend Chuseok With


The survey happens every year. “Which star do you want to spend Chuseok with?” The Seoul Arts College sent a survey to 722 students (451 female, 271 male) studying everything from acting and modeling to music and design, asking them this very question.

Check out the results for the top 5 stars students want to spend Chuseok with below.


* IU and Joong Gi are in place number 3 * 

3. IU (43/271)

3. Lee Joon Gi (67/451)



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It's Tuesday morning and I open Soompi Forum to share my though about last night ep and I just to shock that we have 2 version for this ep (SBS-longer one- and the sub one, I watched the sub one)

1 hour ago, Yippeuni said:

I think HS not yet reach that thought yet....In last night episode after she passed out and met the princes on her way to lady SG place, she was look at each princes and guessing which one is the next gwajoong that appear in her dream before, and when her eyes land at Wook she suddenly thought something and said "Sseolma.." .... in my translation of the scene I think she is guessing Wook is the next gwajoong because he is seems to be one that fit all the requirement to become a king in her eyes. 

And I didn't find any scene yet that HS feel bad about So become a king. 

In her dream we can see King Taejo died, he drowning because someone poisoned him (?) but the question of mine is why HS already ruled out Mo as the crown prince.....why she is guessing which one will be the king after Taejo died while at that time she already know that Mo is exist and he is the crown prince at that moment. Or she also see Mo died and I missed that?? 


16 minutes ago, luffypyon said:


That scene is actually interpreted differently in both sbs release version and dramafever version.

What you said before is in the dramafever version that Haesoo guessed Wook could be the next Gwangjong. But in SBS version, after Haesoo looked at Wang Wook, she moved her eyes to Wang So.

I think the different interpretation is because the different version that we all show. One leading us to Wook 8th and the other leading us to So 4th.


About Soo sudden remember about history, if I not mistake she remember Gwangjong (So 4th wanna be) as the 4th king. Either she remember that 2nd (Mo CP)and 3rd king (Yo 3rd) will be vary short period or she thiks that they killed by 4th king (the 4th king will kill other sibling). Or maybe -other option- So didn't realize that Mo CP is exist (I recall my memory about Mo and Soo but , CMIIW, I can't remember Soo meets Mo CP or ChaeRyung tells her about Mo CP. So maybe she didn't know about Mo CP.

1 hour ago, gendhisputih said:

Heloo, anyong... This is newbi here.. I came to this forum since i fallin love with the drama. Last night i watched the 6 episode, but there were no missing scene like chingu said up there.. Or may be because of the area? I still watched the scene of KHN crying, in the begining of the drama. I watch from tv cable S-one. Btw, i still upsad because of the limit WS and HS scene last night... Huhuhu... hopefully tonight there will be more their scene.. 

Hi, nice to get you joining. Check the dramabeans (they recap the SBS version) and you will notice the difference.

I haven't watch the SBS version (I will search soon), so from the point of view that see the sub ver and read dramabeans I get this difference:

- Longer coversation between Eun 10th and Soo (Eun 10th got too much jokes until Soo tells him to stop)

- Longer escape Soo (every prince get their own screen time), even Won 9th

- Longer Lady Oh time in Damiwon (I remember Queen Something request tea and she order maid to prepare papermint tea)

- Conversation between princes when they wait for Wook 8th and So 4th in front of the palace (Eun 10th said he already asked her mother but his grandfather saw that and his grandfather angry with him because of that) 


And finally my though about last night:

- I realize this drama just has 20 ep so everything will be so packed and fast, but I want the mourning longer and (because I didn't get Soo and BaekAh 13th scene, but if i get that) I still need more time to adjust changes in BaekAh 13th with Soo relationship and Soo with Wook 8th relationship. I realize there is time gap between Lady Hae death and the arrange marriage (the tomb already full with grass)

- The King is still care Lady Oh much, when JiMong said that Queen Something, Wook's mother and Eun's mother want to take Soo as her maid he didn't grant that. But after JiMong said that Lady Oh noticed her and want Soo to work in Damiwon, he grant that directly

- My worry from the beginning is the director cut will ruin the entire flow and at first I didn't concern that (we know that last week ep from SBS and the sub version is different in BGM only) but after this week I think I have to worry that. It's so weird that one drama will have two version and (I don't want to said that but it's the truth) the version that airing in SKorea is longer (and better) than the one that airing with sub. As this drama international fans, I just feel so betrayed...

I love MLSCR, and I just want we all get the better version (no matter what method of channel we used to watch this drama). I know it will be very hard for the editing team and the subtitle team(, but at least the Eng version should distribute to every channel first). And to SBS wouldn't it nice to give explanation to all of us what really happen now, so we know the situation better. Either the is really two version and that will always happen until the end of this drama or will we get the same version in SKorea but in future ep.


Just hoping for the best. Hwaiting

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39 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

So wait.. confused-onion-head-emoticon.gifthere's two versions?? The one I watched subbed had this scene in it


So that means I watched the SBS version then right? 


I wish they'd just decide on one version - with editing done properly. 



How did you manage to watch this version with subs? I thought the SBS version had no subs out yet?

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30 minutes ago, Zelda said:

Here is the list of known death dates for the princes:

02 Mu: 945, reigned 943-945
03 Yo: 949, reigned 945-949
04 So: 975, reigned 949-975
08 Wook: 969
09 Won: Unknown
10 Eun: 945
13 Wook/Baek Ah: 996
14 Jung: Unknown

So, Mu and Yo supposedly died of illness, and Eun dies in the same year as Mu, 945AD -If anyone can read Korean and would be willing to tell us the details of his Wikipedia article, I would be very much obliged-. And, Won and Jung's deaths can be determined according to the writer's wishes.


Sorry to cut your post @Zelda  - thankyou for this very concise history.

Just to add (from wiki on Goryeo dynasty)

  1. Taejo 918–943             (current king in ML)
  2. Hyejong 943–945         (current crown prince WM)
  3. Jeongjong 945–949     (3rd prince WY)
  4. Gwangjong 949–975    (4th prince WS)

I thk it cant be avoided that when someone overthrows the throne, there will be deaths whether it is premeditated or collateral. I dont rem the novel's version clearly but i thk one or more of the princes who are not the king's ally were sent into exile. So not all would be killed. I hope Baek Ah who has no ambition to be king will get his wish to be free. And he also has this loveline with Seohyun's character- but not sure if it will end well for them. If they follow the c novel version one of the prince (i cant rem who??) will marry ruoxi to save her and bring her away from the palace.But i hope the Korean version wont follow that. Every episode begins with the reminder "This production has taken a creative license to history" so hopefully it wont follow too closely to history- esp the ending parts.

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Who is King Gwangjong?


After HaeSoo dreaming about the fall of King Taejo it seems there will be chaos within the palace and Gwangjong will be the one to lead the revolt.. whom among the prince is that one.. Considering this stills i only have two people fit for that one... What about you?

see spoilers below .... 








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Today's episode...i liked the pace and as so much happened in 60 minutes that we can connect the dotes to make the complete picture just like HS.

Best part HS never dying spirit. One quote i can put "Run till you can, if you cant run..walk and if you cant walk then crawl" thats exactly what she did. Till the very last moment she tried all she could and till the end her mind dint stop thinking of plans. Eventually she won over the king and situation... best part and highlight of the episode.


WW... finally second lead is back and I am happy to see him today. He Took charge of trying all options that he could do to prevent marriage even trying to persuade the king... (moment came when my heart wavered when HS sees WW just behind her and their eye meet, she has one tiny smile and WW asks for her hand, how he makes her waer the robe with so much feel). Then how he loses all his cool when HS cut her hand and he screams, takes her in his arms and runs out. and their moment alone in the room was so lovely heartfelt (anyone who says IU cant act.. you better get your eyes tested). and then garden..wow these are already love birds. And he could make that emoticon too, he is imroving. Then his sad eyes seeing her going at the end. so I think my wish has been granted today. he is finally the man who CAN act... and now WS will have to work harder.


Now come to real man of action and no words. So just like WW was second lead today, being first on all the things related to HS, WS was male lead by winning the moments even doing things second. Him taking her away to prevent marriage, then telling guards to stay back, asking her what her wish to do, even after knowing ita kings order he dint let her go until it was her wish, even after getting her off the horse again confirming and how he looked all the while she sits in palaquinin. Then again going to King to propose alternate solution... and so far he was all in action with all his senses intact. but the momemt he sees HS cutting her hand to get Scar. . as if he was struck with lightning. He couldn't move and stayed back all the time WW was carrying her but eyes were on HS.

in his life he has never seen a person who had to struggle so much in order to be alive, other than him and now he could see the very same torture another person is going through. He was always being attacked by others, his mom, wolves and he fought with them. but here he could see a fragile girl like flower petal had to take such extreme step to live free just like him. He was paralysed for a moment. I still couldn't see anything called love in his eyes or expression but a shock - disbelief and pain of losing the only connection that he could make. then at last when he sees her about to leave to be a maid his eyes were on her as if figuring out what she is made of, after so much happened she is still smiling that he couldn't ever do that. and that last gaze at her wound said it all...he just now realized he could have lost her. THhis episode belonged to WS even with just 15 minys screen space that he got and I found it good. (Absence makes ur heart grow fonder..so less WS we are getting we are yearning for more)

I think this episode belonged to all the princes. everyone tried to cheer up HS, to save her and I belive a FMV of all the princes with HS Must be created to showcase their bonding.


last thing... HS-WW have so much affection for each other and HS-WS are at a stage to recognize they have so much in common. but what dramatic will happen to make HS walk out of WWs life and end up falling for WS.


Such long post... not my cup of tea but tried cause I had so much going on in my mind. sorry for that.

thanks for reading. 

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when the HS clan come and WW confront them for not telling the arranged marriage with the king.. they all laugh and WS face is totally annoyed.. IF he the one who confront them i bet they all on the ground .. laughing about the matter of a young girl live and try to sold her off.. even i will stomped them to death.. gosh people are cruel back then..

the turning point for WS in this eps is when he saw HS cut herself.. his face tell it all.. also when he saw HS fainting his body react first to catch her but he stop himself and just watch.. the horror of WS face to see that even when he have no feeling for her show that HS is a person that he truly care for the first time in his life.. i think we will slowly see WS accepting that HS is someone special for him and based on his way of handling thing he will stop at nothing until HS love him back.. 

right now WS don't know love or how to love but his mind and body already showcase that HS is the most important person in his life.. the moment he know that he will stop at nothing.. 

p.s the scene that i can't wait is boat scene... i just love that scene in BBJX.. 

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Was a bit reluctant to watch ep6 since i heard WangSo doesn't get lots of screen time (Waeeee?! I LOVE LJK, GIVE ME MORE LJK to drool over). But i did anyway cos I have no self control and waiting for an ENTIRE week is already torture.

Just want to let out all my thoughts here. I absolutely loved how all the princes teamed up to save our HaeSoo at the beginning!~ Such teamwork! Especially loved how the little princes ended up running over to WS to tell him about Soo hahaha. Not so scared of the big bad wolf now huh? The bromance between 4th and 13th is :wub::wub:

Also, i think i am getting jealous of WW on behalf of WS. :confounded:It looks like the WW/HS ship is still sailing. As much as i love WW ( i have to admit his intense gazes at HS are touching), I will never ship them together because whenever i get a dose of WS/HS together (that beautiful horse riding scene) i know that i can never ship her with anyone else.

I really hope that HS can get over her feelings for WW soon even if she doesn't get together with WS straight away. I worry that our poor WS will feel insecure later on when they get together if WW/HS drags out too long. I almost wish WW wasn't so nice so i could find a fault with him. Loving how WS and HS are building up their relationship slowly and how they have started to develop an unique understanding with each other even when they are just friends right now. LOVE their chemistry whenever they are on screen and i think it is lovely how we get to see so many different sides of WangSo that are being unveiled as his relationship with HS develops.

The instrumental music in the scene with WS riding away with HS made all the butterflies in me come alive~ HOLY CRAP. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I love how protective he was of her even though it seemed like he didn't want to be involved at first. I re-watched that bit like 50 times. I can just about taste the beginnings of their relationship blossoming into something intense and amazing :heart:

Sorry for the long post. I just can't help myself with this drama anymore. Its driving me crazy.

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Behind the scenes 



Actress Kang Hana update






@irilight embeding of naver cast :



Click the outer most box with arrow and you will see the share options. click on the lowest part button "copy" (if google translated)

You will able to see that "URL Copied" and directly paste it on our soompi text box but in "SOURCE" mode (HTML)

You can resume to normal text formatting by clicking the "SOURCE" button in our text box.

Hope that helps !



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