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  1. hey fellow Indian... phangabta chingu... +2
  2. ok. good to know a fellow indian on soompi. nice to meet you chingu... 728
  3. hahaha...why should i skip it.. i am from west india... btw are you also from india thats why asked? 724
  4. oh ok.... if it's that big of a hit i need to check it then. who are the lead actors..? 728
  5. 726 which drama you al are talking abt ??
  6. thanks chingu for the welcome.. 720
  7. obviously not... ill keep it as top secret *shhh* 716
  8. ahh thats good to know.traitor or not she is doing a good deed... 708
  9. ahh so sweet of you to be supportive to other team. i like the sportsmanship.... keep it up.. 702
  10. yeah absolutely but only virtually swimming that to in kdrama ocean...hehehe. thanks @kokodus.. btw shouldn't you be in Team Add and not subtract as ur id is with K. just wondering if i read rules incorrectly... 702
  11. first time posting here and seems to be a unique and interesting game.. 706