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  1. hiii chinguu, stargazers~ so happy, we're blessed with the sweet moments we got i already grateful to see them together in KB, not expect JG will come again to Jieun's concert as maybe he also busy to prepare with his tour hahaa... i love how JG interaction too with the fans after the concert, everything just bond strength together ♡ Joon Gi and Jieun are really amazing person, they're learning from and to each other ^^ i love how in this year we can see these two give a lot support each other I hope we can get other chance to see them both together again in other event
  2. Yesss!! I also so happy~ i feel grateful for these 2 days ^^ Jieun song so great! I love the song and lyrics, she's awesome. Then we got this good news, i can't wait to watch, they laugh and goin' crazy together kkk... JTBC will broadcast the program on Oct 20th ~ 08.00 PM KST.
  3. Hello Friends, We have so many upcoming awards event and i don't know if this the first time tvN hold voting event for their program?! please help to vote our King Lee Joon Gi and Queen Lee Ji Eun, the good things seems always come to us every end of year so let's fighting for this and who knows we can see both together again attend the awards event... T_T i miss them a lot and ofc they deserve to win for their hardwork. If you can, please spread the vote info anywhere and continously ^^ Thank You~ fighting everyone!
  4. Hellooo....Stargazers ^^ Happy 2nd Anniversary to Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo I never thought Joon Gi will post at night hahaa...and once again, Ji Eun so quick give like to his post I really hope we're gonna get their second update today!
  5. I'm agree with you @summer2017 and i'll put in hidden, because i don't think this things should be posted here as it's not main discuss about JG and JE for shipper thread yes chingus, i also very excited for SHR 2nd anniversary ^^ so happy today JG and JE updated their insta! stay healthy everyone... @chi13lou thank youu for the chant!
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