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  1. so happy!! kkk...finally, we got the still cuts, can't wait for tonight and Joon Gi - Ji Eun - Jang Man Wol update again on their insta How sweet they're always giving support to each other be happy!!
  2. So happy...last question i asked here, are we gonna have their moments together again this year, and what a good news today from these two that we're going to see them in drama again i'm waiting for food truck support before kkk...but then we got more than we expect @emafern hi, welcome here and be part of stargazers ^^
  3. hi..hi..stargazers! yeah it's been long time i don't come here ^^ Jieun's drama will be broadcasted soon, i can't wait to watch and so happy to know Joon Gi supporting her new post - Jang Man Wol character poster. He's going to watch the drama for sure kkk... Will we have another moments from these two by this year? I hope so ^^
  4. it's long long time i'm not visit this thread, but today T_T i want to come here where before we're ever shared the songsong beautiful moments together, yeaahh it's sad to hear this news - i can't deny my feelings, i leave them well and this thread because i believe them as couple, they're got married in the end and it means they will be happy forever... T_T but then, who know the future. Actually it's kinda upset me to see they gave up each other, it's just too short and too fast, but we never can get the real reason and what these two had goin' through... I'm amazing to all of you who love them from the beginning and being active here until now, even each of you back as a SJK or SHK fans individually, i hope you stay being friends and calm to respond this news remember how we have ever sharing the same ship and bond together. Hugs to all of you comrades ♡ bye~ T_T SongSong Couple (you still in my no.1 couple list)
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