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Add and Subtract Game

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hai everyone.. the night was approaching..  to a team add @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @corey   @MayanEcho  @partyon   @iksunijini@sadthe1st @Min2206 @Thong Thin   @pompyavi @mirmz @larus @joccu  @M

hai everyone.. the real night sky.  to a team add @Ernie @Min2206  @4evrkdrama @Catleya    @sadthe1st @cenching   @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl  @joccu @pompyavi @Nodame    @J

hai everyone.. night in the sockets rounds.   to a team add @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali    @iksunijini @corey @cenching    @Nodame   @pompyavi @larus @Jillia   @MayanEcho  @partyon @Lm

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@cenching EN ended with a cliffhanger :joy: This cliffhanger ending would have been better if CFY still plays Ning Que... but he can't so I'll just take what I can get. 

Overall, its still a good drama, The cinematography is excellent! ..... ep 1-12 was the perfect episodes.... while the quality of the rest goes up and down....... It started to get way overdramatic once it hit ep 41 :D 

I'm waiting for the subs to finish off the finale next week. 

This is Chen Fei Yu's best look.



@kokodus Li Yun Kai all the way...... :lol: Btw I think your pineapple is confirmed as the new Ning Que.


@stargazer187 I think you'll find WWWY in subscene... but then you'll have to dl the raws............... 


Good morning everyone! 



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On 12/27/2018 at 3:47 PM, kokodus said:


@cenching @mouse007 I really love this show. I laugh out loud with tears literally coming out of my eyes in every ep. Lol. I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. Their antics are hilarious. Bo hai said she is not ready to become e a florist yet, because she is still distracted by him. BAHAHAHAHA. I mean he wishes that is the case, because boi I don't think she is still hung up on you. LOL. But I also think it is only a matter of time before she starts falling for him again...Can't wait for that to happen. 



@kokodus There were a lot of funny moments that made me laugh out loud as well. But the beginning did feel soo very long. I actually googled "how long before Bo Hai and Ling Lingqi meet" and "when do they kiss". Hahaha! Desperate times call for desperate measures.


There are a lot more cute moments between Bo Hai and Ling Lingqi in the later episodes but there's also conflict. 


I am considering watching Because of You just because of Deng Lun but to be honest, I am unsure if I will survive it's entirety. If I do decide to watch it, I will likely be fastforwarding a lot to Deng Lun's scenes. I am also considering watching When We Were Young although I saw somewhere on Instagram that the ending is somewhat bittersweet and I just don't know if I want to invest time on something where the ending might not give me the satisfaction I crave. LOL


@packmule3 I have 2 little boys (3 and 1 year old). I'm in my 30s already. LOL but I fan girl like a teenager. 


@cenching are you in IT as well? I'm a non-practicing programmer as well but I am still in the IT field.







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