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Add and Subtract Game

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2 minutes ago, Sejabin said:


Are you teaching? Xixixixixi it fits you.. or writing? :blush:



I am a non practicing Computer Programmer now....haha....When there was a problem with my program I stayed until early morning to solved it...Being mother made the insomnia worsened...


Do I sound like a Teacher?? LMAO!!



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@mouse007 Are you sure about watching Because of you?!?! It's an high level makjang. LOL. You are a romcom girl like me. I was in a weird mood at that time, so I enjoyed it. I'm not sure. If you really want to watch it, then I just you use ffd for most of the scenes and concentrate only on Li Yun Kai and Le Tong. That way you can survive. Because most of the characters and their actions doesn't make sense.


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