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EVENT: a season of swords and destiny!     Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover one of the dramas that was part of the re-watch events that we kicked off this quarter with the saeguk theme.

Enjoy your weekends Chingus         cr to owner                

Kdrama Podcast: FAITH / THE GREAT DOCTOR overview




Posted onJanuary 15, 2021by Lee Evie


Get kidnapped by a very handsome man in armour, sucked through a hole into the distant past, and then be poisoned. Like … a lot.  Because this week on the show, Lee Evie is doing a deep dive into one of her classic favourite kdramas, the 2012 time slip fantasy romance FAITH (also known as THE GREAT DOCTOR). This historical Korean drama stars Lee Min Ho, who is gold in this, and also Kim Eun Sook. Lee Evie still reckons this is her favourite Lee Min Ho role ever. Yes, it is old and a bit clunky, but Lee Evie will shout her love for this show from the rooftops forever!


Listen to the podcast by searching on your favourite podcast streaming platform for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST, or listen in your browser here, or by following the link below:


Listen Podcast on Anchor
Listen to new episodes in browser



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Faith Korean Drama Wallpapers


A collection of the top 57 Faith Korean Drama wallpapers and backgrounds available for download for free. We hope you enjoy our growing collection of HD images to use as a background or home screen for your smartphone or computer. Please contact us if you want to publish a Faith Korean Drama wallpaper on our site.









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Faith The Great Doctor Kawaii Drama List


By Dubaikhalifas  On Feb 18, 2021




Faith (korean: 신의; hanja: 信義; rr: sin ui; also known as the great doctor) is a 2012 south korean television drama starring lee min ho and kim hee sun.it was broadcast by sbs from august 13 to october 30, 2012, on mondays and tuesdays at 21:55 time slot for 24 episodes.


After being found in 918, the kingdom of goryeo faced a critical existential crisis when the powerful yuan dynasty tried to subjugate them. in the fictional setting of this drama, a warrior living in the timeline of goryeo meets a plastic surgeon living in the present day. the plastic surgeon gets kidnapped by the warrior who got an order from the king to find a doctor who can cure the fatally. To me, faith felt like a wonderful combination of a great rpg video game and an old anime called fushigi yugi. there were times when the show dragged, as pointed out numerous times in other reviews, but for the most part, this drama was really great to watch.





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Home Uncategorized Promotional Poster For The Great Doctor Faith Kdrama Leeminho As Choi Young And Kimheeseon


by Instumentalst March 11, 2021



30 dez 2013 promotional poster for the great doctor #faith #kdrama #leeminho as choi young and #kimheeseon as yoo eun soo  love this series!. Dec 30, 2013 promotional poster for the great doctor #faith #kdrama #leeminho as choi young and #kimheeseon as yoo eun soo love this series!. 신의 faith (korean drama) photo from sbs. article from flickr . faith (the great doctor): lee min ho as choi young and kim hee sun as yoo eun soo. february 2021. great chemistry with these two. 신의 faith (korean drama) photo from sbs. article by vonny gregory. 68. lee min ho faith kdrama kim hee sun the great doctor korean shows. Lee min ho faith. lee min ho choi young faith: the great doctor. saved by emily thyr. Faith: the great doctor (2012) lee minho as (choi young) @actorleeminho #leeminho #alwayswithleeminho #thekingeternalmonarch #legengofthebluesae #heirs.




The Great Doctor Aka Faith 신의 Watch Full Episodes


Faith (@ the great doctor) is my greatest korean drama addiction to date. it’s now my no. 1 favorite korean drama of all time! i’m still not sure how i’ll live without faith… been dreaming about daejang a couple of times. lol tsk: as far as i know a lot of faithlings out there are having a tough withdrawal from faith. i’m having a hard time as well!. Faith (2012) is a stunning fantasy historical korean drama, with a dream cast, impressive cinematography, special effects, sets, haunting music soundtrack, and beautiful screenplay. charismatic heart throb actor lee min ho, the most popular korean actor in the world today (who won the sbs awards best actor in a miniseries award for faith), looks sexier than ever in the lead role, even when his. Faith episode 1. 8.6 10 from 135 users. aug 13, 2012. general choi young and doctor eun soo escape, and take the young prince kyeong chang to a safe place. in light of the current bullying controversy, currently airing south korean drama "river where the moon rises" halts filming, decides to drop the actor involved. Lee min ho. general choi yeong. main role. ryu deok hwan. king gong min. main role. choi sang goong [choi young's aunt] support role. lee byung joon. jo il shin. support role. kwon hae sung. ahn do chi. an article that explains an alternative ending for the k drama alice. jun yeo bin in talks to join upcoming netflix series "glitch. It’s time for our good guys to turn the tables for once, and actually deliver some major blows to the baddies. young finally starts acting like a general (whooo), though it throws him into a tailspin about his place in the world. if there ever was a reluctant hero, i swear. episode 18 recap … continue reading "faith: episode 18".






239 Best Faith The Great Doctor Images The Great


The vassals tell the king, that it is the “heaven’s gate” and one must retrieve the “god’s doctor” of ancient legend. king gongmin tasks the royal bodyguard, choi young, to enter the portal and bring back the great doctor from heaven. then things turn utterly funny, as choi young comes to present day seoul. Faith (korean: 신의; hanja: 信義; rr: sin ui; also known as the great doctor) is a 2012 south korean television drama starring lee min ho and kim hee sun.it was broadcast by sbs from august 13 to october 30, 2012, on mondays and tuesdays at 21:55 time slot for 24 episodes.it is about a modern day plastic surgeon, who is kidnapped and brought back in time to the goryeo period, 700 years in. Mar 15, 2014 explore kpop4life6's board "the great doctor aka faith " on pinterest. see more ideas about the great doctor, faith, kim hee sun. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on . Satisfied tested contemporary drama to the style action, lee min ho has now switched to drama saeguk or drama series set in the historical past of the faith: great doctor that you can see from 10 september every monday and tuesday at 20:05 pm at a special channel and kdrama kpop: one.






239 Best Faith The Great Doctor Images The Great


Jan 4, 2014 explore alyssia dahlquist's board "the great doctor", followed by 144 people on pinterest. see more ideas about the great doctor, lee min ho, korean drama. ‘the great doctor’ also known as ‘faith’ stars. lee min ho as general choi young; kim hee seon as plastic surgeon yoo eun soo; yu oh seong as lord ki cheol; phillip lee as royal doctor jang bin; sung hoon as cheon eum ja; ryu deok hwa as king gong min; park se young as princess no gook; they are joined by an amazing supporting cast. Lee min ho general choi youngkim hee sun yoo eun soofaith (hangul: 신의; hanja: 信義; rr: shin eui; also known as the great doctor) a 2012 south korean fusi...


The Great Doctor' aka 'Faith' - Making Poster & Interview - Kim Hee Seon




'the Great Doctor' Aka 'faith' Making Poster & Interview Kim Hee Seon



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On 3/12/2021 at 11:59 AM, msdot said:

My favorite Kdrama also! Just love LMH as Choi Young! Gorgeous, strong, tough yet tender. 

Hello @msdot  @ElleSor  @nina_mitrokhina @kdyes
Guess what .. I just did another re-watch on Faith, not sure how many nth time.  LOL  :D  Just finished the final episode.   

I like to sum it up with a quote from eastasiandrama. 

Without a doubt there are many dramas out there which outperformed Faith. But, for some reason, Faith is like one of those songs that you can’t get enough of, you have it on repeat and put it on all your playlists.
Great re-watchable value .

cr flyminho 

Choi Young ~Faith | The great doctor, Korean drama, Drama movies

Choi Young ~ Faith | The great doctor, Korean drama quotes, Lee min ho faith

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IKR? I find Choi Young's character very worthy of everything.

He's the epitome of a gentleman who protects what he loves and believes in.

So swoon-worthy. 

And Lee Min Ho suits the character so well. 

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