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EVENT: a season of swords and destiny!     Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover one of the dramas that was part of the re-watch events that we kicked off this quarter with the saeguk theme.

Enjoy your weekends Chingus         cr to owner                

Over 21.71 Million Subscribers This Year! New Korean four-year-old Heavenly King Lee Minho Nostalgic masterpiece "Faith" must-see

Published December 29, 2020




Hi, I leave it to the drama and the movie! I'm Haru from Yomuno Writer.

In 2020, the fourth Korean boom came with the hit drama hits Ai no Crash Land and Ritain Class.

However, some people can get lost no matter what they see in their next job.

So this time, we'll be presenting popular actor Lee Min Ho's nostalgic drama "Faith", which boasts 21.71 million Instagram followers and is also one of the four new Hanryu Heavenly Kings.

In this work, there are characters who honestly convey their thoughts. Also notice the visuals that seem to have jumped out of the 2D world.

Please enjoy this action-packed job, including the art of swordsmanship.


Synopsis "Faith"




Orthopedic surgeon Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hae Sun) is picked up by the warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), who has suddenly arrived from Goryeo and decides to travel to the Goryeo era via Tenmon.

Unsu, whose name was Isen and who succeeded in the queen's operation, became the target of Tokunarifuin-kun Ki Chul (Yu O-sun), who is the political enemy of the king, as a person with special power to predict the future. I will finish.

Choi Young will sacrifice his life to protect her in order to fulfill his promise to return her to the original world.


Zest "Faith"


Pay attention to Lee Min Ho's bright and gentle playing!
One of the delights of this work is the portrayal of Lee Min Ho's eyes, which adds depth to visuals that seem to jump out of the second dimension.

For example, Choi Young at the beginning of the story seemed to have lost his energy to live in the past when he lost his wife. However, while spending time with Unsu, she becomes attracted to her, and her smile gradually returns to her.

Lee Min Ho skillfully expresses this change not with a big movement, but with the play of his eyes. This is a must-see for him, who did not have light in the beginning, he finds hope and regains light as the story unfolds.

Please pay attention to the workings of his eyes.


Captivating action scene




This work also features many action scenes in which Takeomi is the main character. Lee Min Ho had a poignant performance in his previous work, City Hunter in Seoul.

This time he demonstrated his excellent swordsmanship and says that he spent about one and a half months preparing 2-3 days a week. Such great swordsmanship is impressive.

Song Hoon, who co-starred as an apprentice sound engineer, also said, "I heard that Minho is not that good at motor nerves, but he really isn't, and I felt that he was good at motor nerves."

Among these fighting scenes, I like the scene using the police shield I brought when time slipped into the future.

Be sure to look at the mechanism to make brilliant use of this heavy and airtight shield! Incidentally, the shield was destroyed along the way, but it was said that it was a tool that was so attached that co-stars said, "Break that shield!"


The relationship between king and queen is precious






Also, like many other Korean dramas, this work is one of the highlights of the love of other characters besides the main character. My favorites are the king and queen. Originally held hostage at the age of 10, the king did not want to marry the former princess, the queen.

However, the queen secretly likes the king and has been studying the Goryeo language for eight years. Even after the wedding, I supported the king, always thought about him and acted.

As a result, the king, who initially told her to follow his words and stay behind him, gradually began to trust the queen, listened to her words and walked side by side.

Two people who are very healed because their care for each other is precious. In particular, Park Se Young's gaze as the queen is sure to make you feel warm and happy.







When I started looking for the personal lives of these two wonderful people, it seemed to me that Ryu Dok Wan, who played the king this time, would marry the famous model of the fashion site Jeong Su Lin.

I couldn't see the real marriage of the king and queen, but this is great news. Congratulations on your marriage, king.


Let's take a look at the "Faith" series that you care about.


How it was? Apart from the action scenes, this work has enough spectacular features such as subtle visual acting. It is also worth noting what kind of ending awaits two people who lived at different times. Please spend time at home with this job so you can enjoy playing and telling.


Film / Drama Mania Web Writer
After working as a movie theater and cable TV employee, he is currently a web writer. We will deliver information about your favorite films and dramas from a maniac point of view.


Translation from Japanese google



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This gif is from Episode 19, when he wants a tired Eun-soo to rest her head on his shoulder, a turnabout from when she invited an exhausted Choi Young to rest on her shoulder in Ep. 7. Would that we all could rest our head on that glorious shoulder!




Wishing all Faithlings a better new year!   

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2 hours ago, msdot said:

This gif is from Episode 19, when he wants a tired Eun-soo to rest her head on his shoulder, a turnabout from when she invited an exhausted Choi Young to rest on her shoulder in Ep. 7. Would that we all could rest our head on that glorious shoulder!


Wishing all Faithlings a better new year!   

One of my favorite scene. I don't mind seeing LMh in Goryeo outift again.

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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