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The story of Faith and the character of Choi Young never get old for me.  Like you, @Min2206, I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it.  I've also been watching it and doing minor revisions and additions to the online recap/adaptation I previously posted. They include a couple of scenes that were in the script but not in the televised version, such as a time when Eun-soo discovers him practicing with his sword alone at night, and another time when Choi Young takes Eun-soo shopping and they are attacked, (both are in Ep. 23, Part 1).

Here's the URL if anyone is interested: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25290487/chapters/61317304


Here is a favorite shot of him in Ep. 19, when he's going out to meet two assassins that have attacked him and Eun-soo. I love that all-business, focused stare!



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EVENT: a season of swords and destiny!     Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover one of the dramas that was part of the re-watch events that we kicked off this quarter with the saeguk theme.

Enjoy your weekends Chingus         cr to owner                

Close to Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal Danyang Accommodation / Danyang Riverside Hotel Profile: 소담 Once inside, Lee Min Ho, who was the main character of the drama "Faith", and Kam Woo Sung of "King of Legend" I was able to see the sign.




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The new four-year-old Heavenly King "Lee Min Ho" Maniac thoroughly analyzes the masterpiece, carried away by seconds! Swamp Fall Confirmed Shin-yi Highlight Comment


Published March 31, 2021






Hi, this is Sana Shirakawa of the movie writers who admire over 480 work a year.

This time we present Lee Min Ho's masterpiece Faith.

This is the first time in a long time that I have written about Lee Min Ho's creativity, but not only about the beauty of his visuals and acting, but also about the stunning performance, in which the subtle technique of line placement in the fatal love story is expressed. the reason why Lee Min Ho Hwan is constantly.

By all means, I would like you to fully enjoy the pieces that show his kindness.


Synopsis "Faith"




Goryeo in 1351. Warlord Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) is ordered to bring the legendary priest and walk through the hole in the sky. This was modern Seoul. Choi Young forcibly kills orthopedic surgeon Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), and Eun Soo has no choice but to start living in Goryeo. The two are drawn to each other while spending time together, but danger approaches Ouns, who has been involved in a power struggle.


The highlights and charms of "Faith"


1. Lee Min Ho's chest scene unique to the military commander




First of all, it all starts with the fall into the samurai figure of Lee Min Ho. The samurai armor costume, unique to the historical drama, is too much for the tall Lee Min Ho ... If you have a warlord like that, you can travel back in time without hesitation.

The long hairstyle, reminiscent of a warlord, also enhances Lee Min Ho's other charm. Sexy bangs that caught my eye a bit! Lee Min Ho opens up new delights and delights fans with every new drama. At the very least, watching Lee Min Ho on horseback is too luxurious.

Speaking of Yuna's fist scene, played by Lee Min Ho, it's a straightforward love word unique to samurai. Warlord Yon is straightforward and doesn't lie.

For example, when Unsu asks, "Can I return to the original world?" The dot between these "..." is excitement.

And 18 episodes cannot be overlooked. Eun Soo decides to marry Deokheun instead of helping Yeon, but Eun Soo kisses Eun Soo in front of Deokheun and prevents them from getting married. Lee Min Ho Hwan's heart is not obliged to do such bold deeds.

Yun's love lines continue. When you say, “If you stay by my side, I will not let go until I die. As long as I am alive ”, the index of the joints of the chest will be MAXIMUM.

How many times can you go back in time to a life where Lee Min Ho, who looks at you with his cheeks to one side, says, "I want to see you forever"?

At first, Yong, who was thrilled to be hugged by Unsu, becomes the man who pulls her to the bed and even kisses her hand. It is impossible not to notice not Yong.


2. Pay attention to the action scene with fantasy elements




Yong was the youngest commander of the Akatsuki Corps, a secret unit that collected items with special abilities. The power that Yeon possesses is Raiko. Raiko is the ability to extinguish something like lightning or set up an obstacle during combat. This is how people with special abilities will appear in Faith.

The special abilities of these characters were so insane that it was just too interesting.

For example, Umja, played by Song Hoon, uses sound. By simply blowing the whistle, you can beat people and even kill them. Additionally, Shin, played by Shin Eun Jung, has the ability to ignite fire from the palm of his hand. And the ability of the irresistible villain Ki Chul is an ice gong that can immediately freeze whatever it touches.

Their battle scenes are more than just battle scenes. It is no longer a conflict between abilities.

In episode 21, you can also see an intelligent battle that uses the enemy's abilities. For Sin, who uses fire, he sprinkles oil on himself so that he can burn himself if he puts out the fire, and he steals the whistle from Umji to catch him alive.

Thus, Yun, a warlord who is good at both swordsmanship and mental warfare, starts shaking hands and throwing the sword from the other half due to the psychology of not wanting to slaughter people. It was often noticed that Yun, who only obeyed the king's orders, met Unsu and changed.


3. You can cry only in episode 23!


Unsu, whose body is contaminated with poison, suffers from thoughts of Yuna after his death. I worry about another person more than I can die. Ouns can no longer think about life without Yong.

The 23 episodes that continued out of such 22 episodes were too painful and the lacrimal glands collapsed.

Yeon says she cannot leave Yeon back when she tries to bring her back to the world in order to save her life. They think too much of each other, and their opinions differ. No matter how many times I hear Yong's words, I can't stop crying.

“I couldn't stay by my side, I left the medicine for the woman I fell in love with, and I couldn't say that I should be there,” he said. I can't forget it ...

Yeon tries to spend the rest of his time together as much as possible, and Eun doesn't want to live in a world without Yeon, even if his life is saved.

My heart flutters with the intense love that two people think about each other and not about their lives.

There is no choice but to watch Lee Min Ho's first historical drama "Faith"!






This time, we've summarized the highlights and highlights of Faith. How it was?

Will the second half be connected there? ?? Impressions and surprises await. It was a fateful love story, as the word "strong desires bind bonds, and urgent desires and memories meet two."

Please take a look at Faith, which depicts love that transcends time and space!


Translation from Japanese google



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"Faith-", which has a lot to do with "Crash Landing on You", received 5 points from Korean entertainment authors.


Дата выпуска: 2021.04.13




The works presented this time represent a magnificent historical drama in the fantasy-romance genre "Shin-i-Nobuyoshi-", which transcends the time and space of a severe warrior from the Goryeo dynasty and a female doctor who passed in time in that era.

Even if the audience rating in Korea is low, it is a popular Japanese "historical drama that transcends time and space."
The strange situation of slipping time, the forbidden love of a daring and harsh female doctor who can work with a brave warrior, men and women who have lived at different times know love and believe in each other, having been killed many times. to see the guardian figure superimposed on the pair in Crash Landing on You.




Despite starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, viewership ratings in South Korea were actually low. A new genre with fantasy elements that distinguishes it from orthodox historical drama may not have been accepted by existing fans of historical drama.

However, this genre that transcends time and space is a favorite of Japanese women, as is the case with Yoochun's Prince on the Roof (2012) and Yoo In-Na's The Queen and Me (2012). In this genre, this work has also produced many "Xingyi abandoned people". Personally, I am so enamored with this piece that I was ranked among the top three in my "Korean Life Drama."



At the end of the Goryeo era, the queen was seriously injured when she was attacked by a thug, and the 31st Gongming King of Goryeo, who had been a hostage since childhood, returned to Japan. In addition to the story of a samurai doctor who says that only a priest in heaven can save the queen's life, an assistant appears who has seen the heavenly gate, and the captain of the royal guard, Choi Yong (Lee Min Ho), seeks out a priest under the royal order. I will enter Tenmon.

However, I arrived in Gangnam, Seoul in 2012. Believing it to be a heavenly world, Young finds plastic surgeon Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) who is attending a science conference and transports Eun Soo back to the Goryeo era in the form of a middle abduction. ...




The insecure is confused, not knowing where he was taken, but it is said that if he saves the life of the queen, he will be returned to his original place, and he will be cured and recovered with the help of several tools that he brought from the current era.






However, Tenmon, who should be able to return to the current era, is closed and Unsu is unable to return.






[Highlight 1] Lee Min Ho's hot eyes ... A beautiful action movie that you want to see forever


Lee Min Ho is Boys Above Flowers (2009), The Heirs (2013), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), The King: Eternal Monarch (he is an actor who is very lucky with his work., Starring in (2020) and gaining great success every time he appears.Not to mention his high acting ability, his outstanding style and deeply cut traits that made him very popular as one of the four new Korean heavenly kings in Japan, but this work became the first major role in a historical drama.






Lee Min Ho attracts famous military leaders with his outstanding style and impeccable appearance!


Choi Young is a real person who is considered the best swordsman in Goryeo, as well as a famous military leader who is mentioned in Korean textbooks for elementary and high schools. In this work, he has direct "faith" in the king and his subordinates, and in this work, he has an inner attack (a special ability created by his body) that controls the lightning.






Lee Min Ho charms General Young with his tall, distinguished style and impeccable appearance. Cover your lithe body with armor and a navy blue hakama, casually tie up your loose fluffy hair, and lightly swing your long sword to chop down enemies. The most beautiful thing about hakama footwork.

Historical drama's fight scenes are usually what you want to see at double the speed, but Lee Min Ho's high roundhouse kicks and gorgeous action that makes full use of wires are pretty endless.






Lee Min Ho's large eyes express various emotions.


Lee Min Ho has a wonderful smile, but this time, the laughing scene and the beautiful smile are barely audible. This is why the rare smile scenes that appear occasionally are precious! In Episode 21, there is a scene in which Unsu is grinning, but she is already repeating the metamorphosis.

There are also very few lines, and "Kyung" runs wild in various emotional expressions of emotions that are expressed with big eyes. The angry face and the confused face of Unsu's strange behavior are also my points. In the scene where you look at Unsu without words, you can even hear Yun's heartbeat.






There are also scenes from memories from which you want to look away.

Yun had a painful and sad incident in which he lost his master and beloved due to the superficial actions of a previous generation king in the Akatsuki Corps (Special Forces) to which he belonged in the past. For Yun, who has nothing to protect, "to live" means "not to die." Since then, I have lived a short-term life, closing my heart and dying at any time.






The flashback scene of this case is mentally painful, and the ugliness from which one wants to look away is characteristic only of the Korean historical drama. In a way, this is the most impressive scene.


[Highlight 2] I want to say these lines! - "I will definitely protect you"


“Even if I bet on the name of a samurai and move on to this life, I promise that I will definitely return (paradise = modern). I will not die until I do it. I will protect you, so please be quiet. " ―― The line of decision that says "I will protect you" is abundant, but every time it is really fresh and exciting.






[Highlight 3] A strong heroine who can withstand the adversity of the slip of time.


Kim Hee Sun, a popular actress who is transported from our time to the Goryeo era, starred in a drama and played a living modern woman for the first time in six years after marriage and childbirth.






With the strength to withstand adversity and not be afraid of kings and opponents, he blows a bright and bright wind into the chaotic royal family. Yes, it's like Yoon Seri who landed in North Korea on a paraglider in Crash Landing on You.


"Crash Landing on You" Looks like Yun Seri's character.

He is a lonely man who asks for blue china in the king's room to thank him for healing the queen's deep wounds, and although he is a wild character, his medical skills are high. He is similar to Seri's character in that he has a cheerful character, quickly fits into the environment and is loved by everyone.






Young, who forcibly returned to the Goryeo era, is initially called "Psycho", but eventually he will deeply consider each other and value him more than his life as a partner to be protected.



[Highlight 4] Whether you look right or left, a beautiful paradise


The guards, led by Yong, are elite units that accompany the king. They are all tall, with strong limbs, and they are all beautiful. It's a masterpiece to see Yeon next to the liquid at the beginning, and the face is inadvertently smiling. And the passionate, trusting relationship between Yoon and his vassals who yearn for him excites me many times.

The role of Chang Bin, the royal samurai physician who teaches Ounsu medical practice and Chinese medicine, appeared in The Legend of the Great Kings (2007) and The Secret Garden (2010), and is currently an entrepreneur. Played by Lee Phillip, he has the only quiet and intellectual presence in the bustle of the royal family.





Young beautiful actors with different atmospheres are placed in the right places


Also, don't miss out on the fact that young handsome actors with different atmospheres, such as Song Hoon, who plays Ki Chol's younger brother, Umju, and Park Yoon Joo, who plays Prince Deokheun, are competing against each other. for the throne are placed in the right places.






Song Hoon (center photo), who plays Umju, Ki Cheol's brother who has a terrifying ability to make sounds. 






[Highlight 5] The clumsy sub-couple's love line is beautiful too


Goryeo's Gongmin, whom Yeon serves, is also a real king, but he is a young king who was under initial control. Everything is dull, and at first he is an unreliable person who always hides behind Yong. A reluctant former princess, Queen Noguk (Princess Noguk) is welcomed as queen and both return to Goryeo, but there is always a delicate distance between them and the unfortunate attitude towards the queen is frustrating. ...

An emoticon that develops slowly.

However, as the relationship of trust between the king and Yong deepens, the king's presence increases with each round, and the king transforms into the real king of Goryeo. The king and queen have loved each other since they first met, but they could not get along with each other for a long time without being able to tell them about it. The example of love that slowly develops from such a situation is a smile, and I cannot take my eyes off the process of knowing love and becoming a real king and queen.






Quiet, but strong and affectionate "Dejan (captain)" sometimes makes me want asexual encounters, and I look back at this work many times. If you suddenly want to escape from reality, please take a look at the bold figure and enjoy a little fun.






2012 / All 24 episodes

DVD-BOX1, BOX2 (set of 7 discs) at 5,500 yen (tax included) and applies to U-NEXT, GYAO, Hulu, FOD, etc.
Credit: SPO / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners / Fuji TV
Publisher: SPO / Fuji TV Distributor: SPO
* Product information is current as of April 2021.


Translation from Japanese google


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10 OST KDrama Faith that Makes it Difficult to Move On Author: dian




Having been vacuumed for a long time in acting due to military service, Lee Min Ho will shine again in 2020 thanks to his new drama.


This one actor is indeed timeless, the proof is that whether his past or present plays still amaze the chuckles and make the audience even more carried away by the storyline.

Indosiar television station will broadcast Min Ho's old drama entitled Faith. As the king of romance films, Suzy's ex-lover will also make you feel hungry again.


Set in the Kingdom of Dinastu Georyo, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) becomes a captain of the royal guard and gets a big task to find a great doctor.


The doctor will be asked to cure the illness experienced by the King's dying wife. Choi Young also passed through the time portal and brought Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) from the future.

Its dramatic scenes accompanied by the right soundtrack have made this drama so much loved. A series of artists like Ali, Shin Yong Jae, Jang Hye Jin succeeded in making this drama even more difficult to forget.


Immediately, here are 10 Faith OSTs that you must listen to.


1. Carry On - Ali
Carry On (From "신의") (Original Television Soundtrack) , Pt. 1.



2. Becouse My Steps Are Slow - Shin Yong Jae (4 Men)
Shin Yong Jae(4MEN) _ Walking slowly(걸음이 느려서) (Faith OST) MV



3. Bad Person - Jang Hye Jin ft MC Snipper





4. Teardrop - Younha
Younha -Teardrop FMV (Faith OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]





5. Look At - Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul)
Sung Hoon(성훈) (Brown Eyed Soul) _ I see you(그대를 봅니다)(Faith OST Pt.5)




6. The Wind Song - Youngjun (Brown Eyed Soul)
Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) _ Song of Wind(바람의 노래) (Faith OST Pt.6) MV





7. Love - Rumble Fish
[Faith OST MV] RUMBLE FISH -  LOVE [ENGSUB + Rom + Hangul]





8. Iam Woodalchi - Great Big Choi Young
[MV] Faith OST - I Am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)





9. Smile (Lively Face - Eunsoo) - Oh Joon Sung
Smile(Lovely Face - Eun Soo) Faith OST





10. Flower Garden - Oh Joon Sung
Flower Garden (Faith OST)






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@nina_mitrokhina thanks for your post. Faith was the one drama that got me into k-dramas. I even got someone to buy
the first two novels (hard copy) written by the scriptwriter...unfortunately she gave up on finishing the other books. So there will only be two that I treasure. Reading the translations from the books (selected chapters) by fans was such a spell-binding moment. I await the day when I can read Korean and savour those two books!

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On 4/22/2021 at 3:57 PM, SC2019 said:

@nina_mitrokhina thanks for your post. Faith was the one drama that got me into k-dramas. I even got someone to buy
the first two novels (hard copy) written by the scriptwriter...unfortunately she gave up on finishing the other books. So there will only be two that I treasure. Reading the translations from the books (selected chapters) by fans was such a spell-binding moment. I await the day when I can read Korean and savour those two books!


@SC2019, Thank you for your kind words! I also really like the drama "Faith" and dream of reading the full text of this story with pictures from the drama.


12.10.2012 Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun of Faith massage each other




Pictures of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith were recently released. On October 12, pictures of Lee and Kim massaging each other’s shoulders were released.

Pictures of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faithwere recently released.

On October 12, pictures of Lee and Kim massaging each other’s shoulders were released. Even though the two stars are involved in a sad love on the series, they are having fun on the set during the break.

Lee and Kim are very busy shooting the series but they worry and take care of and encourage each other. They also practice a lot together to portray their characters well in the series. Their hark work was praised by the entire crew members.

A spokesperson for the series says, “Even though they are exhausted shooting the series, they always create a happy atmosphere on the set. The two are working in great harmony and performing as a beautiful couple on the series.”



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Heartfelt, Romantic Sageuks: Filling The Void After “River Where The Moon Rises”


May 2, 2021
by shalini


Looking for a drama that can fill the void after “River Where the Moon Rises”? Missing Na In Woo and Kim So Hyun’s incredible chemistry? Though there’s nothing exactly like this poignant epic of an assassin princess and her mountain man, if you enjoyed the historical setting, the grand sweeping scale of the conflicts, the palace intrigue, and the romance, then you’ll love these shows:


“The Great Doctor”




“The Great Doctor” takes post-Goguryeo to what is now Goryeo. King Gongmin (Ryu Deok Hwan) sits upon the throne and laments his inability to help his people because his evil advisor (Yoo Oh Sung) holds all the strings. Sound familiar?


The king has a love-hate relationship with his wife, Princess Nogook (Park Se Young), whom he loves but is also his political enemy because she’s a Yuan princess. However, when his wife is injured in a political assassination, King Gongmin sends his best general Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) to find a doctor who can save her. Through a twist of fate, Choi Young goes through a portal to the modern world, and finds Yoo Eun Soo (the amazing Kim Hee Sun), a plastic surgeon. He thinks he’s in heaven. (Haha!) He drags poor Eunsoo to Goryeo, where she’s thrown into this world of political intrigue where everyone thinks she’s a divine healer!


Why you’ll love it: This drama sports a truly epic cast. In addition to the heavyweights mentioned, we have Yoon Kyun Sang, Sung Hoon, and the always wonderful Kim Mi Kyung who really bring this world to life. This is a longer drama at 24 episodes so it spends time fleshing out the world and making the characters feel lived in, as “River Where the Moon Rises” also did. Lee Min Ho turns in one of his best performances as a very restrained general who feels deeply. And who also has insane fighting skills.




He also has superpowers (really). He quite literally can shoot lightning out of him, which comes in handy because the bad guys have a few powers of their own. But best of all is the romance between the very modern Eun Soo and the extremely stoic Choi Young. It’s as deep and enduring as Pyeonggang and On Dal’s and is also built on a solid foundation like the latter’s. Lots to love here!





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An article from the past:


December 4, 2012


Lee Min-ho promotes “Faith” in Japan




Lee Min-ho


Lee Min-ho visited Japan on Dec. 2 to promote the drama “Faith,” which will begin airing over there from Dec. 5.

At a press event for the show which was held at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Yokohama, Lee said that he was glad to be in Japan and that he hoped to “spend some good time with fans ahead of Christmas” while there.


When asked if there were any similarities between his on-screen warrior character and himself, Lee said there was.
“He tries to keep his word, which is something I strive for too,” said Lee who did say that the difference between the two were that he takes a more active approach when it comes to matters of love.

The show starring Lee and Hallyu actress Kim Hee-sun is a time-travel drama that revolves around a warrior from the Goryeo period, played by Lee, and a present-day doctor played by Kim. The program will air in Japan on NOTTV.


By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]







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Pin Code From Mary Duban Two Inspirations Great Doctor Kim Hee Song Lee Min Ho


Posted by Dubaikhalifas on May 7, 2021




Faith the Great Doctor Kim Hee Sun X Lee Min Ho


After its founding in 918, the Goryeo Kingdom faced a critical existential crisis when the powerful Yuan dynasty attempted to enslave them. In the fictional story of this drama, a warrior living in Goryeo's time meets a plastic surgeon living today. A plastic surgeon is kidnapped by a warrior, who received an order from the king to find a doctor who can cure the queen.






Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun were the main stars. Director and producer Kim Jung Hak owes money to the cast and crew. He later committed suicide.








The Great Doctor 6 Unforgettable Moments of Choi Jung Lee Min Ho The Great Doctor Lee Min Ho Vera


Faith / The Great Doctor - Kim Hee Sun x Lee Min Ho



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Did you know that Lee Min Ho was not originally the protagonist of the drama "Faith"?




Since his debut in 2006, Lee Min Ho has starred in successful television series that are still very popular with his fans today, including the 2012 drama "Faith". However, Lee Min Ho was not originally a main cast member because there were other considerations before him.


This drama was originally announced in 2009 starring Lee Joon Gi. However, the actor had to be replaced as he was drafted into military service. As such, it was announced that Kang Ji Hwan would take on the lead role on "Faith," but he also left it due to legal issues between his agency S-Plus Entertainment and his former agency Jambo Entertainment.


Actors such as Oh Ji Ho and Lee Sang Yoon were then identified as major actors in this drama, all before it was finally decided and confirmed that Lee Min Ho would take on the role.


No doubt this production has gone through a lot of problems since its announcement in 2009, but finally in 2012 it finally aired with our favorite actor Lee Min Ho playing Choi Young.


Check out the Vera movie trailer below:

FAITH (Fanmade Trailer sub. español)



Faith tells the story of a romance between an ancient warrior and a modern doctor, as well as the process of becoming a real king. Yoo Eun Soo is a 33-year-old plastic surgeon in 2012. Her dream is to open her own clinic someday. But one day, Choi Young kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because they need her medical skills. Their love story goes back centuries, and beliefs also contradict each other.


Did you guys like Lee Min Ho starring in "Faith"?


Translation from spanish google


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Five Old Saegeuk Kdrama that are Still Exciting to Watch during Eid Holidays


The historical drama or South Korean saegeuk is one of the most interesting dramas to watch. Not only from the storyline that is inspired by history, but also the clothing and culture to the food that reflects the life of the kingdom era. South Korean saegeuk dramas are now increasingly in demand.


Korean drama lovers have been fond of South Korean saegeuk dramas since a decade ago. So here are five old saegeuk dramas that have aired 10 years ago and are still interesting to watch today, especially during the Eid holidays.


Faith, Lee Min Ho's drama time traveler




Faith is a fantasy and medical- themed drama set in the Goryeo kingdom . The drama that aired in 2012 tells of a modern era surgeon, Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) who is thrown into the Goryeo Kingdom and meets the Head of the Imperial Guard, Choi Young (played by Lee Min-ho).


The story becomes interesting when Yoo Eun Soo's ability to heal in the modern world is applied in the era of the Goryeo Kingdom, so that many people are amazed. The love story of Yoo Eun Soo and Choi Young, who initially hated each other, finally became the attraction of this drama.



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I very much enjoyed both Faith and The King, so I've written a story. It includes some of the characters and storylines from both series. It's called, "Journey to Goryeo" and you can find it here:




It's helpful but not necessary to have watched both series. I hope you enjoy it!


Please be aware that it contains explicit sexual content.

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1 hour ago, msdot said:


I very much enjoyed both Faith and The King, so I've written a story. It includes some of the characters and storylines from both series. It's called, "Journey to Goryeo" and you can find it here:




It's helpful but not necessary to have watched both series. I hope you enjoy it!


Please be aware that it contains explicit sexual content.




How have you been and the Covid-19 situation over your side.


Will read your story during the weekend.


Stay safe and take care.




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On 5/18/2021 at 8:23 PM, Thong Thin said:

How have you been and the Covid-19 situation over your side.


Will read your story during the weekend.


Stay safe and take care.

Surprisingly Mexico is moving right along with vaccinations, and people in my city have generally worn masks, so infections are down. There are many hard to reach small mountain villages, however. How are things going now in your area? Stay safe!

I’d love your feedback on the story. Feel free to send me a pm.

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