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  1. I hope this isn't considered off-topic bcuz many of us visit the Pachinko forum for our excitement about LMH’s upcoming role and our interest in Korean history and culture. Though scanning Koreaherald and ChosunIlbo mostly daily for some yrs, I discovered a significant cultural resource only today through an op-ed by Lee Kyong-hee, KH’s former editor-in-chief. Her op-ed tells the story of the translation of modern Korean literature whose timeframe overlaps with Pachinko’s. (http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201111000166) Lee's now editorial chief of Koreana,
  2. @CallieP sorry, cutting your post for length. Thanks for your comments. I obviously did a poor job communicating about what difference I was trying to point to in the realm of generosity, social welfare, etc. LMH’s generosity, kindness and social responsibility, etc. have been significant and evolve with the times, like mask-wearing -- how quickly he posted saying he should have worn a mask when his photo appeared mask-less early in the pandemic, later becoming the face promoting mask-wearing. He even found a way some years ago to promote socially conscious, generou
  3. Weeks before this re-watch, I finally saw Faith and re-watched all till I was seeing CY when I closed my eyes to sleep, opened them in the morning and even closed them to pray!! An LMH forum post of a media story said it was “the Choi Young sickness” that had felled “many female fans” when Faith was aired! So, I stopped the official re-watch but followed your posts and celebrated Faith with favorite moments below, enhanced by BreathlessSurvival’s script translation. For me, Faith is CY’s story and Imja couple’s journey in love, so I kept my focus there. I loved Faith. I hope you enjoy the
  4. Yes, I thought the same about his choosing Pachinko. I hope he can eventually fulfill his desire to produce or direct like this. I enjoyed the book, engrossing.
  5. Obviously from yours n others reactions my wording wasn't good. But my intention was good. I wouldn't spend time if I didn't in fact think highly of LMH and wish for his happiness. I agree, he is a highly respectable person and that's why I'm following him.
  6. I was reacting to a few things that come from his side, not me making things up. And I do agree w/you abt hasty conclusions and unfair expectations. But producing the type of material i mentioned was his expressed wish and he's also telling us he's kind of hemmed in by fame. I am suggesting some alternatives to "loneliness" that I've heard expressed on this forum. Yes, Minoz is a great activity and he clearly said he wanted more. I hope he gets it.
  7. I've got a head full of conflicting thoughts and feelings today. Was happy to see the TKEM team come together and yes maybe LMH was striking a Hansu pose. Sure didn’t look like himself. Expand the close up of him @Thong Thin posted on pg 3833. The expression is hard to read: very strong – very cold or very hot. Soompi.com said the person taking the photo was KGE. Questions abound. I'm a little disappointed by movie log 3. Before MS, LMH said in DMZ that he really wanted to make movies that had some social value. The whole shopping tour just left me wondering what's happ
  8. I think @Aleumdaun hit the nail on the head when she identified character Hansu’s meanness as the central difference between him and other more “acceptable” bad guy characters like LMH’s in Gangnam 1970. There’s no way to get around bludgeoning the face of a mistress Hansu is irritated by or finished with. I hope they don’t delete this to make the character more acceptable because then Pachinko could be criticized for watering down a great book, “not as good as,” the typical criticism of movies and TV shows based on books. I can’t wait for LMH to show us his Hansu but I don’t wan
  9. Like everyone here, I’m excited for LMH’s upcoming role as Hansu in Pachinko. Can’t wait! But I am also hoping that LMH will release a quality statement to his huge fan base, sooner than later, about his interest in playing Hansu and his evaluation of Hansu as a person – and that LMH doesn’t wait for just before air date. He could do this directly or through an interview he posts on IG/FB for example. There will be many reactions from fans, haters and new viewers once Pachinko is released. That’s not really the time to “explain” anything controversial for the first time. We’ve all witnes
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