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This time I went to Mt. Tenkan in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do. Mt. Jeolla is one of the five famous mountains in the Honam region, along with Mt. Chiri, Mt. Uchiba, Mt. Tsukidesangaku, and Mt. Uchiba. Next to the parking lot, there is also a drama set area for Shini-Nobuyoshi, starring Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-ho.




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Top 10 best films about King Lee Min Ho: about the male god in the hearts of female fans


Tran Thi Tui

Lee Min Ho is a famous and handsome actor and model not only of the Korean screen, but also of Asia.




Actor Lee Min Ho (Hangul: 이민호; Hanja: 李敏 鎬; Sino-Vietnamese: Lee Min Ho; born June 22, 1987) is a South Korean actor and model best known for playing Goo Jun Pyo in the television series. In the drama "Meteorite Garden," he played Lee Yoon Sung in the dramas "City Hunter" and "Heirs" as Kim Tan in 2013. In 2017, he entered the service and was demobilized at the end of April 2019.

A community of fans is closely following every action and film of this actor. If you are already a Korean cinematographer, you cannot ignore the TOP 10 Good Movies starring Lee Min Ho below!..


5. Faith


Year of issue: 2012
Genre: Transcendental, Romance.
Duration: 24 episodes.
Director: Kim Jong Hak.
Cast: Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun
Awards: SBS Drama Top 10 Star Awards
Best Song: Carry On - Ali




"Faith - God of Medicine" is the first live Korean film that revolves around a casual and somewhat bizarre meeting between 21st century surgeon Yoon Eun Soo and General Choi Young 660 years ago.
With a sci-fi storyline that guided Yoon Eun Soo through space and time, Choi Young - the leader of the army that accompanied King Gong Min - arrived in Eun Soo's modern world and brought her back in time. He is a distinguished person, a medical specialist, where will the story unfold when the two of them appear in the Goryeo dynasty?


Tran Thi Tui

Translation from Vietnamese google



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Time Slip Drama Recommended List


"Time Slip Drama - It has two or more interconnected timelines. A cliche in the fantasy and science fiction genre where a person or a group. Falling back or forward into the past or future for unknown reasons. In the sense that it is a paranormal phenomenon (supernatural phenomenon ) close to an accident Deliberate use of a time machine to go against time
This is different from time travel. "




2012 SBS Faith




This is director Kim Jong-hak's latest work.
The action takes place in the era of King Gongming of Goryeo with a touch of fantasy.
This is a historical drama.
"If at that moment it had been done differently,
What would the story be like now? "
Love that transcends time and space, and the process of creating a real king.
Let's deal with this dramatic imagination.
Was the Goryeo country subordinated to the Yuan dynasty?
By order of King Goryeo, Samurai Lee Min Ho
At COEX, Seoul in the 21st century is called the Kingdom of Heaven.
Kidnapped plastic surgeon Kim Hee Sun.
It is a historical product that has no major historical distortions.
I highly recommend this time travel drama.


Translation from korean google

https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.naver?blogId=liebedance&logNo=222524587285&searchKeyword=더 킹


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[SS Photo] Launch of Lee Min Ho's "Faith", "Applause"








Lee Min Ho  SSTV

[SSTV l Guest Reporter Lee Han Suk]


Actor Lee Min Ho poses at a press conference for the new SBS drama "Faith" from Wednesday to Thursday (directed by Kim Jong Hak, Written by Song Ji-na) at the SBS Mok Don office in Seoul on the afternoon of the 9th. ...

How would history have changed if Princess Noguk died in the same year that King Gongmin Koryo joined the Faith? starting from the setting. It tells the story of Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), a plastic surgeon who arrived in Goryeo under General Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and joined the young King Gong Min (Ryu Dok Hwan). in "King Making".

Producer Kim Jong-hak, who directed Eyes of Dawn, Hourglass and Taewangsashinki, took the megaphone, and songwriter Song Jina, who wrote Taewangsashinki, KAIST and The Long-awaited, took over. scenario. In particular, attention is drawn to the meeting between director Kim Jong Hak and writer Song Jin, who for the first time in five years since Taewangsashingi.

Meanwhile, "Faith" starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Dok Hwan, Yoo Oh Sung, Lee Philip, Park Se Young, and Shin Eun Jung will air first on SBS on the 13th. at 21:55 after "The Pursuer". Broadcast every Monday / Tuesday.


Translation from korean google



Lee Min Ho "Faith": "What Kim Jong Hak ordered was ..."






Lee Min Ho SSTV

[SSTV l Reporter Lee Hyun Ji] Actor Lee Min Ho revealed what director Kim Jong Hak requested during filming.


On the afternoon of the 9th, Lee Min Ho attended the launch of the new SBS drama "Faith" from Wednesday to Thursday (directed by Kim Jong Hak, scripted by Song Jin-na) at the SBS building in Mok-dong. In Seoul on the afternoon of the 9th, they asked, "Is there anything that Kim Jong Hak ordered during filming?"

Regarding this, Lee Min Ho said, “When I repeat my lines, they tell me to strengthen myself. I love tossing and turning and it has become a habit. He said he wanted them to feel the power in his words. " He said, "He asked me to work on lines that can be compared to my eyes." He continued, “This is a fusion of historical drama, but this is the role of a warrior and the basis is historical drama,” he said. My body was supposed to be in a free state, but I started in a motionless state. It was difficult to fix, ”he said about the difficult situation at the beginning of filming.


Translation from korean google



"Faith" Lee Min Ho: “Age difference with Kim Hee Sun? It seemed to fit.






Kim Hee Sun - Lee Min Ho SSTV
[SSTV l Reporter Lee Hyun Ji] Actor Lee Min Ho shared his impressions of working with Kim Hee Sun.


On the afternoon of the 9th, Lee Min Ho attended the press conference for the new SBS drama "Faith" (directed by Kim Jong Hak, screenwriter Song Jin) at the SBS building in Mok-dong. , Seoul on the afternoon of the 9th and explained, "In the video, he pairs well with Kim Hee Sun."

He said, “When I got the script, I thought,“ I want to do this. How many people get along with Kim Hee Sun because of the age difference? I was very worried. But somehow I thought that Kim Hee Sun and I would get along. After filming, I was convinced of this. "

Lee Min Ho continued, “Kim Hee Sun has a childish side. There is a lot of energy on set. I think it would be more interesting if it was a romantic comedy. Kim Hee Sun plays a cheerful role, but not my character. I shoot by clicking on myself "...

Lee Min Ho said, “Unfortunately, I played with my sisters at every job. Among them, Kim Hee Sun is the oldest sister. "

He continued, "However, Kim Hee Sun is the youngest in terms of energy." “I think it suits her because she knows more idols than I do and she has younger interests. “It's nice to be together,” he said ...


Translation from korean google



[SS Video] "Faith" Kim Hee Sun "Lee Min Ho's Reality? He talks a lot and eats a lot. "




[SSTV l Reporter Sung Wook Cho] Actress Kim Hee Sung created a friendly atmosphere on the set.

Kim Hee Sun attended the launch of the new SBS drama "Faith" (directed by Kim Jong Hak, screenplay by Song Jin-ah) at the SBS Mok-dong office in Seoul on the afternoon of the 9th.

When asked about the mood maker on set, Kim Hee Sun said, “Everyone has very good personalities. It was easier to get close than to be shy just because we first met, ”he said.

When asked about the mood maker on set, Kim Hee Sun said, “Everyone has very good personalities. It was easier to get close than to be shy just because we first met, ”he said.

Lee Min Ho said, “The mood maker on set is Kim Hee Sun. She talks a lot and is full of energy. " He chose Kim Hee Sun as his mood maker.

In response, Kim Hee Sun said, “There are relatively few actresses, but there are many men during filming. Even Lee Min Ho doesn't know how much he talks, ”he said, making everyone laugh.

In response to Kim Hee Sun's revelations, Lee Min Ho said, "Kim Hee Sun had many questions and many words, so he answered them one by one, so she talked a lot." Kim Hee Sun also denied Lee Min Ho's answer and said, “You are wrong about Lee Min Ho. He talks a lot and eats a lot "...




Translation from korean google


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Re-focus this year! I can't wait for the new drama [starring Lee Min Ho]. Introducing the highlights of the Korean drama "Faith"


Published October 14, 2021




Hello, leave this to us for dramas and films! I'm Haru from Yomuno Writer.

This time, in September, he was named global ambassador for Sell Return mask-shaped facial equipment, and I will continue to do so.

Be sure to check out this work, which is Lee Min Ho's first historical drama to star.


Synopsis of the Korean drama "Faith".




Image source: PR TIMES


Orthopedic surgeon Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hye Sun) is picked up by the warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), who has suddenly arrived from Goryeo and decides to travel back in time to the Goryeo era through Tenmon.

Unsu, whose name was Isen and who succeeded in the queen's operation, was chosen by the king's political enemy, Yu Oh-seong, as a man with special power to predict the future.

Yeon saves her life in order to fulfill his promise to bring her back to the original world ...


A highlight of the Korean drama Faith.


Actions that shine in negligence




Speaking of Lee Min Ho, a game that maximizes the character's emotion to the recipient through random gestures is attractive, but that appeal is fully demonstrated in this work.

For example, when he was closed due to a sad event in the past, he showed his keen eyes, losing light. Then, gradually opening my heart to Unsu, I sometimes see kindness and sometimes a slight smile seeps through.

Lee Min Ho's acting, which expresses such a change in a character's emotions with just a small change in eye movements, doesn't really get a lot of reaction, and it makes me take my hat off every time.

In addition, the destructive power of the smile that Yoon displays, whose expression does not change as much, is immense. The desperate gaze designed to help Oens and the gaze at her also draws in, but a rare smile is sure to touch your heart.


Actions that the martial arts director is also convinced of






Speaking of historical drama, activities such as swordsmanship are one of the attractions, but this work also includes Lee Min Ho, Song Hoon from My Secret Romance, Yoon Kyun Sang from Rebel-Hong Gil Dong of the People, " Misaeng "You can enjoy the great action of great performers like" -Misei- "'s Shin Eun Jung.

Among them, Lee Min Ho, who played the lead role, challenged the action for the first time in City Hunter in Seoul. Although this is the first time in the art of sword wielding, he demonstrates his sharp and magnificent skill with the sword, and also says, "I felt it was very attractive."

The martial arts director of this work also praised Lee Min Ho's passion for acting, saying, "Lee Min Ho's enthusiasm for acting is amazing." He praises his flexibility, saying, "In unexpected situations, you can handle it with your own instant power without giving special instructions."


The script was written by Song Jina, who worked on Bae Yong Joon's performances.

Of course, the performances of the actors, including Lee Min Ho, are beautiful, but the story behind this work is also interesting.

The heroine escapes in time and gets into a turmoil, but at the same time it is interesting to follow the stunts and plots that take place one after another, and follow the next story.

It's hard to predict what the end of the love between Young and Eun Soo will be like, and there are many unsettling moments.

I can't help but watch the following story, based on Bae Yong Joon's drama The Legend of the King and Ji Sung's debut work Kaist ~ Genius's Youth Diary ~. There is no doubt that he is Jin's Dream Writer, who wrote the screenplay for the drama "Healer ~ Best Lover ~" starring Jang Wook.


Let's take a look at the Stay Home series that you care about.






Lee Min Ho's fall into a swamp. Enjoy not only the faithful smile and action scene, but also Song Jina's “story you care about, sequel”.


Translation from Japanese google


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The tree that appeared in the drama "Faith"
I found it by chance, the tree of love I like Lee Min Ho, so I naturally watched the drama. There is a story of love that transcends the time and space of General Choi Young and the scene where I meet again in the final episode, but here That tree that comes out!
Love you!



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June 25, 2012

Lee MinHo ('87) Celebrates His 25th Birthday




One June 22, popular City Hunter star, Lee Minho, was surprised on the set of new SBS drama Faith with a birthday cake celebrating his 25th birthday.


He had this to say about the surprise:


"Today has been pretty busy working on a drama shooting to realize my 26th birthday! It has passed so quickly, but all the good wishes and cheers made me very happy! :) Thank you again for your sweet messages! They mean a lot to me as you know well. Then have a fantastic day everyone and see you soon! :) bye!"


LMH's Video Message:




"Of all the wishes that i want, I hope a new tv drama that is supposed to be aired in few months, The Faith will be successful. I believe it would be so rewarding as much as I do my best, wouldn't it? As well, it will be just as fine as you cheer! :)"


Source: video + messages leeminho1987@yt

drinking some 바나나 우유 in your honor, bb.




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Thanks for all your posts, @nina_mitrokhina! They keep me coming back to check out what new articles/pix you’ve found about Faith. He was sooooooo handsome in this drama! I initially thought LMH looked way too young for the part, but he just pulled me in with his acting and those expressive eyes!





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On 10/31/2021 at 2:14 AM, msdot said:

Thanks for all your posts, @nina_mitrokhina! They keep me coming back to check out what new articles/pix you’ve found about Faith. He was sooooooo handsome in this drama! I initially thought LMH looked way too young for the part, but he just pulled me in with his acting and those expressive eyes!






@msdotThank you for your kind words! I am very pleased that you also love this wonderful series and that you are interested in materials and photos from "Faith". The only pity is that they are not often online.




Korean drama recommended historical drama [2021-22 version]!


Of course, many Korean dramas are known for their love affairs, people, tension and thrills, as well as professionals such as lawyers and doctors, but in fact, "historical dramas" depicting the Kyryo era are also very popular.  Korean historical drama is popular because it is a mixture of love and battle for succession.  The brilliance of the actors involved in Korean dramatic history and other amatic works, as well as the love and humanity of the protagonists who are at the mercy of the story, are addictive, such as measures.


There are many works that are popular not only on the Internet and word of mouth, but also in Korea.  Here we present the recommended "Korean and Story Drama" pieces that are attracting a lot of attention among Korean dramas. - You can watch it from today [list of Korean dramas] Lots of romantic comedies, romances, and historical dramas...


Faith - Nobuyoshi




Introduction to the work of Koryo in 1851.  Choi Yeon, the warlord, was ordered to bring the legendary priest and travel to a place called the Heavenly Hole.  Through it, I came to the modern soul.  Yong finds Orthopedic Surgeon Unsu and forcibly takes him to Goryeo.




Although it is a historical drama as a genre, it contains a strong element of fantasy and represents a significant departure from reality.  After watching the last episode, it makes me sad to come back to reality (laughs). Lee Min Ho's gentle smile that I sometimes show heals me.  Also notice scenes of intense action, such as the great judgment of the sword.  In the video, you can see two people discussing even the most subtle movements of their eyes.  You cannot see the scene where you are trying to save a loved one, risking your life, without crying. 


Broadcast year: 2012
Artists: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Dok Hwan, Lee Philip Oh The Great Doctor LLC and Master Works Ltd.  Licensed by TOUCHSKY Ltd.


Translation from Japanese google



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These Fan-Favorite Korean Dramas Will Turn 10 Years Old This 2022


JANUARY 3, 2022




Check your age K-Drama fans! And the years of how long you've been supporting your favorite K- Drama stars!


Much of the featured well-loved Korean dramas in this list feature Korean actors and actresses that have kept their prominence and following shining through the years! Melodramas and a plethora of time-traveling series abound 2012 K-Drama season. Some created iconic characters as well as enduring plots that have since been used as storyline prototypes. See how old and loyal you've been, diligently and proudly staying as a K-Drama fan through this trip down to K-Drama Memory lane!






Lee Min Ho | Kim Hee Sun


Assimilating the action plot with the supernatural spices and decorating it with folklore. Having a band of villains equipped with mojos and supernatural powers. Featuring a sassy and bubbly modern-day doctor cutely lost to a new world she was forced to live. And of course, the Thor-ish General who made even Kenshin Himura looked so inferior. These are the essentials that made Faith such an enthralling drama experience. The provocative plot matches the annoying villain assaults as well as the firm, arresting retaliation of the underdogs. Faith is a remarkably premeditated tale that successfully notched the path where it was directing the audience - hope, holding on faith and happiness. The series' ability to balance the transcendent elemental nonsense was plausible and cohering to how it mounted to the story's peak. K-Drama Review: Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun's Time-Defying Romance In "Faith".



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