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  1. @CarolynH, I was also interested in Lee Mi Ho's menu - it seems that he strictly monitors his weight and restricts himself from fatty foods. That's why Lee Min Ho is so slim and handsome! It's funny that he doesn't like cucumbers (although they are useful) - apparently such a feature of the body. Everyone has different tastes.
  2. Awesome, this is Lee Min Ho's pay for the upcoming drama Pachinko. Khairiya - May 6, 2021 Acting actor Lee Min Ho. / Instagram / EDITORIAL NEWS - Lee Min Ho has just finished filming the drama "Pachinko," which is set to air on Apple TV. Quoted by Editornews via @Lee_Mino_Indonesia's Instagram account, Pachinko's drama is a drama taken from Min Jin Lee's novel of the same name. In addition to Lee Min Ho, Yong Yeo Jung and Min Hakim also star in this drama, and there are also several international actors and actresses who are o
  3. Lee Min-ho Workout Routine and Diet Plan By ZingSid | May 5, 2021 Lee Min-ho Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Lee Min-ho is a singer, model, and actor primarily known for giving some of the best K-drama shows like Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, Legend Of The Blue Sea, City Hunter, etc. Also starred in movies like Gangnam Blues, Bounty Hunters, Get Up, etc. Lee Min-ho is undoubtedly one of the most prominent actors you will see in South Korea. However, other than his acting skills, Lee Min-ho is also known for being one of the most handsome and sexiest guys. So
  4. It's nice and fun to see Jang Geun Suk in top shape! https://www.instagram.com/p/COhI-HLnjyZ/?igshid=1r9okg0938roh
  5. "이민호(LEEMINHO) 세종학당 홍보대사 위촉식 | LEEMINHO 李敏镐 'King Sejong institute' Ambassador 190709" in YouTube
  6. Lee Min Ho's new achievements: From April 6th to May 5th, "Beloved Doll Celebrity" Honorary Hall of Fame Actors 1st place is Lee Min Ho, 2nd place Do Kyung Soo, 3rd place Lee Jun Ki occupy "Beloved Doll Celebrity" voting results until the 5th of every month After totaling the total cumulative points including the above, select the 1st to 3rd place stars as "donation angels" and donate and advertise on the subway CM board.
  7. @leeminhosny, @CarolynH, You're right, it's time to end this nonsensical argument. But it seems to me that Lee Min Ho will take care of his own career, without the help of fans.
  8. @leeminhosny, I don’t consider you “fansteenager fangirl”, but I understand very well what unmet needs and psychological dependence are. Therefore, I consider your claims to Lee Min Ho to be inappropriate. What other actors are doing now and where they are filming does not bother me much.
  9. @leeminhosny, @Nikaa94 In no way want to hurt personal feelings, but I'm really scared for you! Being so strongly attached to a stranger, constantly thinking about him is very dangerous and looks like an addiction. Take care of yourself, please, and be distracted by real life. As for Lee Min Ho's "duty to fans," he doesn't owe us anything. He did not ask us to follow him, not sleep at night, torment and suffer. We ourselves voluntarily become fans of the actor, and Lee Min Ho has the right to do as he sees fit, without involving fans in his affairs.,
  10. @Lindyloo421, Thank you for your understanding and a balanced and interesting opinion! I completely agree with you - it seems to me that you should not condemn Lee Min Ho without knowing the reasons for his actions. Hopefully he will release a new video soon to the delight of fans. I also agree to wait for his new works, even if they appear only next year. With Pachinko, the situation is difficult, because the date of the premiere has not yet been announced. Minoz celebrates Children's Day with adorable photos of Lee Min Ho Children's Day is currently celebra
  11. Interview with OA The other day, we announced the release of the single "Emotion" at the end of May and restarted our artist activities! Good friends with Jae-joong Eh !? With Jae-joong Were together? What kind of talk will pop out !? https://www.instagram.com/p/COfVczgH5_2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Today is Children's Day in Korea
  12. Helping disadvantaged people, Kim Go Eun donates hundreds of millions of rupees to commemorate Children's Day in South Korea Nisrina Hoirunnis - Wednesday, May 5, 2021 Report by Grid.ID journalist Nisrina Hoirunnisa Grid.ID - Actress Kim Go Eun's life is never tarnished by the attention of fans. Especially when Kim Go Eun plays a drama titled 'The King: Eternal Monarch' all along Lee Min Ho, this actress keeps netizens from stopping to explore her life. Many guesses that Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho will be dating after filming the drama.
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