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  1. Xie Wanru was set up by the 2nd prince to go to the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince was expecting Wang Xuan but Wanru came earlier.
  2. I think I'm in this because of YangYang but I can be in it because of Dilraba too. Both are favorites of mine and I always follow their projects. I hope this comes out soon.
  3. Same...I Like the male lead here. Dilraba is on a roll...so many shows lined up.
  4. I always feel annoyed when one of the leads stray from their personalities or character. Awu didn't like her cousin from the beginning and all of the sudden she allows the mother and daughter in her home. Awu should have smelled a rat when they were very persistent in settling in her house. No matter how superstitious about the directions (as per the reason of her aunt). She just let a snake in her house. Re the seduction of Xiao Qi, it is to be expected. It never occurred to Awu to bring her cousin in as a concubine but the fact that she allows her in her house opens the opportunity.
  5. I noticed in most period drams that beauty and valor play a huge role in making a mess in a hero or heroine's life.
  6. @JilliaYeah, I understand that a lot of guys will fall for Ah Wu. I was suspish when Gen Song touched her to prevent her from going to the palace. That's a big no-no during their time. So he was really concerned about her that time. I always adjust my mindset when I watch dramas set during the olden days. This is so I can accept and suspend my disbelief that women were not really able to asset their thoughts during those times.
  7. I read somewhere that the author of the webtoon will not confirm who JK ends up with on the drama but that she has already chosen who she ends up with from the beginning of the webtoon. She encourages people to read the webtoon to find out. Does this mean that the drama will have a hanging ending? I don't think m y heart can stand it!
  8. I love Xiao Qi! He looks at her like she's his goddess...with those limpid and longing eyes! Auughhhh!! So lovesick and in love with Awu!!
  9. Hahaha! I totally get why some people are "amazed" at ZZY doing this role. She is 41 this year, after all. I read that she's one of the investors for this show so she totally picked this for herself. Aside from this, the story is several episodes long so maybe they considered the ending, she should be around this age when this ends. She's a great actress so maybe they wanted to focus on the character's time when she's mature. I've known her for a long time and I really like her.
  10. I was never a fan of noble idiocy but Darren Wang looks so good doing it.
  11. I know right? The situation right now is scary enough and heavy enough that I just want a light and happy drama. I know that there are going to be some heavy topics later on but most of the time I'm thinking this is going to be a breeze.
  12. I totally love the first 2 epis!! So cute and made me guffaw several times. I guess in this time of COVID, I really need a drama that is light and makes me laugh. And this is in the midst of beauty issues, suicide and bullying. Thank you Drama Gods for giving me something to look forward to.
  13. The thread is still moving!! YES!! I could never get over how perfect Choi Young is. LMH did so well portraying CY.
  14. I am interested in this...because for once it's the guy who travels back in time.
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