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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];


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Debut 15th Anniversary, Let's Look Back at the Movies That Made Lee Min Ho


Wang An - CTV
May 10, 2021


On this day 15 years ago, Lee Min Ho made his official debut as an actor.
Lee Min Ho is one of the familiar names of the Korean entertainment industry. On May 10, 2006, the actor made his official debut with his first role. At the moment, the guy is 15 years old of his debut.




Over the 15 years of his acting career, his positions are increasingly being promoted. Let's take a look at the great movies that make up Lee Min Ho's name!


Boys Over Flowers - Meteorite Garden (2009)



He made his debut in 2006, but it wasn't until 2009 that Lee Min Ho became known to the public. At that time, I mean the movie Meteor Garden, every movie that we know. The film is considered a major breakthrough milestone for bringing Lee Min Ho's name closer to audiences after a long period of decline in the entertainment industry.






Meteor Garden is adapted from the Japanese manga The Rich Family. In the film, Lee Min Ho plays the young master Goo Jun Pyo, the leader of F4, a group of 4 handsome, wealthy and powerful boys from Xinghwa High School. In the film, he loves poor girl Geum Jang Di, played by actress Goo Hye Sun. The film made Lee Min Ho a star and most popular young actor in 2009.

Faith - God of Medicine (2012)




"Shen Yi" is a film that opens the historical roles of Lee Min Ho. Shen Y is a historical film about the fateful meeting of a female surgeon and a general of the Goryeo dynasty. The general came to the future to bring a woman doctor to the past and to help people heal diseases.






Although the film did not receive the expected buzz, Lee Min Ho's performance was highly acclaimed. This role helped Lee Min Ho get rid of the rich prince image he used to play.


City Hunter - City Hunter (2014)






The film that made Lee Min Ho's name spread throughout Asia. In City Hunter, Lee Min Ho plays the role of IT Doctor Lee Yoon Sung, who works in the Green House in the process of finding the man who killed his father. This film condemns the downside of Korean politics and the bloody purges. As a city hunter, Lee Min Ho has received many accolades for his acting and martial arts skills.






The city hunter at that time covered almost all of Asia. After City Hunter aired, male and female couple Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young simultaneously confirmed the date and received a lot of support. However, after 4 months, the couple announced a breakup, making many regret the beauty of both.


 The Heirs - Descendants - (2016)






The Heirs is the most popular Asian film in 2016. This film helped Lee Min Ho confirm his name as one of the main male gods in Asia.






The Heirs revolves around Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho), the illegitimate son of the Jeguk Corporation. For economic reasons, he is engaged to Yoo Rachel (played by Kim Ji Won), the daughter of a fashion conglomerate. He has a fatal meeting with Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye) and falls in love with his maid's daughter. The couple's love story has raised a lot of objections from family and society due to the gap between rich and poor. This film was very popular at the time and promoted many fashion trends.


Legend of the Blue Sea - Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)






The Legend of the Blue Sea is a fantasy romance film based on the story of a mermaid written by the Joseon period scholar Eu Yadam. The film's content revolves around a romantic love story between the mermaid Shim Chung (played by Jung Ji Hyun) and the wily man Ho Joon Jae (played by Lee Min Ho).


In particular, in a past life, Jun Jae once met and saved the life of the mermaid Shim Chung so that she could survive to this day. The film was written by Park Ji Eun from The Star Leading You Into Town and directed by City Hunter. Sea legend Xan h has honored one of the best films of 2016 with a series of prestigious awards.






The King - Immortal Monarch (2020)






"The King - Immortal Monarch" is a work commemorating Lee Min Ho's return from a long conscription, as well as a feature film by renowned writer Kim Eun Suk about a parallel world between the Korean Empire and the Republic of Korea. The Immortal King talks about two parallel universes of monarchy and democracy.






In "The King - Immortal Monarch", Lee Min Ho plays Emperor Lee Gong, the 3rd generation Emperor of Korea. In the eyes of people, he is a delicate person, he has a beautiful appearance, a calm demeanor and an ideal ruler. In the film, the guy associated with Kim Go Eun, in addition to being responsible for closing the space door, is immersed in deep and abandoned love, being in two completely different worlds.


15 years old - However, with a beautiful appearance and a rich acting style, Lee Min Ho's upcoming works will surely fall in love with film fans.


Translation from Vietnamese google

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I saw BOF first but was only impressed by LMH after CH.  Just my kind of drama and he was perfect in CH.  Someone said there is always the "It" moment.  For me it was seeing LMH on the elephant and training in the mud. :D

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Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary !

You've done well !!  


We'll celebrate by singing karaoke.

We know sad love songs are your favorite.  :)





I'll bring the sweets.




We can't wait to see what the future will bring!




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On 5/9/2021 at 12:18 AM, Lmangla said:

EVENT! well, 15 years debut anniversary!!! isn't that special?! let us celebrate it with style! 


we have a poll set up for you -- select your choices. 

on monday, 10th May, we are going to have a little celebration soompi style! posting the party directions today (sunday) so that you have time to prepare for tomorrow (monday). :)


on monday, post any one of these:

1. your favourite pic of LMH! and a picture from where you are from. it can be a landmark, a dish, a tree, a scenery. something that showcases how diverse our soompi fans are. :) 

2. if you have photoshop skills, create a postcard! smash your favourite pic of LMH along with a pic of where you are from and add a funny question -- what would you ask if you met him for 10 seconds and were allowed to ask anything? 

3. your favourite CF of LMH -- something that cracks you up or just moves you

4. your favourite song that makes you think of LMH - it can be OST from one of his dramas or just any song -- explain what is about this song. 


along with that, you have to post a dish! what is a celebration without food right? so share your favourite dishes that you would celebrate together at a fan party. cakes? (photoshop LMH on it! hahahhahah). you can bring drinks too. make it festive. it is all your day! it is a garden party! do you know what you will be wearing? are you excited? lets have fun!!!! 





re: @CarolynH @Sleepy Owl, @partyon ....


Like the banana milk commercial, early commercials.  Eider commercial with the golden retriever, cute

Favorite song of LMH  Painful love and the one he sang with LSG though it is not an original song.

Love his Eider fan signing events.

I will ask him if he would like to do a movie or drama as a father of a precocious kid. 

Or, why does he not do a movie and a drama every year? :tounge_wink:


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My favorite CF-most all of Innisfree, but this is my very favorite.  The voice, the close up mmmmmmmmmmmm:heart:

cr: Innisfree Singapore via Monica Setiono


@gtLmh0622 and @CalliePI know a lot loved the way LMH looked in CH, but had I watched that drama first, I don't think I would have started following LMH.  


I'm surprised the BOF was the first drama for many of you.  I assumed it would be Heirs or TKEM.  I love these polls; it's so interesting how people vote.


Ice Cream Eating GIF

Now I'm bringing ice cream to the celebration.  Any time I see a cone, it reminds me of LMH biting his ice cream-wouldn't you get brain freeze?

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5 Best Lee Min Ho K-dramas, from The King: Eternal Monarch to The Heirs, here are the star's greatest hits




South Korean actor Lee Min Ho is easily one of the biggest names in K-Dramas. Dubbed the "Hallyu" king for the role his dramas have played in bringing in international fans, Lee is celebrating his 15th anniversary since his debut this year. Lee played his first K-Drama main role in the 2006 EBS drama, "Secret Campus".


The 33-year-old actor has since gone on to add more credits to his name, many of which became cult classics and international hits. When new viewers tune into Korean dramas, they are often recommended Lee's dramas, which almost form a rite of passage.


Lee's last drama was the hit show, "The King: Eternal Monarch". The actor is currently shooting for the adaptation of "Pachinko", which is Apple's first Korean drama. "Pachinko" will also star "The King: Eternal Monarch" co-star Jung Eun Chae, as well as Oscar winner for "Minari", Young Yuh Jung.

Lee has many credits under his name, but some of his Korean dramas stand out more than others. Here are Lee Min Ho's five best dramas.


5 Best Lee Min Ho dramas

#1 - The King: Eternal Monarch

"The King: Eternal Monarch" was one of the biggest K-dramas of 2020. Also starring Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-Hwan, and Jung Eun-chae, the show cemented Lee's spot as an international Korean star.

In the show, Lee plays Lee Gon, the emperor of Kingdom of Corea in an alternate universe. Lee's charisma brought out the royal character well and his chemistry with both Kim and Woo made for an enjoyable experience for viewers.


#2 - Legend of the Blue Sea

"Legend of the Blue Sea" brought Lee together with Jun Ji-Hyun, unarguably a power house in Korean dramas. Here, Lee played two roles, that of Heo Joon Jae, a con artist in the present, and Kim Dam-ryeong, an upper-class official in the Joseon era. With Jun in the female lead role, Lee's work in "Legend of the Blue Sea" added another drama to the list of dramas that did well internationally.


#3 - The Heirs

"The Heirs", also known as "Inheritors", brought Lee with other big young stars of the K-Drama industry, including Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Sik, Krystal, Kang Ha Neul, and more.

Lee plays a spoilt chaebol heir who falls for the live-in housekeeper's daughter, who has a rivalry with his former best friend. The 2013 drama earned its cast plenty of awards and still continues to be one of the most-watched shows.


#4 - City Hunter

"City Hunter" starred Lee, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, and others, and was a 2011 drama based on a Japanese manga series of the same name. It was also one of the shows that paved the way for Lee's success in Europe and the United States, leading him to be recognized with awards as well as other honors.


#5 - Boys Over Flowers

"Boys Over Flowers" is Lee's first big drama that did well internationally. The 2009 high school drama also starred Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Kim So Eun, and others, and was based on a Japanese manga series. 






15 Years of Career, Sweet Greetings from Fans Flood Lee Min Ho  




The Boys Over Flower star is celebrating 15 years of his career in the South Korean entertainment industry.

This was revealed from the uploads of Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment on social media. In the post, they congratulated and thanked Minoz, Min Ho's loyal fans.


“Congratulations to actor Lee Min Ho celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut today. Thank you to Minoz for always giving warm support to Lee Min Ho, ”they wrote on Instagram, Monday, May 10, 2021.


Through this post, it appears that the actor is taking a photo with a lisinathus flower. Min Ho also looks cute in all black clothes with his bangs covering his forehead.


Meanwhile, the agency said that Min Ho's interest was a form of dedication to Minoz who had always supported him for the past 15 years.


This moment is certainly appreciated by Minoz all over the world. They also gave sweet wishes to the idol on this special day.


"Congratulations LeeMinHo 15th Anniversary," wrote the tettysupit account.

"Congrats love," said the intan_alia account.

"I just want to open my heart and let you know how much you mean to me," commented on the priyakashyap2245 account.


Congratulations to Lee Min Ho!






10 pairs of friends we're waiting to star in a KDrama together - their bromance is real!


The friendships that exist between Korean artists often begin with working together in films, dramas, and other projects. But there are also those who know each other, even become close, because of the same friends or circles that are connected to each other. Like some of the actors below, they are known to be friends even though they have never played together in dramas or films.


The friendship of these actors often makes fans happy and often looks forward to projects together. What happens if these actors meet in the same drama someday? 


1. Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo have been friends since they were in school, but have never played a drama together. Waiting for their acting together, right?




7. Since the sudden release of their collaboration, who doesn't love Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho more? If they play a drama together, how many days and nights will each episode be trending ?








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@syntyche, Thank you very much for the footnote! Hooray!

What a joy to see Lee Min Ho in good health! We missed you so much during these long weeks. A very beautiful photo - mischievous eyes suggest that Minho is smiling under the mask.


Lee Min Ho vs SHINee's Minho - Who would be your ideal Minho?


Make some choices and we will reveal which Minho is your ideal man! Take the quiz now.


Written By Anwaya Mane 2954 reads  Mumbai Published: May 11, 2021




What is common between these two handsome, talented and wonderful artists, is of course their first name! Lee Min Ho is an actor and Hallyu superstar, he is widely regarded as the most popular Korean actor overseas, Lee Min Ho's popularity, fan-following and star power, remains unparalleled! Choi Min Ho is a rapper, sub-vocalist and visual of the popular K-pop group, SHINee!

Both the Minhos share a lot more qualities in common besides their illustrious name. Both of them are actors and singers. They are also regarded as visuals, with their chiselled face and sharp features. They also share a common love for soccer, both wanting to play soccer for their country when they grow up! The two talented men also look for similar qualities in their ideal woman. Also, both the Minhos are complete dorks beyond their gorgeous visuals!


Surprisingly, both the Minhos have never crossed paths, yet share so much in common. But have you wondered which of the two Minhos is your ideal man? Is it the king of hearts, Lee Min Ho or the global K-pop star, Choi Min Ho? Well, answer a few questions and we will reveal which of the two Minhos is your ideal type!


Lee Min Ho will next star in Pachinko, a K-drama adaptation of Min Jin Lee's best-selling novel, Pachinko. Lee Min Ho plays Hansu, which by his won admission is "a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organised crime." Choi Min Ho will make a special appearance in Yumi's Cells alongside Kim Go Eun!


Which of the two Minhos did you get? Share your results with Pinkvilla in the comments below.



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What a relief to see today’s IG- I was beginning  to worry he was ill.


BOF was my first kdrama and I really liked him in that and went straight on to watch Heirs and my It moment was the orchard scene where he stands there dripping wet with tears in his eyes-=wow! My favourite song is his performance of Last Love which Ice filmed in Yokohama.

Foodwise I thought the cake that the king brought Yeong in hospital looked yummy!



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My first glimpse of LMH was in Faith, and I was immediately and it seems, permanently, captivated by the stoic warrior, Choi Young. Even playing a taciturn warrior who kills people as part of his job, he showed such sweetness in the character's slow growing romance with the doctor and friendship with the king. From there I watched other works of his and also  became charmed by who he is as a person: his easy laugh, his humility, philanthropy and appreciation of his fans. Happy 15th Anniversary, Lee Min Ho! You worked hard and deserve your fame!


Here's one (of dozens) of my favorite pictures from Faith:




I was touched by the song in Faith named, Because My Steps Are Slow:



I live in Oaxaca, Mexico, and was delighted to discover a Korean restaurant here!  Here's their menu for comida (the mid-afternoon main meal of the day in Oaxaca). My favorite is Bulgogui Pasta.





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Lee Min-ho, how handsome you are... It's already the 15th anniversary of your debut



Lee Min-ho thanked those who celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut.

Actor Lee Min-ho posted a photo on his Instagram on the 11th with a message saying, "Thank You Everyone for celebrating 15th Debut Anniversary."


The photo released shows a selfie of Lee Min-ho in casual clothes wearing a mask. He made his fans excited by showing off his handsome looks. In addition, he thanked those who celebrated his 15th anniversary.


Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will star in "Pachinko," an eight-episode drama series of Apple TV+, his next film after the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch," which ended last year. "Pachinko" is based on a best-selling novel of the same title by Lee Min-jin, which tells the story of four generations of Korean immigrant families, which began filming in October last year.






Lee Min-ho, 'Handsome beauty' that even a mask can't hide... Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of his debut

Actor Lee Min-ho said hello to fans who celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut.

On the 11th, Lee Min-ho thanked fans for celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut on his Instagram.

The photo released shows Lee Min-ho wearing a mask and updating the recent situation. The warm beauty that even a mask can't hide, as well as a happy smile, attracted attention.


Lee Min-ho made his debut in 2006 with the youth drama 'Secret Campus'.


Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho, along with actor Yoon Yeo-jung, will be part of Apple TV+'s original series drama "Pachinko," which is about Korean immigrants overcoming adversity after the Japanese occupation. "Pachinko" is currently receiving global attention.




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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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