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  1. According to the Harper's Bazaar article, he wants to do more projects in his 30's but he hasn't. He has more CFs but not movies or dramas. He needs to get moving if he means what he says. Sign up for another drama. According to " the Garage article" posted earlier, ATS is supposed to be 2024 Second Quarter?? That should be right now.
  2. @leeminhosny Ask The Stars wasn't in TVN, MBC, SBS, Netflix and Disney 2024 drama lineup and today isn't in Studio Dragon 2024 drama lineup, my feeling came true, unfortunatelly this drama is postponed until next year,big dissappointment "Studio Dragon is expecting to air #AskTheStars in the second half of this year. Actor #LeeMinHo has a sizeable fan group, so multiple OTTs are coveting his work. SD is in negotiations to reap high profits despite prolongation." - Official in Cultural Content Investment Industry So is ATS going to be on later this year and is Pachinko also later this year? I am not sure which is which. Conflicting information. I want LMH to do real dramas not get stuck with Pachinko for another two seasons if he is only going to have minimal screen presence.
  3. Hi Carolyn: Thanks for pointing out where the link is. I forgot it would be on page 1. So Jung Hyuk is going to be shirtless Hi Thong Thin Hi Thong Thin!
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