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  1. Just finished the 1st Ep of Mackerel Run for the first time..haha he's come a long way indeed ! He was funny in some parts, I almost laughed off my chair in his heroic rescue to Moon Chae Won's red scarf but fell into the sea of Mackerel fishes. Now i wonder if that's why the drama was named Mackarel Run. I agreed that the overall dramas were a bit exaggerated, i guess partly it was required to produce the comedic effect . It's fun to see LMH's younger self, totally different from who he is today. Nevertheless the anger portrayed through his eyes when he was beaten up and forced to leave the team and school...that bit to me is still what he was good at and has developed to become his strength (reminds me of his eyes acting in the ending of Ep10 LOTBS when he regained his memories and ran off the street looking for SC) oh dear.. i miss him terribly. can't wait to see his eyes acting again !
  2. @scrawford me too ! Really hoping for it but would they normally publish the stills that soon when the air date is so far away? I’m also still in denial that the drama will only be aired in July. I don’t think there was any official confirmation directly from SBS or the production company yet is there? Anyone knows?
  3. Thanks @gtLmh0622 and @syntyche our emperor is looking so majestic even from a distant. 2019 truly went by so fast! I get just a little emo thinking how it’s the year I discovered City Hunter, Heirs, BOF, Personal Taste and then Faith ...and then get stucked on LMH to the point of no return. I’m sure I’ll be a fan at least for a long long time .. i would love to hear stories of how all you reminiscence on 2019 with our boy. It’s especially a great year for long time fans like most of you to celebrate his return from military.
  4. Merry Christmas fellow Soompiers, ...hope everyone has a great holiday and an enjoyable time with family and loved ones. Here’s also hoping that our boy gets to enjoy this special day with his family and take a well deserved break from his work. Fighting !
  5. OMG so handsome...i just died a bit. the gaze...oh dear ! I thought the previous mag was his best but this one is daebak ! i think it's a very grand opening to 2020 Dear Mr. Lee Min Ho..if you lurking on this thread I just want to say Thank You. Amidst the daily chaos, hustle and bustle of our life we can always count on your charms and surprises to lighten up our day .. As much as I am impatience with your new drama I'm looking forward to supporting you throughout your 2nd Act and enjoying the moment with you as a fan. Wishing you a successful return and may health and happiness be with you. Dazed the emperor !
  6. Thank you for all the updates. We have been so blessed with a few more social media posts yesterday and now he is grazing the cover of DAZED KOREA Jan Issue. I'm already drooling looking at the covers. Can't wait for more pictorials and interviews... I hope the news of The King's airing date is unconfirmed as July 2020 is seriously beyond reach... *sob sob*
  7. Yeah good idea ! I vote for Jan. Life’s been busy and I haven’t complete all the DMZ episodes too.
  8. thanks @1ouise @CarolynH @msdot , Never have I been so interested in watching a wildlife documentary before. It’s nice to see the natural side of LMH and he has such a soothing narration voice ! The ramen scene was loveable when he said his mum would silently cook him dinner seeing this. I couldn’t bear watching the wild boar eating one another. Kind of heartache seeing our LMH struggling with the stairs and having to wake in the middle of his sleep for the wild goat. He truly has a big heart, so proud of him donating his talent this way.
  9. LOTBS Ep20 Thanks all, absolutely agree with all your comments. Personally the ending of lotbs was the best for me out of all LMH’s dramas. Every second details were so well thought of including the wedding photos, the pink pearl ring, the journals and the dirty love. The drinking scene when HJJ said “I miss her” got me so emotional...so touching to see him drives to the sea for sunrise and sunset , and the way he stared out into the blue sea trying hard to recollect his memories was so beautiful. Still my best Drama after all these years...after watching Lotbs it’s been really really hard to find another drama that I enjoyed as much as Lotbs. Thank you HJJ for introducing me to LMH
  10. LMH In LOTBS ep 19 LMH is so lovable in this ep. The ending scene where they parted by the pool is also my most favorite. Just everything about LMH’s acting in the last scene has emotionally affected me as an audience ... The way he delicately looked at JJH , his gaze, his deep voice, his hairstyle, his maturity and to finish off with his signature kiss. All truly reflected in the 21% rating. Thanks @Lindyloo421 good to hear some tidbits of news on the king . I’m sure you’re having a good time with your magazine, how long did you have to wait? I recently ordered some Promiz items for the first time and I was really super impressed by their service. It only took 5 working days from the time I submitted my order to receiving the parcel. That’s from South Korea to Melbourne. I am a happy fan.
  11. Thanks @gtLmh0622 for clarifying. Yes omg our king is so handsome in his equestrian attire. I can’t stop staring at his white fitted pants
  12. Hi @Valentino you’re Nika94? Welcome back. I’m a new fan here but yes I do remember you when i crazily went through all the posts here and LBS thread. Good to hear you’re graduating soon, yayyy! I’m also confused it seems LMH role is a mystery, not sure if he plays dual role or he would travel to the parallel modern world. Maybe others can shed some light....
  13. thanks @syntyche it’s so nice to see him attends a wedding, this is so rare. I read that this is the wedding of the composer of LMH’s songs and producer of My Everything. So nice of him.
  14. @CarolynH yeah it’s my first live ones I’m so excited and looking forward to the fun!! for once I’m hoping to turn a year older quickly so 2020 would come soon.... I recalled reading one translation from his last IG live (in Aug), he said there’s a plan to hold a fan meeting next year after drama ends .
  15. Thanks @Lindyloo421 @msdot, the link works for me. Just to be consistent, do we type the title "The King : The Eternal Monarch" ? it doesn't matter if there are slight variations right lol...
  16. @CarolynH2 arghh oh no ! I have high expectations that it would be on Netflix. LOTBS is finally on Netflix starting today in my region so I thought it must be good sign that they are promoting LMH before airing his new drama. Ahhh ...all wishful thinking ... finger crossed ! hope you get some sleep tonight
  17. me too! I wonder if that’s normal for Korea Magazine or its just the power of our boy. It’s a Photo Book !
  18. @Lindyloo421 The ‘Pink Joon Jae’ is my favorite too ! but rewatching it on Viki with these truck of doom comments really ruined the atmosphere.....those comments are funny to read, but can be annoying too sometimes :p
  19. Oh my goodness gracious me ! he is so charming in the magazine covers, far beyond my imagination. I am so on cloud 9...I’ve been staring at these covers all day, peeking in between work, cooking and stuffs. he makes my heart ❤️ flutters !... I hope being so madly in awe with Lee Min Ho doesn’t mean I’m cheating on my other half right? It’s a different kind of virtual love.
  20. @MsDot2 wow i’m so impressed by your writing...your words are very descriptive and full of action packed too. I’ve only just watched Faith for the first time recently , this certainly helped to provide more clarity. Thanks for the amazing effort, can’t wait for more !
  21. Actor Lee Jung Jin shared his script reading photo on IG for The King he said "its finally starting !! please look forward to it" https://www.instagram.com/p/B2k1ukxlrTl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link sorry, i'm not sure how to embed the IG post here.
  22. Thank you @msdot @Lindyloo421 @gtLmh0622 ! both the Kissasian and Asiantv works and yayyyy it has city hunter thanks for the DVD info absolutely agree that's the best way to go. i'll be on a DVD hunt soon. gtlmh0622, LOTBS has 27.2 million views now on kissasian...impressive record !
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