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  1. @MsDot2: I think I've mentioned that I live in So Cal. I've only shared my love of kdramas and LMH with a few people. Not even my close friends know about LMH (or that I watch kdramas). I really wanted to know what someone, a female, who is not a fan of Asian men (not that they dislike them, just not into them), thought of LMH. I finally showed a coworker friend the SBS 2016 drama awards video. She agreed that LMH is good looking. I think he is a little too lean for her taste. I found that another coworker's family (Filipino, but from Guam) is into kdramas and kpop. I told him that I'm coming over to watch kdramas with his family lol. NOt sure if they like LMH (or know who he is). One day, I'll ask. @1ouise: I also noticed that the number of followers is dropping. Hmm, so soompi may be deleting people who are no longer active? I know a lot who use to comment no longer comment, but I expect (hope!) that they will return when LMH is more active or his drama begins.
  2. @Lindyloo421: You became a fan even after looking at LMH with the croissant curls? lol. It didn't bother me, although it looked--different. Did you watch the rest of his dramas in order? I watched Faith, then city hunter. Did you watch Secret Campus? Even though LMh wasn't the lead or in many of the scenes, it actually was a pretty good drama. I still haven't seen mackeral run. Hmm, maybe I should watch it now since we have time before the King. I really shouldn't have limited the question of how people stumbled across LMH. I have no idea how @gtLmh0622 or @1ouise discovered LMH. so anyone can respond to the question. When I first joined, I mentioned how I discovered LMH, but I don't think many people do.
  3. cr: as tagged I'm not sure if I want to see the King on Netflix or viki. In a way, I like viki because of the comments, although I do get distracted trying to read the comments and subtitles, simultaneously. I missed some scene in ep 8 because I was reading the comments. On the flip side, the comments also give the LMH naysayers a platform for negative comments about him and/or his acting. I'm surprised to see LMH in a mask again. i would think he'd never want to see another mask after wearing them for 2 years.
  4. Ah, thank you @gtLmh0622! That makes sense to me. I guess the soompi thread for upcoming dramas isn't updated because it still has the King without a station or airing date. @CallieP: i think LMH looks totally masculine in GB. Aside from that, I think it's some of their mannerisms; the posing for certain photos which seem girly.
  5. cr: Monika Setiono It's KCON weekend in Los Angeles. Watching this, I remember I went to KCON in 2016. Sadly, I didn't get to see LMH. So close, yet so far. The tickets were over $100 (and probably in the nosebleed section) by the time I found out LMH would be at the venue. It is, however, interesting people watching if anyone has a chance to attend. I have to admit that I'm somewhat disappointed that the King will be broadcasted by SBS. I was really hoping it would be on cable. @willenette: is the writer who choses what station a drama will be broadcasted. it sounds as though KES chose SBS. I'd love to see the King this year, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. @Lindyloo421@sophieH and anyone else who is new to the thread. I'd to read how you found LMH. LBS weekend episode 8. Start watching!
  6. cr: as tagged @Lindyloo421 I agree that LMH looks exceptionally handsome in this series. One being the scene where Jin joo rear ends HJJ's car. Sometimes he looks so handsome that I just stare with my mouth open. Thanks y'all for the info on where to watch the DMZ doc.
  7. I loved this last two episodes, especially when PMY's aide started crying outside the hospital and the look on Sec Cha's face when PMY announced his candidacy. I was watching during my lunch hour at work and teared up lol. I had to quickly wipe my tears before anyone asked why I was crying. At first, I detested Assemblywoman Yun, but now I respect her. But from the previews, it looks as though she reverted to the Yun I detested. I hope that I'm wrong. She and Major Kang should back PMY. Assemblywoman Yun might have a chance of winning, but I wouldn't think Major Kang would. People who aren't watching this drama are really missing a gem of a show.
  8. @SophieH: A late welcome from me! I started the same way as you, reading all the pages, lurked for a couple of months then finally joined. I joined right after Heirs, so there was almost constant CFs and ads. I also ended up reading the threads for the dramas, except Faith. My plan was to read the Faith thread during his MS, but we ended up recapping the dramas, so that, along with seeing him during the weekday kept me busy. My theory is that he is "transforming" himself (losing weight, changing hairstyle); that's why he is MIA. Have you seen the DMZ documentary? Question for everyone--can we still watch DMZ (I start to type "DMV"-Dept of motor vehicle here in the US argh) Maybe on youtube? I'd love for him to narrate another documentary. video via ICE Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE It's LBS ep 7 weekend gals! Feel free to comment after watching the episode. SophieH, please feel free to provide your comments as well. There's no right or wrong, as long as we're all civil, anything goes.
  9. @Lindyloo421: As you watch LMH's other dramas, please feel free to give your opinions about his performance. What dramas haven't you seen? @MsDot2: you can also give your opinion on dramas that we've already rewatched. If the two of you want to coordinate, that's fine also. Just let us know what drama and what episode in case anyone else wants to comment. At the end of LBS, we'll segue into "favorites" so start keeping track of your "favorites". We did something similar at the end of LBS in that thread e.g. favorite drama, favorite scene etc. @1ouise: No problemo. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As long as we are civil, it's cool. Actually, my favorite is drunk HJJ (i can't wait to watch ep 10!)
  10. I like this drama so much that I can't wait for Monday (and believe me I wouldn't normally wish for a Monday to come fast!) I still think it would be interesting if Sec Cha has something to do with the bombing. OYS and Sec Han, while one or both may be involved in some way, I don't think they play that big of part; it's a little too obvious. I appreciated the understated acting by the actor who plays Sec Cha. In particular, I like that he doesn't yell and scream about things. In fact, he has a rather soft voice. I was/am curious about the American version, but I won't watch it until this one ends.
  11. cr: as tagged I saw a parody from the 2013 SBS drama award -Tan do bromance. It is only in spanish. Has anyone seen the English version? I didn't even know there was a parody.
  12. Thanks team for helping each other with the Minoz membership! Remember it's LBS episode 6 weekend. Post your comments whenever you are ready.
  13. I think Sec Cha (yes!) is involved with the bombing. When NIS Agent Jeong (I think that's his name--if not my apologies, I'm awful with names) went to meet President Park to brief him on who killed the North Korean guy, who was in the room with President Park--Sec Cha! the first time OYS was in the room with President Park which prevented Agent Jeong from speaking freely to the President, this time is was Sec Cha! Only problem with my theory is that Sec Cha would have killed the former President. Perhaps it was an act--pretending to be torn up about the former President. This drama is so good--I can't wait until next Monday!
  14. @Lindyloo421 Yes, you should click "quote" if you want to reference a specific post. If that post has a photo or video (correct me if I'm wrong) you need to remove it by clicking edit and delete it (I think that was Willinette's instruction). So, with your post you would need to remove the photo that Callie P attached to her post. I hope that makes sense. **My new question of the week-- LMH with facial hair or clean shaven? I'm not into beards or goatees but a five o'clock shadow like the one LMH sported for GB was pretty hot. He had a funky goatee at the end of Faith, didn't he? @CallieP thanks for starting the discussion on LBS ep 5.
  15. @syntyche: That would be a great name for a movie! It sounds vaguely familiar so there may have been a movie or TV movie with that name. I like LMH in more intense roles rather than rom com, although I was pleasantly surprised that he could his own, comedy-wise, in LBS. But I can totally see him as a single father struggling with two young kids. There's potential for a lot of comedic moments. I also like in him in action films because the way his body looks - long lean lines, but it will be compared to CH. What other roles would you like to see LMH accept? Dr? (the waiting room would overflow with patients), lawyer? (hmm, there's been a lot of lawyer dramas--maybe a movie?) detective? ( this could be good with the right partner) politician? professor? (there would be a waiting list to get into that class!) I hope we see him this week, even if he's doing some of his funky dance moves!
  16. I'm back. I have a question for everyone ( I wish I could set up a poll). I was discussing other roles for LMH with someone and I decided to ask what your thoughts are on LMH taking on the role of a bad guy, such as a murderer or serial killer. The person I had in mind was a serial killer in the US, Ted Bundy. He was a good looking young man, I believe in law school or planning to attend. He was on the list of suspects, but no one believed someone that looked like Ted Bundy could be a killer. I wish for LMH to portray as many different characters and personalities as possible in his career. I know, from GB, that some did not like the idea of LMH playing someone who was bad. They saw him still as Kim Tan (ok, KT was a bully, but you get my drift). Thoughts? And remember, the real LMH is the one in the video below and who asks if he can return to his seat and if he can go to the bathroom-haha-such as cutie. cr: ICE Beyond MinoBoiz ICE
  17. Episode 6 just broke me! The torment and sadness in the President's face when he heard Major Yang died was so heartbreaking that I ended up crying. Excellent acting JJH! I haven't seen the US version and I'm not going to until this drama ends so I don't compare the two,. I do really like Keifer Sutherland though. I haven't read all the posts, but is the consensus that the President's wife had an affair? I really hope not. That would crush PMJ.
  18. cr: as tagged One of my favorite moments of episode 4. Man, I'd like to tackle LMH. I'm pretty sure that I can take him down even though I'm more than a footer shorter!
  19. cr:Muvika Online @Lindyloo421: You will have fun commenting on the drama as you watch it "live". LBS was my first LMH drama that I watched live and had a lot of fun commenting with everyone after each episode aired. I hoped that TvN would pick up The King for a couple of reasons. One and most importantly, it doesn't appear cable is strictly limited to an hour. Some scenes, as you saw in episode 1 were cut, possibly due to limiting the episode to an hour, which should not have been edited out. Two, from what I've read, the pressure to hit certain rating numbers don't seem as vital with cable as it is with the big networks. Yes, people will still focus on and compare the ratings for the The King with other dramas, but I think not as much as if the drama aired on SBS. And yes, I think LMH will still stress about the ratings. Third, there seems to be more creative freedom on cable. Willinette (sorry,I think I botched your name, but I'm too lazy to look for the correct spelling) do you have any insight on cable vs network? You seems to have an insight to all things Korean, so I'm curious if you know why the Hallyu actors's dramas are now on cable rather than the big 3 networks. Coincidence or reason?
  20. cr: as tagged I hope no one posted this video since I have no idea how to delete it. My favorite- part at the end "Can I go back to my seat?" That is way too cute for me @syntyche: Thank you for helping Lindyloo421 with the Minoz membership. Separately, I saw that you posted on the King thread, that it will be on TvN--yippee! It's LBS ep 3 weekend. I watched it and will post my comments tomorrow.
  21. I love LMH in the blue shirt in the cheongkwanjang ads. @serendipity...: I'm glad that you found us! @Lindyloo421: You mentioned LMH's close-ups in LBS. See the spoiler video for my all time favorite LMH close-up. It's Christmas in July!
  22. Maybe the rewatch will be different because Minho has completed MS. When I initially watched LBS, it was somewhat with a heavy heart knowing that he would start MS soon after the end of the drama. Episode 13, will be hard to watch,regardless, even though one of the scenes ranks high on my list of favorite scenes. Episode 20 was very difficult to watch even though the ending was a happy one. I felt sad watching the final scene, then the photo of the crew made me feel even more so. Of course, we didn't know at that time that we would see LMH virtually every day. This time, I think I'll feel differently watching the final scenes. I saw the LG styler at my local H-Mart today. It made me think of LMH. Well, heck, anytime I see anything Korean, I think of him. Remember this commercial?
  23. I just watched a Youtube video on how to eat a soup dumpling. One thing they said not to do, is to eat in two bites or the soup will go everywhere ala LMH. I went to a dumpling restaurant with a friend from Taiwan, so I watched and copied how she ate it otherwise, I probably would have tried to eat it in two bites. Thanks @CallieP for your LBS comments and the recommendation to watch episode 21. I totally forgot about the directors cut.
  24. Hello all! A big welcome back to my homie @pixie0622. First, @kiklaminHo, now you! Thanks for the photos everyone!. My favorite was the photo of LMH taking a bite of a dumpling and the contents spilling out. I had to watch it several times. What a goofball! Was that a soup dumpling? @lindyloo421: Unfortunately, be a fan of LMH means you need to develop a thick skin. LMH must have the skin of a sperm whale (yeah, I googled animals with thick skin lol) to be somewhat unaffected. But even after 4 years (yikes, has it been that long?) following LMH, it still irritates and frustrates me that so many have negative comments about LMH. @msdot: I think it meant second half of 2019, although we heard the "first part" of 2020. I hope that was just a mistake; 2nd half of 2020 would be too long to wait unless he worked on some other project before The King. cr: Viki Global TV And, it is LBS episode 1 week! No recaps, so provide your comments whenever you are ready. If you're going to discuss characters other than LMH, please place your comments in the spoiler. Thank you!
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