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  1. Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying PT again. It was one of my goals to highlight PT. I also think the actor who played do-Bin is very good. I haven't seen him in anything since PT. I'd like to see him in another role. *********** @Min2206I love love love that picture of LMH. One of my favorites. So darn handsome *****
  2. Unbelievably, we have a tie in the favorite scene from PT 8 votes each for (1) Jin Ho purchasing the thing with wings at the convenience store and (2) Game over kiss. Those two move on to the ultimate favorite scene poll. Thank you to everyone who voted! And thanks @Lmangla for indulging our love of polls! ************ Toilet and shower are separate to prevent splashing!--lol good to know! What an odd thing to include in the description. *********** @Nikaa94 Glad you are rewatching LOTBS, one of, if not my favorite LMH dramas. ************ Don't forget to vot
  3. Thanks for voting! ******** Speaking of voting, the poll closes tonight! It looks like a tie between the game over kiss and Jin Ho buying the thing with wings for Gae In! I voted for Jin Ho buying the thing with wings and Chang Ryeol forcing Jin Ho to say he's gay in front of Do-bin and Gae In. I was tempted to chose the scene with Gae In trying to force the things with wings in Jin Ho's pocket. cr: fangirl forever Not the best sound, but I still found myself smiling.
  4. Yeah, I can't figure out if I should chose 2 of the funny scenes or 1 funny 1 poignant. I happen to love the scenes with Jin Ho buying the things with wings, but I also Jin Ho telling Do Bin that he isn't gay. I won't vote for the game over kiss since I know that will receive a lot of votes. What to chose, what to chose........... Please note the date the poll closes! *********** P Perhaps belated birthday @Thong Thin! Hey, I'm jealous--LMH gave you a gift. ************** I love Choco's sunnies! My favorite LMH comment is "How do I end the chat?" It's hilariou
  5. I posted the question as to the missing threads (PT, GB and BH) in the Tech support section. I saw the someone else asked a similar question a couple weeks ago, but no answer.
  6. A couple of people have been looking for the thread and posts for the following: 1. Personal Taste (drama)--The thread has been archived and the posts are gone 2. Gangnam Blues (movie)--I suspect that thread is also in archived 3. Bounty Hunters (movie)--again, probably in archives Where can we find the archived threads and why are the posts missing? Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the game! ******** An idea for a game--escape room. I've done a couple and they're fun with the right people in a group. Teams have to solve puzzles to move to the next round/room. Maybe people in a thread can form a group or random people assigned to groups. you can have different themes-fantasy, mystery, romance etc as the "rooms".
  8. I think it will help LMH's "staying power" if people of different generations are his fans. Yes, I'll poke around first. I know Lmangla mentioned that our polls also go to archive, but I have no idea where that is,. NOw I feel as though I ought to post in all the LMH drama threads to make sure they don't go anywhere. *********** cr: MBC via Will.P. Are you guys excited for the favorite scenes from PT poll? Choose carefully because the top 2 will move on to the ultimate favorite scene poll against heavyweights like TKEM, Heirs, BOF and LOTBS!
  9. Geez, I finally figured one out... I think Blind #8 @LmanglaDo you change your DP daily? It's hard to recognize you lol.
  10. Before I forget, I want to thank @Edgar Pordwed @CallieP @Lindyloo421 and @syntyche for their contributions for the upcoming PT favorite scenes poll! *********
  11. Yeah, what happened to the PT thread? I looked for it as well. I know no one has posted for a while, but to wipe out the posts? What if a new fan wanted to read the thread? Poor PT. *******
  12. Thank you @willenette! I will try it next time I quote a tweet. ************ Get ready for the favorite PT scenes poll (Mon-Wed)! You'll need to read each one carefully since they are not in order of episode. Top two will move on to the ultimate favorite scene poll. ******** @leeminhosny Do you have any PT gifs to share?
  13. Does this mean I actually have to use my brain?
  14. My favorite is LMH leaning on minomi, so cute and sweet. Are you a fan of PD Jin Hyuk too? My favorite scenes are those he directed. We'll do favorite scenes poll from LOTBS later, but that will be the toughest for me to chose. Sorry mod-I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove tweets.
  15. It will be interesting to see JEC as Kyung Hee, a total 180 from the PM in TKEM. I'm now reading part 3 and it seems that Mozasu and his family plays a big role toward the end. Hansu is still around. I hope LMH is the only Hansu; I'm curious to see how they will age him.
  16. Please join me in congratulating @madmad min @SophieH and @Lindyloo421 for winning Round 6 of the LOTBS quiz! Anyone who attempted the quiz is a winner in my book! ******** Who is smiling watching this clip? cr: itsliend I never thought I'd enjoy watching someone eat
  17. Hope you had a great Birthday @Missprincesa! ************** I've said the same thing @scrawford! Whenever I watch BOF or see snippets of the drama, I think to myself, that person has features that look like LMH, but he sure does not look like LMH. I really want LMH to curl his hair like GJP so I can confirm it is the same person. ************ Sorry, I've cut your post. I too was shocked when I heard LMH's real laugh. I think BOF is the only drama where I've heard his real laugh. ********** Next week Nov 23-25 favorite PT scenes poll! How many choices
  18. I'm (still -lol) only halfway through the book, and so far, there's only one scene with Hansu that would be 18+ category. I think it would be relatively easy not to show that particular scene. But that being said, for me personally, if the decision is to shoot the 18+ scene, I know that is actor LMH, and not LMH, so it wouldn't bother me. But, I do acknowledge what you are saying @Serene Tales. And, remember also that LMH didn't write that scene, Min jin Lee wrote it.
  19. Last call for Round 6 of the LOTBS quiz! ************ Happy anniversary to LOTBS! I think it's one of my favorite LMH dramas. It's one I have no problems rewatching. I also love the KDR-Se Hwa death scene, possibly my favorite scene overall. We'll have a favorite drama poll--probably next year. ************* I added the link to the mydrama poll on the first page.
  20. That makes sense @syntyche. Otherwise, if she was to portray old Sanju in real time, they would be at the end of the novel. The only other older person (I'm only halfway through the book) would be Sanju's mother. ********* She was in Dear My Friends? OMG, one of my top 10 kdramas. I loved it. lol, that made me laugh @Nikaa94 At least we are prepared knowing we may not see him as much as we'd like, unlike LMH's last drama which was a total shock, at least to me, that he was not a prominent character until the end.
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