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  1. I liked the first two episodes, humor and some mystery. I especially like Lee Jung Eun; man, she has me cracking up. I had to rewatch the episodes; for some reason I missed big chunks of it.
  2. @Lindyloo421 Get well soon Minoz sister! Surely LOTBS will give you strength! ********* LMH's B-day week--what gift would you give? I would give him the gift of great ratings for his upcoming projects. Rather than a gift, since we know he has enough money to buy whatever he wants, I'd pay for whatever streaming service carries his projects.
  3. Oh no, gotta get my kleenex ready! My guess would also be Mizuki dying or saying good bye to Mizuki ********** Oh I'd like to watch! But where? I still haven't found a streaming site for the drama. I keep checking Viki and Netflix.
  4. Finally finished Destiny. Overall, meh. Moving on to a drama, Anti Hero.
  5. Thanks for the teaser @MayanEcho I saw it this morning in IG. I don't know why, but Meme looks different. Maybe it's the side view that's throwing me off. 3 more weeks!
  6. I'm in business! I "bought" my Apple gift card. When the time comes, I can pay for Apple TV+ to watch Pachinko! I thought of another way to save some money. I think Costco sells discounted Apple gift cards. If not Costco, then some other store like Target, Walmart may sell gift cards.
  7. 1 hour of crappy tennis and 2 hours of pickleball has me whipped!

    1. partyon


      You're whipped and you didn't even get chased by mosquitoes....? :evillaugh:

  8. Started Anti Hero-legal drama. Seems promising. There's another drama the ML has one year to live and the FL 6 months--get the kleenex if you're going to watch that one.
  9. @booha Thanks for confirming that it will be on Netflix. I saw it today when I was scrolling through the upcoming shows.
  10. What a cliff hanger! What..what did she tell him? That she no longer is interested in him so she wants to end the relationship? July 1 come soon! ******** We should know the streaming site soon since we're about 3 weeks away.
  11. Just an idea--Apple TV is not cheap, especially when most of us are subscribed to 1 or more streaming services. I just saw that my credit card is offering Apple gift cards for 10% off and I can use my points to "buy" it. Hopefully, I remember--haha bc I tend to wait to buy thing until the last day.
  12. D-28 Oh it starts July 1; I was thinking July 9 Thanks for all the update @MayanEcho I wonder when we will know the streaming site.
  13. ORV wrap party ******* LMH hugging little Noa kills me I was surprised that LMH danced more! I think he's friends with Jin Ha,; maybe the latter showed LMH some moves.
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