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  1. Thank you CarolynH and Willinette. Still in hospital so have moved onto TKEM. This is going to sound horribly disloyal but to me there is no comparison between the warmth and delight I got from LOTBS and the feeling from TKEM. The whole cast are wonderful in it and the bts show how well they got on but would I rewatch it if it wasn’t LMH- perhaps not. re birthday presents doesn’t Minho get some amazing gifts- and the flower arrangements are beautiful. I love how he makes a point of wearing his clothing gifts so the sender can see them. I only ever send a card. Willinette - any more thoughts on ATS airing? There was a piece on the Koala blog saying a medical drama has been held up due to Koreans current annoyance with the medical profession- hopefully this dislike doesn’t include a doctor in space!!!
  2. Yes you are right Willinette. I remember her saying that she didn’t have a lot of knowledge about him so he was definitely picked on merit in the audition. I remember Soo said that it came down to 3 actors and 3 actresses and she said that once she saw Minho with Minha that was it! I’d love to know who the others were but of course we will never know. Has any one ever seen any comments from the writer of the book about the tv adaptation? I think it must give more freedom to the tv scriptwriters if the book author isn’t involved. I’m in hospital at the moment so I have cheered myself up by binging LOTBS.Those 2 are so wonderful Together. I’d love to see him act with her again. Those last scenes you would swear they were in love (which of course they weren’t ) - that’s great acting and chemistry isn’t it?
  3. I’m wondering if ATS could go to Apple TV. They must realise how popular LMH is and they could do with putting some more kdrama on. Of course the only problem with that is that less people subscribe to Apple. I feel so sorry for his fans who don’t have Apple and therefore couldn’t see Pachinko because in 8 years he has only done TKEM., and if Ask the Stars is next year t that’s a long gap.
  4. I would like him to do a husband who is a highly admired as a detective. i can imagine in the first scene him biding a fellow detective goodbye and smiling and then he walks into his house and changes into a domineering horrible husband to his wife who looks terrified of him. I think I got a bit carried away then! Re the writer he could work with again- for me it’s the writer of Legend of the blue sea - I think she also wrote My Love from the Star. Here’a question to think about- who would you like him to appear with in a drama.
  5. That explains why (as far as I can remember) there was only one kiss in Faith in the scene when she was supposed to get married and he kissed her to provoke jealousy and claim her as his. I think many of his kissing scenes look as though they both enjoy it- especially in LOTBS with the “tongue” kiss! LMH seems such a gentleman I’m sure he discussed the scene with his co- star first. Did you notice in the BTS of LOTBS just before the long kiss when she was leaving he popped what was probably a breath freshener in his mouth. Re Cho Gi Seok- people on X are saying that when LMH put a YouTube with a SOJU ad that he had done Cho Gi Seok worked on it with him. Perhaps he is working with him again.
  6. I have just had my reminder for Apple and was shocked to see it had gone up to £89 (113 US dollars) Last year it was £69 so that’s quite an increase. As well as Pachinko there are a lot of other series that I like so I don’t begrudge it too much! What with Apple and Viki and Netflix it costs quite a sum to follow LMH! Hopefully Ask the Stars will go to one of these 3. Hope you all have a good weekend.
  7. Looking at the number of food trucks from all over the globe and the crowds who gathered at the fashion shows really highlights how popular he is worldwide. When you think TKEM was 4 years ago and Pachinko 2 years ago it’s amazing that the momentum of support for him has never faltered. Talking of TKEM I got an email today from Netflix showing what’s new and what’s leaving and there was another sub-heading “Everyone’s Watching” and TKEM was one of them. Also after saying BOF was leaving on May 1st it didn’t - they have kept it on. So we know the film is next year - but no sign yet on Apple TV of Pachinko series 2 and as Willenette wrote - when will Ask the Stars come? TVN are flying high after Queen of Tears so wouldn’t it be great if they followed that hit with an LMH one? ( incidentally wasn’t it great to see one of his Heirs co-stars having such a great success) Thankyou to gtLmh0622 for posting that brilliant article about his influence in the fashion world. That was lovely to read. Hope everyone has a great weekend
  8. Can you believe it’s five years since LMH’s last day in military service. It was incredible to see hundreds of fans from all over the world waiting for him to come out from the office. What a lovely day that was.
  9. When LMH was filming TKEM he got food carts from fans all over the world and every time he got one he put a sticker relevant to those fans on his phone. He must be going to do the same this time. What a lovely gesture.
  10. I have only found this out this week and some of you may already know this- there is a site called Magzter where you can get a digital version of magazines. I paid £3.20 in UK money ( it was $3.99 USA). I downloaded the Singapore HB mag and printed off LMH pages. It was nice that it was in English. Doesn’t he look more handsome then ever- even in flowerpot hats he looks so good! Just a rather silly comment but I want to share it- we have a big horse racing event here called The Grand National and this year it was won by a horse called Maximus! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Perhaps this will be the week we get some dates.
  11. I don’t know if this is happening in all Netflix regions but they are taking Boys over Flowers off Netflix Uk- which leaves only Heirs and TKEM. Only a few weeks ago it had “most rewatched by members” on BOF. I feel a bit sad as there’s been nothing new from LMH to replace it. Hopefully it will be ATS. Willinette I tend to think of you as our Kdrama expert so can you tell me if dramas on Netflix are subject to a time limit.
  12. Thank you for posting this. He also came top this week in a poll in Japan and in another one called Shining Awards as the best Korean actor. Even though it’s four years since TKEM and two years since Pachinko fans remain loyal to him don’t they. It just shows how his personality resonates with people. He just has the X factor doesn’t he? I was disappointed this week as I saw Netflix had a drama called City Hunter coming on - alas when I looked it was a different drama! It’s odd how all his other dramas are on Viki or Netflix but City Hunter is nowhere to be found. I got the dvd from eBay otherwise I would never have been able to watch it.
  13. I agree with you CallieP - unless the Pachinko script writers give him another episode to himself we probably won’t see much of him on screen. Also if ORV is a great success -which of course we hope it is -and there are more films in the series then that will keep him filming. But unless Netflix or similar pick it up some of us might not get to see it coming to our local cinemas. As for ATS it’s all down to money so who knows. It’s a good job he has all these advertising/ambassador contracts or we might never get to see him. Sorry to sound a bit negative but I miss seeing him in dramas.
  14. It’s so lovely to see the 3 friends supporting each other. When you think about what JIW and LMH went through with that car crash in 2006 that killed 2 of their friends and badly injured both of them you can understand JIW’s comment about life or death. Apparently it took a year to regain fitness. The wonderful thing is that these(at the time) unknowns both became stars a few short years later. JIW first and then in 2009 of course Minho in BOF. Life’s ups and downs indeed!
  15. It’s great news re Soo Hugh signing a big agreement with Apple TV and presumably it will secure the 4 Pachinko series that she has always wanted. (hopefully they will all include Hansu) I agree with leeminhosny re ATS. .I can’t understand it- it stars the most popular Korean actor yet it appears no one has taken it including TVN which it was originally linked to. I think MYM put money into it and it is said to have cost a lot of money - but because of it being set in a space station there is not the opportunity for product placement income. So maybe it’s a money problem. On a more optimistic note I read a current successful kdrama took 2 years to be aired so fingers crossed that ATS will be aired even if later than we wanted.
  16. Thank you for the info leeminhosny. I wonder why. Coincidentally I have just been watching Constellation on apple which starts off on a space station and it’s made me realise the amount of work it must take to get each scene perfect. ATS is a first space station drama for Kdrama isn’t it so it must have taken hard work and lots of time in every aspect to get it ready.
  17. What about the stepmother in Legend of the Blue Sea. Not only did she kill 3 husbands but her lover was a serial killer. A real charmer!!
  18. I was wondering when the film will come out. Next year I guess as they must still be filming. I see Netflix has just picked up the movie My Name is Loh Kiwan with Song Joong-Ki. Hopefully they will do the same with ORV. It’s all a waiting game isn’t it.
  19. Willinette thank you for posting the article from Pinkvilla stating that LMH is the top kactor of all time. Quite right too! Did you see the news items last week about the historic agreement between Cuba and South Korea? One of the high ranking officials said that the public’ affinity for Korean dramas and music has played a role in the agreement. In one news item, which I can’t now find, BTS and LMH were actually mentioned! We really support an influential star don’t we?
  20. Isn’t it great that we are getting so much content from LMH. He looks so happy in his latest appearances. I live a long way from London so couldn’t see the hologram. I bet it cost Boss a lot of money. When you think of Boss’s other ambassadors it showed their belief and like of Minho that they chose him along with Gisele for the hologram. I wish we could get a date for Pachinko and ATS. I feel really excited about the film - hopefully it won’t just go to SK cinemas.
  21. LMH has put a new LeeMinHo film up on YouTube. It’s all about him cycling for miles and then tackling a hill. He must be really fit to cycle as fast as he does in the film although he is really out of breath at the end. He starts the film off in his closet which looks really big. CarolynH I think it would be really funny looking at where PPL could be put in to ATS!
  22. Willenette thank you for your reply- blimey this sounds a bit worrying doesn’t it? As you say it sounded at the start as though it was going to be TVN. Do you remember what happened with TKEM- SBS who had had such success with LMH’s previous series went for TKEM probably expecting to get high viewing figures but because so many people watched it on Netflix the SBS figures were lower than expected. Maybe this is what is concerning domestic channels like TVN. The other thing that occurred to me was that TKEM had a huge amount of product placement advertising which must have brought in a small fortune - but how much product placement ads can be done in a space station! What do other people on here think - is it time to get worried ?
  23. Willinette I know that you are very knowledgable about kdramas. Nikaa posted the info about the negotiations being ongoing for Ask the Stars to appear on a screening platform for over a year. Presumably it will be on TVN in SK so who is selling the rights- is it Studio Dragon? Is it like an auction where the highest bidder wins? I really hope it’s on Netflix - Fingers crossed!
  24. When you think he has only done 2 dramas since LOBS 2016 (and one of them on Apple which not everyone has) yet he still attracts crowds of fans wherever he is. With two dramas this year his popularity will surely soar even more. He is so marvellous with his fans - he signed an autograph and when he gave the fan her pen back he made sure to put the top back on it first - a small gesture but so considerate. There’s one photo taken from the side where he looks as thin as he was in City Hunter. He must have worked hard to get this slim for ORV. He looks fabulous especially in the Fendi suit at the show - definitely swoon worthy!!
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