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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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Hi All Chingus! 

This is @Abirami Ramakrishnan 

I havent't been able to login for a copule of weeks as I had to delete the account I used to login because of phishing mails..

Please Stay Safe from all kinds of viruses <3


@annamchoi Thanks for sharing all the FMVs , and  @rafeusjanela for the fan fics , While I am by no means ready to move on, it keeps me get through the week

Looks like SBS Catch is also not ready to let go ..

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SBS Catch is planning to release something at 11pm KST tonight, so keep your eyes peeled:



And back with one last story: https://www.wattpad.com/982710338-do-you-like-brahms-frei-aber-froh before I say goodbye (to writing). Confession to self: I'm still following updates about DYLB more than a month after the drama ended.





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My goodness! I did crawl back into shell! I apologize I haven't been on as much. My procrastination when it comes to school reached an all time high which has made things stressful. I am getting better at managing it so I felt I could come back on without regrets. Another reason why I haven't been on as much is I miss the show. Every time I miss it really makes me feel low.  I really don't want to dampen the mood of the forums because of that. I have been in short afraid.


I miss you guys!  How is everyone? Anyone change their minds and decided to by the blu-ray for the epilogue? how is the re-watch going?


@Sky8lue thank you for another beautiful chapter. I love it! I am sorry you won't continue writing it.

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@rozelan Not sure if you've already found it, but this twitter account has archived Ryu Bori's IG posts, including the captions (scroll to the bottom of the thread):




To the new fans of DYLB, this is a collection of tweets that may be helpful for catching up: https://twitter.com/i/events/1311209475219439616 (updated till 28 Nov 2020)



@Sneha @Doan Mai Thanks so much for reading & glad you like it! Real life is getting more hectic, so writing has to take a back seat for now.


@Jillia @annamchoi We've missed you here!


@ferily FYI, the epilogue will be presented in audio only (Ryu Bori will be the narrator, while PEB and KMJ lend their voices). So it sounds as though the epilogue will be focused on Song Ah and Joonyoung exclusively(?).


On another note, I caved and ordered the ebook script book despite my super limited grasp of Korean. Will be spending time (read: snail's pace) figuring out the script with Papago and hope to leave some thoughts/reflections here on some unseen scenes in time to come.


Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe :)

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Hi Everybody!:wub:

Hope everyone is in good health and okay

Sorry been quiet  I have gone back to watching my pending K dtamas.which I have stop watching since I got hooked on DYLB..btw, I still do rewatch my fave episodes before I go to sleep..:fullofhearts:

@Sky8lue Hi sweetie! Ive missed everyone too..♥️ Ill make sure to drop by every now and then.

I LOVE your fanfics! Enjoyed reading them.:) thanks for sharimg the tweets!


@ArmBee welcome dear! And welcome to our humble abode. :)



@Jillia thanks for your insights on episodes 1&2..looking back it is fate that bought JY and SA together...

Pre ordered the blu ray with friends batch 1. Excited and looking forward to the deleted scenes most specially the epologue!:issohappy:


@rozelan I love the 30 second leg scene! One of my favorite actually!♥️

JY's smile was heaven...I tbink he was already smitten there with SA!


Heres a link to the sub interview of the director..enjoy!♥️




You may ask about the decryption key



Here You Go!


Cr owner




Stay safe and healthy all!:wub:

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I recovered my account !!! Yaay!!

After a lot of chaos IRL, I managed to watch ep1 fully this weekend.. sharing my thoughts below..


We learn in this episode about Brahms' unrequited love. But we later on learn through the show about him being more comfortable with music rather than words and also about his motto of "Frei aber Froh" - Free but happy. 

Here we know about JY's unrequited love and we later on learn about him much like Brahms being more comfortable with music. But unlike Brahms , he is neither free nor is he happy.. 

I think he is able to play Brahms sincerely because of him finding his freedom from the foundation and JKs family and happiness with Song Ah.

So in a way he remains similar to Brahms even towards the end, but just thinks of himself differently, and hence his wanting to play more of Brahms and the Brahms album he released for Song Ah.


As I typed this out though I wonder if I'm the only one that didn't catch this all along...

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Ep 1 – Reactions.

I fell in love with the title “Do you love Brahms?”.  I searched for the trailer and marked my calendar to watch. 

Did I notice something new or something I did not pay attention to on the 1st watch?

Are you happy scene?  I totally missed the importance of the scene earlier on and on the re-watch notice the contrast later on for Chae Song.  Her looking back at the video and contrasting her from then and her now.  Thank you @Jillia for wonderful analysis of the “Are you Happy?” which becomes one of theme throughout the show.

Chae Song  states “I started to cry .. The music that spilled from him burned so hot. What’s contained within me felt so small and pathetic in comparison. I cried.” (credit Viki translation). As she looked through the backstage curtains as he played in the concert, she was banished from playing.

No matter how humiliating or embarrassing that scene was it allowed Park Joon to notice a resilient Chae Song.  At this time, his love for playing is more technical than passionate.  She wanted to play in 1st orchestra regardless how humiliating it was but it showed Park Joon her love to play.  Park Joon and Chae Song lives intertwined in that one scene.  One lost his passion (look at expression on his 1st scene as played alone) and one finding her passion for what she loved.  She sat at last row in the last place and Park Joon would not notice her without this humiliating scene.  So sometimes what appears to be the worse (as stated in the above comment) could be the best thing that can happen in your life.   Something I noticed too is that her friend did not buy a ticket ahead of time but even that turn out well since she was not playing.  She did not have to explain to her friend why she did not play.

The parallel in the friendship of Chae Song, Dong Yoon, Min Sung and Park Joon Young, Jung Kyung, Han Heon Ho is pretty interesting.  Even though both Chae Song & Park Joon had unrequited love within the their friendship, I feel there was two different reaction with each sets of friendship as we see later. 

What is my favorite moments now?

Then 1st watch was Rain scene is one of my favorite scene from the 1st ep and in the re-watch.  When she is home and recalling the night, I was drawn in from that moment.  I wanted to see her journey from being the last place to finding meaning in her decision to go after her dreams despite the hardships. 

Another favorite scene that I enjoyed more in the re-watch was when she saw him playing the Traumerei.  This where his music was more than his words and the way she felt and her expression as she watches him play was beautiful.  Still love that scene.  The lighting too was done well. I’m not sure how to explain it but there was some light in her background that reflects back to the piano.

The meeting at the restaurant is also very nice scene.  The impression she made on him is shown as he remembered how to pronounce her name.  She was already someone important to him even though he may not know how much at this time.  There is a lot of scenes to love even on the 1st ep.  The airport scene meeting to pick up friends at the airport.  Min Sung is the only one not there and we later know why.   If the relationship of JY-HH-JK parallel that of Brahms-Shumman-Clara, what was CA-MS-DY?

I think that’s all I have for the 1st episode.  The show still draws me to the characters, the line, and the scenery.  I can watch the show over and over again and still find myself part of the journey.  I can relate it to my own life lessons I have learned through an experience and lesson still yet to learn.   The writer really did a great job in setting us up for a wonderful show.  I usually take awhile to like a show but this one I liked at first sight and second sight lol.

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Voting period: 11 Dec 2020 to 24 Jan 2021



More from PEB's interview:




More from KMJ's interview:




Note: Both are old interviews done shortly after the last broadcast, but the news articles were only released this week.


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  • 2 weeks later...

hi all, 

although i have been reading your comments i wasn't able to log in for the last episode and then for months, as a faulty cable killed my macbook and i only got it back this week!

I just wanted to say i enjoyed all of your comments! you guys are wonderful


PS personal  views

I am glad the finale gave  a lot of hope

yet,  i must say that i didn't like the somber mise en scene of the last 2 episodes, aside from the very last 2-3 light scenes

I was also disappointed that they killed SA's dream and mine since i was hoping she would take a path that would eventually lead to her conducting .

Aside from the fact that i saw no good reason for her abandoning all career aspirations,  there were a lot of hints at her potentially becoming a conductor earlier on in the series (for example look at the many posters at the art center depicting young lady conductors , some even said "next stage", they were often in the background , in many scenes, when JY was thinking of her....never mind)


PPS: what did i watch after this? I watched Go Ahead (the chinese 2020 drama), really really good, like many other people i truly recommend it 

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