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  1. I loooove that K.Will's OST was used again in their kiss scene in the waiting room. His voice and the lyrics are so beautiful!!!!
  2. I'm glad I got emotionally invested in this drama. It was a worthwhile ride! Definitely one of the best dramas for this year, and absolutely one of my favorites. Will be watching the subbed versions of episode 15 and 16 tomorrow, so I might share a few thoughts here again. But I'd like to say thank you to all of you right now, for making my Mondays and Tuesdays happier and more pleasant. It was lovely sharing insights and reading all your comments! I'm very, very, very satisfied with how the drama ended, so I'm absolutely happy right now. We got the happy ending!!!!
  3. Ooooh, so we get an open ending for JK and HH instead, which is nice! Glad we got a happy ending for our OTP!!!!!
  4. We have a performance of a wedding song AND rings in the title card, IS IT OKAY TO HOPE BY NOW
  5. I KNOW RIIIIIGHT it would feel weird if the rings weren't for JY and SA seeing as it's the title card AND the last episode SO WE GET RINGS
  6. Likewise, @annamchoi!! Out of everything I imagined, I never expected rings in today's finale!! I AM SHOOK
  7. THERE ARE RINGS THERE ARE RINGS!!! on another note, can someone please share the link for the livestream? I think I want to watch it as well.
  8. I am so excited for tonight's episode!!! Thank you for all those doing the live recaps/sharing tidbits of tonight's episode!!
  9. The last OST they released was entitled Happy. I hope we get a happy ending as well.
  10. It seems that the title of today's finale is 'Crescendo'! I've been waiting for this term to come out ever since the first episode, and I think it's fitting that they end DYLB with this term!
  11. Thanks for sharing, @trisail! It's nice to see that Min Jae and Eun Bin are close, no matter what their relationship may be.
  12. @vangsweetie637 I do hope that it won't be a staring contest ending, and I think it won't be. We've had a lot of beautiful, sweet scenes, so I hope that the ending is a hugely satisfying and heart-fluttering one! @Mai079 yay, thank you for delurking! I have the same sentiments! I too will be waiting for the episode later! Here's to a happy ending!
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