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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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@Sky8lue I think the cafe was the one which posted their autographs in the last week of filming..




Unfortunately can't help with the other street though.. :(


Here's the link for the street:



It's interesting to know that the writer had ties to Cho Seong Jin ! Thanks for sharing the article!




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Dimple Couple are oh so sweet, sticky and spicy!



6 hours ago, Jillia said:

One of my favorite scenes from the last episode. Song Ah getting Joon Young speak his mind and not just agree with her on the food. :lol::wub: Gifmaker added some precious lines. kkk



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@Jillia thanks for the Tteobokki date GIFs! SA  letting JY speaks his mind and heart.. this date scene  is adorable.

Speaking of the Tteobokki date..is this the same resto that SA and HH dine  before? Thanks!


@Sky8lue thanks for sharing the tweets about the locations..and info about the blu ray..I think we need to verse well in Hangul so that somehow we can understand what they are talking about.

-thanks too for sharing the article...


@rozelan SA has been the source of happiness and refuge of JY..and had fallen head over heel in love  with her..She is not only a lover for him but most importantly  SA became his  best friend..whom he can

 lean on..  in the good and bad times...



Speaking of parallels..

In the exchange of rings..SA and JY had their happy end ..with the promise of a lifetime commitment and love for eachother..

While HH and JK  had their exchange of rings  in the earlier  episodes left us open ended . 


Super late personal thoughts on the ending..


SA letting go of her life long  dream of being a violinist... but she did have the love of her life JY in return...


Some goodies to share.



k-maniac-20201106-091309-0 20201106-091818










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 @Abirami RamakrishnanThanks so much for the links! For some reason the Duksung Girls’ High School's listing didn't appear under a keyword search.


Today's additions to the list with a few observations

(read: another blatant excuse to rewatch and save more screenshots of DYLB...):





KMJ's photos and gifs from the script-reading day: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=28724677&memberNo=41451786 (seems to be a belated post by his agency as folks on twitter/DC gallery are saying).








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It has been another week made more wonderful with all the sharing of ice cream moments and goodies. Thank you all! :wub: 


Shoutout to  @typemaru over at twitter, a constant source of DYLB goodies, for being delighted with herself, appreciate the post @annamchoi! I have been thinking about how the meaningful first snowfall relates to DYLB, I realize just now it may be the parallel and contrast to rainfall scenes, hope that makes sense  @Jillia.


How the color blue seems to be significant elsewhere in the real world at this time, I would like to share an earlier yet memorable scene where the color red highlights the confrontation and eventual break-up of long-time friends Hyeun Ho and Joon Young. In parallel scenes during ep. 10, it also showed to me the minute differences of how men and women act/react to similar situations of breaks in friendships: Min Sung gives Song Ah the cold shoulder, Song Ah withdraws from Dong Yoon and with Hyeun Ho becomes adversarial with Joon Young.


Upon seeing Joon Young in the auditorium after his master class tryout, Hyeun Ho takes a sip of water first, seemingly to cool himself down or ready himself for battle. Joon Young appears to be calm ("I came as a friend"), in the more neutral brown zone while Hyeun Ho is in the bright red zone all the way, hurting and wanting to hurt.


(final words)

Hyeun Ho: "You shouldn't have like her from the beginning. Even if you had feelings for her you should've stopped. If you couldn't stop, you shouldn't have let her know. If you couldn't do both, you should've told me at least. If you had told me at least once, I wouldn't have let Jung Kyung drift away like that. I would've done anything. I wouldn't have stayed friends with you at least."

Joon Young: "I'm sorry, whatever the reason may be, I'm really sorry. But Hyeun Ho, I didn't want to lose you. Hyeun Ho..." 

Hyeun Ho: "Park Joon Young. You already lost me and I'll never come back. There's no need to try."


As Hyeun Ho leaves, Joon Young moves into a muted red zone, mirrors his emotional pool, more hurting, disappointed but not surprised to find himself alone again. I also think that after his exit, Hyeun Ho in the brown zone, suddenly realized how he just shut the door on his closest friend.  This was hard to watch, like getting punched in the gut. :tears:



Source: [1]



Source: [2]




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1 hour ago, Abirami Ramakrishnan said:

@Sky8lue thank you for sharing the premier link .Looks like SBS catch finally said good bye in the live chat :(


Count me in for the rewatch @debbsthebee @Jillia @annamchoi


It seems .this is it..our final goodbye   :(


rewatch sked..let me know when..Ill be ready  



MISSING!!!  :D:lol::P





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Sorry I can't join the rewatch party, but I will definitely be dropping by this thread as much as I can. And I will be eagerly anticipating all your posts and updates! 


Hope SBS Catch will be generous enough to share more snippets of unseen BTS/interviews/blu-ray promo teasers further down the road. And manifesting a live musical performance by the DYLB cast at the SBS Drama Awards! That would be a reunion performance of a lifetime.


Here's the link to today's podcast: http://m.podbbang.com/ch/episode/8888?e=23874088 and a thread of translations by typedmaru@twitter:



@Sneha Thanks for sharing your writing. Looking forward to reading future chapters :)


I didn't plan to write another piece, but was experiencing the pangs of DYLB withdrawal these days. So here's the latest addition covering deleted/missing scenes in episode 16. 


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Thank you friends here for insight and your fanfiction :approves:
@Sneha a part from notes and more notes (At the Stonewall), I really enjoyed ^^ Dimple couple have seen the first snow of the falling 

In episode 9, Dolce, my thoughts about our Dimple couple are sincerely fun :dorashakes:
Joon Young answers Song Ah and her close friend, Min Sung by making a comical comparison

Song Ah would be reserved then heartfelt replied

And then they got closer ^^

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