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  1. Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday season! Sharing another Moonlight+Happy Birthday video to spread more cheer and laughter as we wait for the year end awards..
  2. I recovered my account !!! Yaay!! After a lot of chaos IRL, I managed to watch ep1 fully this weekend.. sharing my thoughts below.. We learn in this episode about Brahms' unrequited love. But we later on learn through the show about him being more comfortable with music rather than words and also about his motto of "Frei aber Froh" - Free but happy. Here we know about JY's unrequited love and we later on learn about him much like Brahms being more comfortable with music. But unlike Brahms , he is neither free nor is he happy.. I think he is able to play Brahms sinc
  3. @Sky8lue thank you for sharing the premier link .Looks like SBS catch finally said good bye in the live chat :( Count me in for the rewatch @debbsthebee @Jillia @annamchoi
  4. @Sky8lue I think the cafe was the one which posted their autographs in the last week of filming.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGlwP84FnXe/ Unfortunately can't help with the other street though.. Here's the link for the street: https://koreandramaland.com/listings/duksung-high-school/ It's interesting to know that the writer had ties to Cho Seong Jin ! Thanks for sharing the article!
  5. Thanks for the parallel Gifs @Jillia I just noticed it, In the face of unrequited love, like what Brahms went through, JY shunned Brahms, hating what it meant to him and ignored his feelings whereas SA embraces Brahms with all her heart and chooses to play his work as her Swansong.. Could it be that JY too offered to play Brahms with her not just to support her but also in acceptance that he'd continue to love and protect her even when those feelings aren't reciprocated ( atleast not immediately). In a way , him playing Brahms also mirrors SA and their feelings
  6. @annamchoi thanks for sharing the interview ! I can't get over their cuteness! @rozelan your post reminded me of Joonyoung in Ep7. Song Ah ssi' every word and every little action concerns him .. Sometimes I wonder how we would feel if the story was narrated by JY instead of SA :)
  7. @annamchoi @cherrhys88 I managed to find the link to purchase the ebook https://www.aladin.co.kr/m/mproduct.aspx?itemid=254694679 Thank you for confirming that you saw someone else mention it ! It made me dig down more sites despite my minimal korean knowledge
  8. @annamchoi I think the script books and dialogue book are the same .. Was wondering if they would release a ebook version since getting a physical copy would be more expensive for me.. @cherrhys88 Thank you! I'll also try to dig around and see if there's any info I can find to purchase it ! Unfortunately I don't use twitter though
  9. Does anyone know if they'll release the script books as an e-book? Turns out shipping to my country is more expensive than the book itself and with customs added on top , it'll be even more.. But the curiosity from getting small spoilers of the deleted scenes is killing me
  10. @annamchoi thanks for sharing the FMVs Do we assume Joonyoung ssi also celebrates his birthday today? Hope Minjae has an amazing birthday celebration and an even better rest of the year And also his wish to win Best Couple Awards comes true!
  11. 2 more episodes ! As much as I love the fluff , I won't mind even if it's Dimple Couple longing for each other like in the Deoksugung walkway .. It did feel like the story drew away from our OTP in the second half , even though I understand it is to show their individual growing pains . @Jillia thank you for sharing the gif of Joon Yong keeping the handkerchief close to his heart ! It was one of my favourite underrated JY moments ( along with him telling Team leader Cha about him and SA and also, laughing to himself when SA though he was asking for the violin instead of t
  12. @rafeusjanela @debbsthebee I'm really glad you liked it I haven't written anything but technical documents for a few years now and was apprehensive about writing it .. your words really mean a lot to me! @annamchoi Looks like Kim Min Jae is going to be in great demand both in the dating and acting circles now ! Really glad to see him, Eun Bin and the team get a lot of the recognition they so rightly deserve .. Manifesting best couple award for them ( mostly because we'll get more BinJae crumbs)
  13. Hi Chingus .. We may not have B Day anymore, but this monday was a holiday in my corner of the globe. So a little inspired by @Jillia's list , I tried to write my own episode for today . I was trying to write a happy JoonSong date with fluff feat honest communication , but it got way too long Min Sung was almost done with her Post Doctoral studies and would be moving to a different lab in 6 months. To make full use of her last few days in New York, She decided to eat a lot of the famed New York cheesecakes and made Bucket List after another as she completed them as if i
  14. Thanks for sharing the video @nicoley ! It made me tear up again to see them saying their goodbyes .. I love how they ended it again with the poster photo shoot behind where it probably began There seems to be one more private video in SBS ' s DYLB playlist .. wonder what that will be.. @annamchoi take care ! Hope you feel better soon ..
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