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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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@annamchoi thanks for sharing the interview ! I can't get over their cuteness!



6 hours ago, rozelan said:


Thank you to @annamchoi for posting F A E Sonata FMV :)


I also found this FMV and it helped amplify the emotion running through scenes from Song Ah's graduation recital and Joon Young's confession after. The FMV maker reconstructed the full performance by sync-ing drama sequences with the actual musical score, 5 minutes in real time, about 2 minutes in drama time. 


Hearing the full music with the violin and piano going back and forth somehow clarified for me how there was a (re)connection between Song Ah and Joon Young during the performance.


We all loved how they held hands after. I also then realized how it is Song Ah who reached out first and Joon Young followed soon after, maybe to give or seek comfort or maybe both to each other. :wub:



@rozelan your post reminded me of Joonyoung in Ep7. Song Ah ssi' every word and every little action concerns him ..

Sometimes I wonder how we would feel if the story was narrated by JY instead of SA :)

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That would've been nice to see, @Abirami Ramakrishnan. Since I loved Song Ah's narrations, I think I would've loved Joon Young's narrations on Song Ah as well. 


Edit: Yay, we have new content today! Apparently, both Min Jae and Eun Bin attended Seong-Jin Cho's piano recital today! Glad to see they're still keeping in touch. Here's a link to the tweet. 







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Woah, so many contents today! NO complaints! How are the so cute and beautiful at the same time. I have missed you all! I don't post as much as I used to making me sad. I have by no means moved on. I still think about the show constantly. Writing the fanfic is helping but not much.


Yes , they promoted blu-ray......still salty as ever. 



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@Abirami Ramakrishnan @rozelan welcome sweeties Happy to share..:wub:

Indeed the interview Blu ray promtion is all cuteness overload.♥️


That graduation recital  performance seems a reconnection between the 2 ..all along JY knew SA was unhappy because of him but apprently  somehow SA was at her happiest when they were still together. Right there and then JY realized that he loves her, that he will do anything and everything for her ! Even playing the Brahms!


Min Jae and EunBin with Seong Jin Cho

-we finally get to see their faces!:)


Photo credit: Shin Changyong pianist's IG.


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10 hours ago, Sneha said:

@annamchoi thank you for the picture. They look so could together.

Welcome dear! Really! They look sooo giood together..♥️


Full video sub.(sbscatch video upload earlier)






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HI @Jillia all the possible thousands of parallels just brings us infinte DYLB joy and happiness. :wub:


Sharing here my insight to Episode 15. I understand it a little better than yesterday, thanks to getting help from friends here in connecting the dots. I too had sleepless nights leading to finale week and felt anxious watching episode 15-16. :D 


Theme of goodbyes, through death, departure, separation. After the beautiful and sad break up, Dimple Couple meets at the funeral, performs at Song Ah's graduation recital and ends with Joon Young's confession.


"Your every word and every little action concerns me" still resonates even after their break-up. Thank you  @Abirami Ramakrishnan for reminding me of the line from Ep. 7-8.  :) 


Source: galpinote


"Song Ah: I'll quit the violin...I think I was happy, that is good enough. " She mentions Brahms and unrequited love. Clever writer-nim parallels Song Ah's feelings for the violin and Joon Young,


Source: galpinote


Joon Young:  "I can play Brahms."

I see this like a rain/umbrella moment, that even without the umbrella and without expectations, Joon Young persists with protecting her. Like what @annamchoi said "that he will do anything and everything for her ! Even playing the Brahms!"







Source: galpinote


PS1: Joon Young is like from emotion zips to action before thinking. That would be an interesting narrative for voice over and POV!



I love, love this frame and appreciate it much more now. Recalls:

Song Ah: "I love you" to her violin and keeping in mind that she will part with it soon.

Joon Young: "Brahms spent his entire life alone by Clara's side."


Together but apart. We see the reflection of Joon Young in the mirror, giving a caring glance at Song Ah.



Source: galpinote


PS2: I have seen in videos that pianist Seong Jin Cho wipes the piano keys with a handkerchief before a performance (like in final round of Chopin Competition). Art imitating life :)


PS3: Thank you @Sky8lue for sharing galpinote!


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Hello, Brahmies! Let's help our show gain more popularity or recognition by giving them ratings in sites like IMDb (link below).


@annamchoi Thank you for the pics. It's like the classical music world really loved the drama.

@Sneha It's hard to move on from such a well wriiten and made drama.

@Jillia  @rozelan Thank you for the gifs. The parallels and meaning of the scenes of this drama is really something else. Each time you watch it, there's something new to discover/notice.

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hello everyone! its been awhile i keep coming back for updates everyday and occasionally rewatch my favourite episodes. 


thank you @annamchoi for all the updates! i really burst out laughing at moonlight sonata + happy birthday. he played it so so beautifully. 

I really like how DYLB is bringing classical music to the mainstream audience!!! my heart is so full every time i see updates of them, and what more them going to the recital together <3 aigoo. 


edit: i just realised that this video was back in 2018 O.O, sorry! i thought he played it at the recital yesterday. 


@Jillia thanks for constantly posting the gifs of the parallel scenes, they really make me smile every time i see it. never getting sick of DYLB. 


SBS catch please keep those videos coming in we all know none of us can get over DYLB!


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Thanks for the parallel Gifs @Jillia


I just noticed it,

In the face of unrequited love, like what Brahms went through, 

JY shunned Brahms, hating what it meant to him and ignored his feelings whereas SA embraces Brahms with all her heart and chooses to play his work as her Swansong..

Could it be that JY too offered to play Brahms with her not just to support her but also in acceptance that he'd continue to love and protect her even when those feelings aren't reciprocated ( atleast not immediately). In a way , him playing Brahms also mirrors SA and their feelings

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it’s a bit embarrassing now.. thinking about it.. but thing is.. I’m a byeontae why didn’t I imagine something more.. 18+? What’s wrong with me?

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Keeping a list of filming locations in the twitter thread below (ongoing).


Does anyone know where the following scenes were filmed?

- Ep 16: cafe with Christmas tree where JY gave his grad recital tickets to SA

- Ep 6 & 10: SA and JY walked on this road lined with small lights along the curb (SA told JY that she didn't want to be that kind of friend with JY + SA asked JY where she could visit his apartment)

- Ep 11: bridge where JY tells SA that he doesn't plan to return to Seoul yet




Regarding the Blu-ray, I sent a DM to ask whether there would be any English subtitles, but was told that there won't be any. Unfortunately, having no foreign language subtitles is the norm for most k-drama blu-rays. The good news is that they have confirmed additional content: 

Couple commentary: Jo Young Min PD, PEB, KMJ

Group commentary: Jo Young Min PD, PEB, KMJ, KSC, PJH, LYJ, BDB (the main 6)

BTS will also be included, but the amount of footage is apparently tied to the prepayment volume (another one of those marketing strategies...).





According to this news article, PEB and KMJ attended pianist Cho Seung Jin's piano recital together with screenwriter Ryu Bori yesterday evening: http://www.spotvnews.co.kr/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=388394


Papago translation below:

Actor Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin watched pianist Cho Sung-jin's recital with writer Ryu Bo-ri of "Do You Like Brahms"

Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin, who starred in SBS' Monday-Tuesday drama "Like Brahms" (written by Ryu Bo-ri and directed by Cho Young-min), watched Cho Sung-jin's solo recital at the Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 4th. Ryu Bo-ri, who wrote the script for the drama with the two, was also with them.

According to officials, Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin were invited to the performance with Ryu Bo-ri, who had previously worked in the classical music industry and had ties to Cho Sung-jin. The two drew attention as they watched the performance as if a passionate young Chae Song-ah couple, who dreamed of becoming a genius pianist and violinist in the drama, tore off the TV screen.

Cho Sung-jin played the last song of the day as a sonata in B minor on the list. The song was also played by Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) at a lesson by Professor Yoo Tae-jin (Joo Seok-tae) in the 11th episode of "Like Brahms." Rumor has it that Kim Min-jae smiled when the song he played in the drama came out.

"Do You Like Brahms," which recently ended, received enthusiastic support from Mania viewers, so-called "Danwon." After the drama's end, thanks to the favorable response from viewers, the popularity of the drama has continued, with a series of piano pieces, OSTs, and scripts.




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