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  1. Hello! It's always nice to see new people who enjoyed DYLB. It's never too late to be a Danwon. As for the blu-ray, if you are in Twitter maybe you could check out some of the posts there. Depends on what country you are from, there are those who organize groups to buy the blu-ray. Although the 3rd batch of blu-ray pre-order is yet to be announced. Good luck and welcome to the thread!
  2. @Jillia Thank you for the gifs and fan art. Looking forward to the new episodes this weekend. Meanwhile I am watching their bts and I love how much fun they are having while filming and they look super close as well, even the director is goofy. I also appreciate that OCN put English subs to their videos as well.
  3. @Jillia Hello! Nice to see you here! I'm trying to avoid watching on-going series because the waiting for the next episode will be "torture" again for sure but I finally caved in and binge watched this yesterday after reading a lot of good reviews. I'm glad I did because I really liked this! I love their makeshift counter family and how they instantly want to look after So-Mun. Can't wait how everything will unfold and will Mo-tak ever recover his memory.
  4. Those two are among my favorite fanfic so far plus this one... https://archiveofourown.org/works/27258931 @Sky8lue Beautifully written! Wish we could have more. @Sneha Thank you for sharing what you've written. Loved it as well.
  5. Hello, Brahmies! Let's help our show gain more popularity or recognition by giving them ratings in sites like IMDb (link below). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12867750/?ref_=tt_rt @annamchoi Thank you for the pics. It's like the classical music world really loved the drama. @Sneha It's hard to move on from such a well wriiten and made drama. @Jillia @rozelan Thank you for the gifs. The parallels and meaning of the scenes of this drama is really something else. Each time you watch it, there's something new to discover/notice.
  6. @annamchoi They are the ultimate blu-ray promoter. Hahaha! SBS is winning in this marketing strategy.
  7. @debbsthebee Thank you for all the infos. Yes, it's basically just for back up and not for sharing. Basically just to have an option to watch it anywhere anytime and not to always lug a blu-ray player all the time. @annamchoi Thanks also for the infos about the blu-ray and for sharing that article. Kudos to the entire DYLB team! It's always nice to know that a lot of people loves the drama. @Jillia Love the gifs as always. Thank you! I've heard/watched a few versions of Widmung but for me Son Yeol Eum's will always be one of the best and most heartfelt one. I
  8. Hello! I have a question for those who have bought blu-rays before, where do you watch this laptop, pc or a dedicated blu-ray dvd player? Also can you download the content, if you want a back up, or is it totally restricted? Articles about DYLB fashion or look books https://inkistyle.com/category/kdrama-fashion/do-you-like-brahms/
  9. It's kind of amusing that SBS keeps on giving us DYLB content as if they are finding it hard to move on as well. Good for us though. I read some comments that they did mention in the live chat that they will still release another video tomorrow. Not sure how accurate this is though. But if they do, I think it would be just part 2 of the last compilation they did. Not complaining but I would really love an epilogue episode instead or even additional unreleased bts.
  10. @Abirami Ramakrishnan Glad to be of help! @annamchoi good to know that there will be more stuffs included. And hopefully, you can share some of those deleted scenes here.
  11. @Abirami Ramakrishnan @annamchoi There seems to be some confusion about the script books and dialogue books because of that photo that came out. You know the 18 chapters one. Because on the websites that sells these Kdramas stuffs, there are just 2 books. So now I'm also a bit confused too. But I did see a a post about that ebook version but I can't find that tweet anymore.
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