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  1. Hello to all, sharing here how much I am enjoying this drama, that I have been binge watching from a week ago Thank you @Polly for the preview link. So happy with the re-appearance of the leather and feather fan gifted by Ling Yi and being closely hugged by Shiyi, so very sweet Also, with the long-time Au mole, if it were to be concubine Qin, I would think that would be a devastating reveal to the Xu family. As she was first a maid to Grand Madam, she would have seen and heard a lot in the Xu household.
  2. Random thoughts before I continue to ep. 5: - Wishing I knew more about who, why or what Taesul and Seohae are actually fighting for. - PSY action/fight scenes rocks! Pink accents on her pistol & rifle are intriguing (is it metal? is it a special plastic/material that it won't melt with heat when guns are fired) - Sisyphus title is so cleverly designed. I think the Infinity loop symbol are actually two sigma symbols conjoined. - Possibly representing Taesul and Seohae and the dilemma of being together creates the infinity loop, resulting to an endless chas
  3. Hey, got that too, the PSH fight scene in one fluid take! As I watched, dang, was that scene continuous? Had to stop, rewind and confirmed it (about 45 sec long). Also took 10 seconds screen time from Seohae locking the door to the actual start of the fight scene, why so long I'm not sure too. -Interrogation scene, especially the beige room, reminds me much of The Matrix and Mr. Smith. The rotating shot to establish the scene was long-ish, I couldn't help but absorb the beige color. -Taesul making an explosive in quick time, very MacGyver-ish.
  4. Hi all! Also saw E1 on Netflix. I'm suddenly getting the vibe of the film "Terminator", a soldier/fighter arriving from another time (or parallel universe) to save someone in the "present", with the gender twist. Intriguing enough to see 2nd ep.
  5. Still very moved by DYLB, that's mee after a minute of watching the latest SBS video... had to stop for now. Seriously, love this drama to the bits and crumbs too @Sorary. @Sky8lue I feel bad that I missed Ryu Bori's IG postings, so I'll try to find some twitter posts about it.
  6. Hello! Knowing what we know now, It is exciting and overwhelming to begin DYLB, had to stop mid-way in Episode 1. Sharing a few running thoughts: - Joon Young says "I’m sorry" a lot while Song Ah's name sounds like "I'm sorry", so he's saying her name a lot more than we realize - Sounds: timing, meter, music, foot steps (like beats), 3x, 4x, silence - Art - chiaroscuro (contrast of light and dark) - Levels/ranks and annoying elders - Traumerie/dream - That is not what I wanted to hear - this thought was in early episodes that I think this might tie up with dialog
  7. Hi all! Sooorry, life got in the way of watching DYLB! Count me in, will surely catch up Are we on for episode 1 & 2 already? Thank you all for the lovely posts too. Ps. @Doan Mai I thought Dimple Couple were gonna make out in the room again! With sudden emotional shift, Joon Young looks at Song Ah with a sizzling hot desire which she picks up very quickly, must be the lingering memory of the piano kiss. One of my fave couple moments. ["And then they got closer" gif]
  8. It has been another week made more wonderful with all the sharing of ice cream moments and goodies. Thank you all! Shoutout to @typemaru over at twitter, a constant source of DYLB goodies, for being delighted with herself, appreciate the post @annamchoi! I have been thinking about how the meaningful first snowfall relates to DYLB, I realize just now it may be the parallel and contrast to rainfall scenes, hope that makes sense @Jillia. How the color blue seems to be significant elsewhere in the real world at this time, I would like to share an earlier yet memorable s
  9. Well said: "...Seong Ah is now by his side, and so the piano to Joon Young seems like her now" ctto
  10. Hi to everyone! So good to see Shin Hye Sun again! Thanks @larus for starting the thread. Thanks @Jillia for posting the teaser!
  11. HI @Jillia all the possible thousands of parallels just brings us infinte DYLB joy and happiness. Sharing here my insight to Episode 15. I understand it a little better than yesterday, thanks to getting help from friends here in connecting the dots. I too had sleepless nights leading to finale week and felt anxious watching episode 15-16. Theme of goodbyes, through death, departure, separation. After the beautiful and sad break up, Dimple Couple meets at the funeral, performs at Song Ah's graduation recital and ends with Joon Young's confession. "Your eve
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