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[Drama 2020] Find me in your memory, 그 남자의 기억법


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Some of you may have seen it from other threads, but since it is FMIYM related I will put it here anyway. Keyeast has released more photos of the last shootings of the leads (sadly the director''s face is blurred in some of the photos, which I think is unnecessary) in their naver blog. The title reads "KDW x MGY - ''Dream [couple] chemistry' that will be remembered for long".



Full sets of photos can be viewed here:



2 hours ago, sadthe1st said:


New photos may be released partly due to Kim Seul-gi's Yeo Ha-kyung promotion event by her agency? Even international fans can participate and win her photo card before 3 Jun  by 31 May!






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Actor Moon Ga-young talks acting the role of an actress

May 27, 2020




For someone who has been acting since she was 9 years old, taking on the role of an actor in the MBC drama series “Find Me in Your Memory” was not at all what she was expecting, said lead actor Moon Ga-young.  
“Ha-jin gives you her honest thoughts from the outset, there are no second thoughts,” Moon told Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, shortly after the conclusion of the drama series on May 13. “I live the life of an actor, just like Ha-jin, but I tend to give almost everything a second thought.”  
Yeo Ha-jin is the protagonist in the series. She is an actor who lives in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. The drama is about the romantic connection between Yeo and a star news anchor Lee Jung-hoon, played by award-winning actor Kim Dong-wook, who, unlike Yeo, focuses on every single detail of his life.    
He doesn’t do it on purpose. In the drama series, Lee has a condition called hyperthymesia, which means he has a superior autobiographical memory.    
Kim won the grand prize at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards, a top award for actors in Korea.  
Moon, 23, debuted as an actor when she appeared in the horror movie “Bloody Reunion” (2006) and has since featured in more than 40 films and dramas.    
Moon spoke to the Ilgan Sports about her perspective on acting and how it has changed after working on her latest project with Kim, as well as her hopes for her career in the future.   

The following are edited excerpts of the interview.  

질의 :What were your thoughts after “Find Me in Your Memory” aired its last episode?


응답 :It felt quite sad. I loved the people that I met on the set and really enjoyed acting with them. We had grown quite close over time. They have become my own people.

Was this your first time acting with Kim?

Yes. He tends to be a bit shy around strangers, so we were awkward in the beginning (laughs). But after we came to know each other more, it was a lot easier. He’s quite funny and jokes a lot. I think as we got closer over time, that also showed in our acting on the screen.  
Were you at all concerned about the fact that your partner in the series was an award-winning actor?

What is there to worry about if your partner is an award-winning actor? It meant he was a great actor and that gave me more confidence in playing my role. I learned a lot through the project with him.  
While the drama was airing, you actually created a social media account in the name of the character you were playing and acted like her on the account. Where did that idea come from?

I saw singer IU and actor Kim Hye-soo do this before. I thought it could work for my role in this drama series [because Yeo in the drama is active on social media] and told the director my idea the first time we met. Thankfully the response from the audience was quite positive. It was fun to interact with the audience that way.  
What aspect of Yeo's character did you focus on the most?

I focused the most on bringing emotions into play. Yeo is honest with her emotions, and on top of that the story evolved rather quickly as well. So I had to express the changes in the emotions on par with the speed. Immersing myself in these emotional changes was not easy.  
Do you believe in fate, like the way Yeo and Lee’s story turned out?

I believe that fate comes and finds you, but you also have a say in your fate. It was fate that I became an actor and fate that I got to act in “Find Me in Your Memory.” Opportunities came, but I also made choices. 



Poster of MBC drama series "Find Me in Your Memory." Moon, right, plays a forgetful actor in the romantic series, and Kim Dong-wook, left, plays a news anchor who remembers every detail of his life. [MBC]


It’s well known that you can speak English and German in addition to Korean. Do you have any plans for Hollywood?

I speak German because I was born there and went to school there. It would be nice to try international projects.  
What kinds of roles would you like to play in the future?

I have played a student numerous times. I’d like to try characters with different jobs — maybe a prosecutor or a doctor. I’d also like to try a role in a historical drama.  
What kinds of things do you wish people would say about you?

That I was born an actor.  
What are your plans going forward?

I want to be an actor whose skills are acknowledged widely so that people watch the movies and dramas that I am in with the thought that they will enjoy them because I am acting in them. I also want to leave a positive impact and be remembered as a good person in people’s memories.  

BY HWANG SO-YOUNG   [chung.juhee@joongang.co.kr] 

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18 hours ago, 000231846597 said:

This MBC programme is analysing FMIYM... no subs though.


I wish i understand what they were discussing about... Really miss the memory couple. MGY still updates once in a while and seems to go for a number of interview, but i don't really hear any news or update on KDW

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7 hours ago, Nadia Muñoz said:

Kim Dong Wook made his appearance

Yeah, finally!. When the other actors made their appearance in interview, variety show and any other mainstream event,  we have Kim Dong Wook who once came out from his hiding cave, became a HOST in a national event. I am personally so proud of him.


@000231846597 Indeed, the vibe is still strong, and I would like to listen his voice all day long:sweatingbullets:

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Regardless of the low rating, I think this drama touched many of the fan hearts and they found it hard to leave behind once the filming ended. Just look at how they prepare plenty of ads to support this drama even have already prepared a year-end event. I don't know if there is a same kind of event held by Kfans after a drama has ended.

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Binged watched the drama in 2 days during the weekend and while not the best drama it was definitely still worth watching. I'm not Korean so I wasn't aware of the "13 years age difference". Honestly it did not bother me at all as the two leads had very good chemistry.  It was also my first time seeing Moon Ga-young and I found her acting good. It also didn't hurt that she looks like another actress that I like. 

I liked the overall story but after the director stalker arc the story went a bit downhill for me. It was one villain too many. They could have ended the drama after the director was caught but instead we had to have the original bad guy, Moon Sung-ho and the reporter who took the pictures for the director. The Moon Sung-ho arc was still okay but the scandal exposed by the reporter was a bit far-fetched. We don't even know what happened to him after the two years time lapse. 

The final episode was a bit tame compared to the final episodes of other dramas I've watched but that last kissing scene was the best and very sweet. 

I immediately looked up Moon Ga-young and found out she has another drama, True Beauty. I hope they make this available in Netflix soon. 

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