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  1. Hemm, I'm bit doubtful. Is it permissible to wear personal accessories in drama? and to add, the scrunchy is coming from another drama? lol This couple is super quiet. I would like to take control over KE's management to make a fuss about KDW and MGY. Haha. Well, there is popular saying: If there is no news, it means a good news. But as greedy shipper, I need regular crumbs and contents. Do I need to wait four months more for MBC Awards and seven months more for Blu-ray?
  2. @rosa Omo, now you mention it, I would like to think that MGY doesn't want to make false assumption to other shipping . She realized after 20 minutes that someone have a pic with kinda similar background thus she deleted it.
  3. If I recall, this also happen with her IG story, the Sia's Saved My Life, that she uploaded in early morning and deleted shortly after. MGY is quiet active in SNS, she even liking post IG Gieok Shippers and of course she is aware that bunch of people are spying her action through her personal SNS. Perhaps she doesn't want attract more speculation? haha. Enough with the three consecutive black outfit posts lol.
  4. @mimomarraHaha, really? (besides the Friday update?) We should pay more attention to LG Twins' schedule and the IG update then. Well, if that is true maybe the IG update is expression of her boredom because being ignored by her oppa haha. But I find it cute tho cause her Oppa does not have IG
  5. Wonder why the news just released when the casts are in the middle of shooting. Keep safe MGY!!, Haters gonna hate lol. Woaaah, she starts with wearing oversized black t-shirt and now seems like she already have her own black outfit style. Today she wear black dress. KDW Oppa..... your girlfriend looks hot in that black dress
  6. I'm with you on this. I'm sort of calmer than before, thanks to MMTG Interview, hidden camera program and blu-ray teaser that had rest-assured me
  7. I'm one of those viewers. They kinda dragging some scene in here and cutting some scene there. After long time, they give us morning game in the latest episode. Due to heavy rain, they dragging the table tennis game, but since the unplanned game is super funny and made me burst into tears. So I apologize haha. The Jongmin's team so funny, they indeed lacking in comprehending the games rules (except moon se-yoon of course). I'm personally like the division of the team. For next episode, Looks like Jongmin's would enjoying camping car the whole day and Dindin's team failed in lunch game thus rem
  8. The pic looks like coming from her brunch time with mom yesterday. Someone recently love wearing black outfit lol @Thirtysvn37 Good news! But honestly reading the good news give me kind same weird feeling when I see the promo of audio cinema; KDW in romance genre with someone other than MGY haha. Whatever it is, at least we get to see KDW on screen again.
  9. I think you guys already read news about MGY will be presenter at Soribada. At least we're gonna get new update from MGY in the next few days. Will she wear white dress again (bride to be)? hihi https://www.soompi.com/article/1416961wpp/2020-soribada-best-k-music-awards-announces-performer-lineup
  10. @Thirtysvn37 yeah, I notice too at the end of teaser video, it reminds me of their IG Live where KDW begged viewer to watch FMIYM live haha. So, what can we do as ifans to support them? Does ifans allow to vote best couple award?.
  11. If I may say, the chances of that happening is closer to none . But then again, having hope is not forbidden tho, love do changes everything. Who would have thought that the private and introvert person can be so expressive when in love lol. @rosa the result is quite interesting. Once I read about the person that she would met my thought exactly point out to KDW, the reliable and charming person haha. and also, the December month would be cheerful time: I wish this hints about winning Best Couple Awards .
  12. KDW: Since LG Twins win today, Oppa will buy you french fries and pizza Pic credit to: @ready_made_life (tw) So, can we expect MGY will give us more codes in the coming time whenever she is overly being sulky or happy with her oppa? Hehe.
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