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  1. The truth is that I do not like how she has been displaced this season. he is still in the car
  2. I was reading this forum and apparently I am the only one who enjoys more with the relationship of Mi Hye and the editor than with TJ and MR. I always felt a discomfort between the two of them that did not allow me to look at that romance with good eyes
  3. Here are two episodes left and I feel there are many things to conclude. Will there be a third season?
  4. i come to join... greetings am i the only one here who wants the prosecutor with Dr Baek togheter? since season 1
  5. should look for his name online, despite the low ratings of the drama I have received many good comments about his performance After reading the interview I feel closer, is a person that I would really like to know, I hope that later I find someone who makes him see that he should not demand more of himself ... I have been reading all the efforts that have made to enter daum and really thank you very much, I tried but I did not achieve it ... and I'm sorry to leave a message of encouragement here being that my English is very basic and I need to use a translator .. I am afraid that it is not understood Thank you for being such energetic fans of kang ji hwan, I hope your messages are read
  6. I came to ask if they know another variety program where kang ji hwan comes out, since I just finished seeing real men 300 (by the way, highly recommended, I fell more in love with ji hwan here, and he looks pretty handsome) do you know any? It was nice to meet other lovers of FGTD here, I have seen him in other dramas but I completely captivated him, I think he played his best role ... he is really a very versatile actor who deserves more recognition ... I would have loved a prize in kbs since for my baek jin sang is the most difficult character to perform in the dramas of 2018 but clearly not being well known he played against ... we already see how my only one was the most awarded of the night. finally .. I am happy to join this forum of lovers of this great actor! I hope a drama of the soon. Finally know another program of varieties where it comes out of real men 300? Sorry for the English :c
  7. @selenette I love your publication because it reflects exactly what I think about the characters
  8. I really love everything in this drama, in the last scene roo da makes it clear who is in charge, sure and they had a relationship time in which they have become more intimate and their co-workers know it. @nohamahamoud2002 Something similar happened to me. I left all the dramas I was seeing and concentrated on this alone. I have seen the dramas of kang ji hwan, but I think that in this he surpassed, here it is amply demonstrated how good actor he is, I can not imagine another giving life to Baek Jin as well as he does. I hope you keep choosing roles like that, that show all the potential you have. I am pleased to have shared with you this beautiful story that deserves more recognition, I hope we find ourselves in a new drama that is as good as this one. Greetings and apologies for English, use the google translator.
  9. @selenette thank you so much!! after your translations I have an immense hope that the choice of roo da will be by baek jin sang in tomorrow's episode I will miss reading your comments and the drama immensely, I think I will see it again
  10. ---------------Detectar idiomaAfrikáansAlbanésAlemánAmáricoÁrabeArmenioAzerbaiyanoBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosnioBúlgaroCanarésCatalánCebuanoChecoChino (Simplificado)Chino (Tradicional)CingalésCoreanoCorsoCriollo haitianoCroataDanésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolEsperantoEstonioEuskeraFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalésGallegoGeorgianoGriegoGuyaratíHausaHawaianoHebreoHindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIrlandésIslandésItalianoJaponésJavanésJemerKazajoKirguísKurdoLaoLatínLetónLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalayalamMalayoMalgacheMaltésMaoríMaratíMongolNeerlandésNepalíNoruegoNyanjaPanyabíPastúnPersaPolacoPortuguésRumanoRusoSamoanoSerbioShonaSindhiSomalíSotho meridionalSuajiliSuecoSundanésTagaloTailandésTamilTayikoTeluguTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbekoVietnamitaXhosaYidisYorubaZulúEspañin the memories of the time loop, only those who had Baek Jin Sang appaer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIJPzhH3xw8 this has me wrong, if it stays with Joon Ho it ruined everything
  11. In Naver's article he says that the relationship of the three is clearly defined what a joy! ... I do not want an open end
  12. As we approach the final stretch I still think of the excellent actor who is kang ji hwan, he deserves all the prizes that exist for this role! he and the drama deserve more recognition from the fans, I will recommend it whenever I can
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