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  1. Hi, I'm new ... I have been reading your comments ... My favorite partner from the beginning has been Na Hee and Gyu Jin because of them this drama conquered me and I was already getting sad because of the short time they were having on screen ... finally progress with them! I really liked that Gyu Jin will reject Bo Young and realize his feelings ... I have the impression that for some reason everyone thought that the lady asking Cho Yeon for money is Young Dal sister! probably when they live together she will see the handkerchief of the mother of both and I used it and with this begins the entanglement ... I like all the stories Maybe now that Gyu Jin realized that he still loves Na Hee, he can't continue pretending to be okay with her new relationship and decides to leave the hospital, which seems great to me, I feel that both of them still have to grow up to realize why his marriage failed and distance is not a bad idea for this to happen ... is it true that Kim Ju Young will join? if so i hope it is in the arc Na Hee and Gyu Jin
  2. I appreciate who translated this entire interview ... MGY is really something! at least i will continue his career from now on I advise you to read the whole thread MGY gave his opinion on various things ... including his relationship with Dong wook by the way, he has not yet overcome this drama
  3. Something I liked about this drama is that a lot of things happened, right? and most of it was solved quickly ... one of my favorite scenes is when Jung Hoon receives the award and says directly to Ha Jin "I hope your days in the future are happier than your past" that phrase is everything and I completely fell in love with the drama ...
  4. @vangsweetie637 you wrote exactly my feelings about the breakup and thanks for this ... I find it hard to write in English @hahanzyy you're right! She expected him to stop her ... but he was not sure if he should either ... So for me the breakup was the decision of both of them not only hers, they were not ready to fight for their love perhaps because they still had not discovered how big and important was for them ...have been dating for a month? ...
  5. I just finished watching it and the ending was perfect! ... this drama is perfect! ... 11 years watching dramas and that's why I'm still here! Occasionally one comes out that makes my emotions explode and I feel sad, happy and angry because I fell in love with the story and the characters ... there are many good dramas out there but few manage to make me sick as I am! My favorite ending scene apart from the kiss, the reunion and their many dates is when Jung Hoon is able to go out into the snow without paralyzing you can parallel the before of Ha Jin and the after in his life! now he is living not only breathing !! I have too many thoughts about the whole story that when I clarify them I will expose them here! and why it is a drama that I will always recommend
  6. something I notice and I really like! the kiss looks so real in the drama and I think it's because of the shots! we don't have the typical images focusing on the movements of their hands or feet ... they only record the kiss from different angles and that makes it much better and more realistic! ... the director is a genius even I want to see his next projects! I fell in love with the game of colors in this drama and also the locations ... he made FMIYM a masterpiece in terms of scenes... music is also a strong point.. and the sincerity that the protagonists had throughout the drama! things were always discussed ... this is missing in many dramas, only casual conversations and no misunderstanding ... I still have to see the chapter with subtitles but I think that from now on it postulates to be my favorite of the year ... at least romantics, why in another kind of genre am I waiting for secret forest to know that I like it the same as the first season Again, sorry for my english... My lenguage is spanish
  7. If you were already screaming with the kiss, imagine with the BTS ... because KDW covered them with the pillow and that smile before doing it? ... I need to see them together again! they can't waste chemistry like that! I am not lying when I say that it is the best couple I have seen ... nobody would believe that they have an age difference @sadthe1st i want to see that forum
  8. I knew what he was referring to, I just couldn't believe that it was so explicit and implicit at the same time ... I love it! The kiss scene exceeded all my expectations !!! why does it look so natural and real? kyaaa it seems that MGY and KDW were enduring all the drama kissing like this
  9. I also saw it live I need the subtitles now already! I love this drama and I love its ending
  10. I am also one of those who a long time ago did not feel in a drama a couple with as much chemistry as they are, I do not even remember what the last one was ... my emotions were a seesaw and I appreciate that to the point that I am capable to put aside all the gaps that the story has ... asked me if FMIYM would have meant so much to me these months if the protagonists were other actors? maybe not! MGY and KDW kept me here until the end! I even go further ... I think they marked a before and after in my perception of couples in the dramas ... I have never wanted love to cross the screen but now I really would like it to be so and that in a few more months tell us they are dating
  11. I'm really scared about the ending ... I don't trust both of them saying that now they want to make the other happy, since we have had enough unfulfilled promises ... if they don't give us a happy ending I will never see anything that comes from this writer again! ! ... We are now at that moment in the drama where group photos are uploaded and I am still not ready to say goodbye
  12. so they were just spoiler us on insta live? ... KDW said they wanted to go camping, and they have a camping scene and MGY said want to read and they have a scene in the library hahahaha ... maybe we can get more information of the live ... how for example we will see how they exchange food? Hahaha
  13. I see some around here who really want a wedding ... I am happy just thinking that they will be together again ... Is it because I really do not see marriage as necessary? ... also after everything they went through they do not believe that their love is really big to last after two years, especially from Ha Jin because she forgets ... if there is something I liked about this drama it is that it is quite fast! Something happens and the other chapter we already have a totally different scenario, they do not lengthen it too much ... the drama was intended to end last Thursday, if perhaps it had been so many of you would not be so disappointed, they separated them one day and the other are already together thanks to everyone! have made the wait more enjoyable!
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