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  1. I like this one..the Fang Ning is really awesome. She is smart and knows what she wants, Ling Rui..hahahahahaha... Thank you @pad-hari for the outline, so this week we got a happy one, hopefully. Since i saw where Senior Lu kind of find out the contract marriage. As for acting, i guess most cdramas and movie is not for acting...sorry...but enjoying the story even though sometimes it went off...hahahaha...
  2. These two really romantic...i love brahms and hopefully kdrama will have another stories like this. Love you Minjae Eunbin Joon Young Song Ah
  3. The flashback kinda confuse me..hahahaha...but i really really like Dong Jin...he is really nice and cant say no..he is really cute with krystal
  4. i hope tonight episode even thought sad, Brahms couple will be together, just like last week episode. havent watch ep 13 but already read all the recap..hahahaha
  5. This two are really nice like an angel with broken wings but you two are welcome to stay on earth and be happy here. I hope people will be less prejudice about others especially its not their business and we need to love ourself 1st since no one will care if we dont. So Joon Young-ah please share it with Song Ah, let her listening to you and help you and Song Ah, maybe you need to tell Joon Young more for example so he can learn how to share with you quiet long way to go for us enjoying this story but i want to watch till the end without waiting ...but people say, Pati
  6. waaaaaauuuwwww... i like this beautiful for my eye to see cast...soooo pretty and calm and nice people... They seem like a magnet where they always found each other "anywhere"...sidewalk, airport, bookstore, palace park, concert hall, crossroad...kind of what i want my soulmate will meet me and say hello so i wont missed him...HAHAHA
  7. i feel good with the ending. a happy, realistic and soul healing for the troublemaker trio. And yes, Sang Tae is indeed the eldest in this trio...he can happily and wisely lead this family. Thank you everyone for the last 8 weeks journey..i really feel blessed watching it!
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