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  1. they are soooo uwuuuuuuuuuuuu i watched it twice and still in tear at last scene
  2. i still read fanfiction about them..if there is no update, i will reread my favorites :) credit: https://twitter.com/JPUlovelight/status/1094650537503408128
  3. oh my god..my heart is dugeun dugeun seeing Je Hoon smiles...hahahahhahah...uri oppa...monday and finally i have something i want in my future, like watching new episode from this and the other one airing on the same day...
  4. I cannot wait for tonight episode and hopefully its not a cliffhanger for YH, ES & ET story. Do not let ET become a stupid father please,,,he is one great doctor with high humanity, how come he doesnt help his own daughter in need.
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