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  1. @justfans_520 @Thirtysvn37 @mooster Thank you all for your reassurance. I take the news with a grain of salt I found KDW and MGY radio interview with english subtitle. Below is part 1. Part 2 I have to finish my essay assignment first before heading to the video
  2. I stumbled upon Kim Dong Wook in Find Me in Your Memory drama. Never know him beforehand but it turned out he appeared in Coffee Prince back then. Making a little research about his personal life but quiet scarce maybe because he does not have SNS and rarely have an interview. What makes me get immersed with him, not to mention his charisma and handsome-looking, he is indeed a versatile actor What I love the most recently is KDW is getting more recognition and gaining a plenty of international fans after his success appearance in FMIYM drama. As short as I notice, the IG post below has the most massive comment and get fast liking just within a minute among other Keyeastofficial post.
  3. Every Day A Good Day (2018) I came to this movie as a tea lover and I found this movie very pleasant, subtle and deep.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been a silent reader. Can I play with you guys in this sweet playground? Reading MGY's interview really made my day. She kinds of liking boasting about how close she with KDW is, and I like it. I wish the bond between these two cuties beyond "real siblings" relationship as LJH ever said "It’s absurd to have a grown man and a woman become friends or whatever" Regarding @kaykafisyah 's post about the updated IG, I don't understand the caption at all but what catch my attention is the hashtag. Chicken and blue and yellow heart shape
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