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  1. I can't find subbed version of it anywhere, either. I thought maybe VIKI might sub it but they haven't. Thankfully we have chinese subs. I usually use google translate to figure out what they are saying...if I'm desperate enough to know. I translated the scene you mentioned. I think she's feeling extremely guilty towards both ZY and HY. She still doesn't understand that going back would not erase everything they felt for each other. The reason WW and KH got attracted to each other in the first place was because their relationships with their partners were not fulfilling what they needed from them. Instead they were the ones doing all the fulfilling of the others needs....be it material or emotional. Get tissues ready people. There will be a lot of angst in later episodes....
  2. Nope. WW still has bangs in that scene. The clothes KH and WW are wearing in that bus scene are same as the ones they have on in the scene where WW pulls KH in for a deep kiss...and is most likely just before they sleep together. WW is holding the same blazer she's wearing in the bus....in the morning after scene. Is it very obvious that I've watched that 10 min. highlight trailer+opening+ending credits a million times by now?
  3. So someone on mydramalist shared an article with a proper excerpt of the novel's ending. I'm paraphrasing it below....for people who don't mind HUGE spoilers. No way would I call that an open ending.
  4. Thanks @Ahpheng for sharing and please give my thanks to @nefariouskat for translating the authors interviews. It was very interesting to read author's thoughts on her characters, her story and why she wrote it. It really does make you think deep to what actually do you hope to become in your life. And is that something you want or something others expect you to be. That stuff she said about a person wanting to be a "good" person.....and doing things they don't agree with because of that.....thats a decade of my life right there. I have to tell you breaking out of that mould, that habit is one of the hardest and most stressful thing I did in my life. The more I watch this drama the more layers it shows.
  5. So I searched for some spoilers on chinese sites and got a good one for the ending.....
  6. From what I read .... But I think the drama may have changed it. Coz in 10min. highlight trailer some scenes have WW with different hairstyle....so there maybe a time jump.
  7. I can't believe I'm so addicted to a drama about main leads cheating. Not only that I can't believe I'm kind of supporting the cheating The chemistry between the leads is amazing. Reminds me of my favorite pairing of Indian TV... SaRun. The scene where he was getting turned on watching her tie up her hair....and watching the sweat run down her nape. Hot. I don't think I've seen anything like it anywhere else. No way in hell would you see anything like that in a cdrama or kdrama...maybe indian dramas though. We can't show kisses on TV so we push the boundaries in other ways. I don't understand why not many here are talking about this drama....or other blogs, except for akoalasplayground...(thats how I knew about this drama). From what I understand its super popular in TW. Maybe because of one epi a week....people want to wait and watch after it ends? Big hello and long time no see @Ahpheng I didn't know you watched anything other than kdramas.....love your strips on this. More please
  8. It seems this drama is finally getting ready to air. No actual date yet, just the month...June'19.
  9. AhDu did not die when GJ died....atleast she didn't in the book. But she got badly injured. It's such a pity this drama is going off the rails on the last stretch. This seems to be a pattern with Chinese dramas. Almost all of the C-dramas I've watched have had this issue. Most recent being TSoM....which did pretty well till 65/66...then went completely nonsensical. I think they need to go back to the 30-35 episode format....coz these 50/60/70 episode dramas are becoming very unappealing......with their crazy nonsense plots shoved in the narrative just to keep their epi count high.
  10. I think he had her implicated with her family's crimes and the whole Zhao clan was purged. After learning about LCY's entire scheme to bring down Zhao's, XF felt pity for Sese. She never liked her but she felt sorry for the woman who only wanted to be together with the person she loved. I think she tried her hardest to escape and go into hiding with AD. But LCY was crazy obsessed with her and would never let her go easily. He believed she will forget GXW and all the bad things he did and come to love him with time. Her suicide was a choice she made when she saw no other way out. With AD gone, her will to live died too.
  11. XF did find out the truth after LCY killed GJ and destroyed the Zhao family. LCY told her himself. But it had the opposite affect on XF....she became more scared of him and more desperate to escape from him. LCY told her he never loved Sese and he also told her he loved her. XF was shocked and told him she would never be able to trust him again after knowing everything. How can she know his love for her is real. People get attached even to a dog or a cat they have raised for a few months....but he used a woman who lived with him and loved him for 3 years and killed her without a second thought. She then asks him...if you can gain more power by killing me, will you kill me too? LCY says No he wouldn't. XF replies.....Yes, you will. Just imagine what XF must have gone through after remembering how LCY used her to destroy her family.Then hearing he used another woman he claimed to love similarly and destroyed her family too. No wonder XF became scared of him and his love after this...and wanted to go as far away from him as possible.
  12. Now I remember this... I don't think the drama will go there. They already white washed his killing of danchi tribe and impregnating the maid....into more acceptable versions. smh.
  13. This! This is exactly what makes XF not hate LCY completely after she gets her memories back. And as for you guys wishing for consummation.....wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this whole 'I love SeSe, she's my one true love and I dislike this princess thats being forced on me' charade of LCY.
  14. Going by the previews.....they get married around epi 25-28. And afterwards she comes to know that LCY destroyed her family and country. She gets sick and remembers everything afterwards. One scene in the preview has XF attacking LCY with a knife....that happens in the book after she remembers.....she stabs him with her hairpin, I think. So, I think she might remember by 36-38. In the novel, she remembers everything after getting sick......after escaping from GJ.
  15. To answer your questions...... I'm waiting to binge it after its done. But I watch unsubbed epis sometimes...just to see where in the story we've reached.
  16. Sometimes changes from the book are good.....when its done to better define the characters. Sometimes the changes don't exactly do justice to the story. ROP, the book had a happy ending. Both leads faked their death and went away to live a quite life away from all the politics. ML gave the throne to his 10th brother I think....the one who always supported him.The drama changed most of 80% from the book. I read some of the book and liked it and was waiting for the drama to be subbed. But when I saw how much they changed the male and the female leads....I couldn't watch......even though I loved how beautifully it was made. Sorry for going off-topic.
  17. For me too, the best alternate ending would be XF and AD fake their death and escape to their homeland. XF is not the kind of person who can survive long, living in the palace anyways. She is a free spirit and doesn't have the cunning required for someone living caged in a palace, facing plots and machinations every day. For people wondering if LCY really loved XF.....the answer is yes he did. But his love was the obsessive kind. If I had to define him, I'd say he's some what like Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Ruthless in his revenge, selfish, obsessed and destructive in his love.
  18. I think the way the creators of this drama chose to tell this story is making people think XF and LCY belong together....or at least they need a HE. When actually the author's whole purpose of telling this story was that 2 people may love each other but that doesn't mean they belong together......or will be happy together. For XF and LCY, staying together would have destroyed them. I really don't see the need for an alternate ending just as a fanservice.
  19. Li ChengYin also used XiaoFeng and Ah Du as a bait to kill GuJian. SPOILERS ahead....
  20. Remember the scene where a girl that was thrown out of the carriage in the middle of the street? Well that was the sister of the imperial consort. She was kidnapped and raped on the orders of Prince Yong.....YuanRuo's first wife's family.....only because their daughter wanted to marry YuanRou....and so did that other girl. The girl later committed suicide. Thats why Imperial consort helped Prince Yan to stage a coup, to avenge her sister by killing Prince Yong, his wife and his daughter. Princess Pingning, Yuan Rou's mom saw their bodies and went crazy.....or pretended to.
  21. This conflict was not in the novel. Atleast not in the way they showed it....GTY wanting to see ML jealous,etc. But the issue of her not trusting him was very beautifully expressed and kind of resolved. to some extent, in two heartfelt conversations. In one of those conversations ML showed him that he didn't completely trust her either. If you want to read it .....here is a very nicely summarized version by @linhlinh111 on pg 248
  22. Usually very few drama adaptations stick 100% to the novel. But they keep the basic plot of the novel....or at least try to keep it. Hopefully the writers for this drama will not change anything major.
  23. Her pain now took away her will to live, just imagine how much her pain is going to multiply after falling in love with him again, she then remembers everything. Thats why I say no other ending will possibly work.
  24. This was the only tragic love story where I was completely satisfied that the main couple didn't end up together at the end. I don't think it'll even work to have any other ending then what the novel has.
  25. I agree. For me, this whole last minute plan of Emperor to use GTY was very carelessly thought up and planned. The GTY of now, with a family of his own will never take such a risk....playing with his and their lives. Even if he does, he will first make sure his wife and child are safe.....and out of reach from that viper of a stepmom. What kind of person leaves his family unprotected in a such dangerous situation? When he's fully aware his stepmom will never stop until her son has the title. People are saying if he had told ML, she would not be convincing enough pretending her desperation. Well, I say bs to that. If you remember ML has been pretending to be something she's not, for almost all her life. And she damned well convinced everyone of her act....even grandma to some extent.
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