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  1. It seems this drama is finally getting ready to air. No actual date yet, just the month...June'19.
  2. Yes, the book has the same name. I read it on google translate. It was not being translated then and I don't think it's been picked up for translation after that. About the changes in the story...they have changed the main part of the plot actually. The main girl and the doctor fall in love but his brother, the main guy turns out to be a guy she had a one night stand with....many years ago. Now he wants them to break up and pressures her into doing so. The doctor feeling upset leaves for some volunteer work in the mountains where he dies. The main girl is totally broken... the main guy s
  3. I've been coming here to check the air date since they finished filming. No word yet. I'm assuming the censors have got their claws in it. I don't know why, from what I read of the drama synopsis they seem to have done away with all the juicy parts from the book. I still want to check this out, even though they turned the story into a typical chinese modern romance drama...I stay away from those....I'm here just for the leads, they had good chemistry in PA.
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